Zoof vs Jungle Scout; Which Amazon Research Tool is Best?

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If you’re looking for a breakdown of Zoof vs Jungle Scout, you’re in the right place.

As the e-commerce world grows, so does the variety of Amazon product research tools. You’ve likely heard of the popular Jungle Scout, but have you met the new kid on the block, Zoof?

In this friendly face-off, we’ll dive deep into a side-by-side comparison of Zoof and Jungle Scout, uncovering the unique features each tool brings to the table.

If you’re an established or aspiring Private Label Amazon seller, you know the importance of a reliable product research tool. So, buckle up and let’s jump right in!

Jungle Scout vs Zoof: TL;DR


Jungle Scout

Purpose: To find profitable product opportunities to help Amazon sellers maximize profits

Purpose: To perform product research and identify profitable product opportunities to maximize profits

Target Audience: Amazon Private Label Sellers

Target Audience: Amazon Private Label Sellers

Key Features:

  • Product search and filtering
  • Keyword research
  • Profit calculator
  • Reverse ASIN search
  • Rank tracker
  • Launch tracker
  • Index checker
  • Alerts

Key Features:

  • Product search and filtering
  • Keyword research
  • Sales and profits estimates
  • Listing optimization
  • Reverse ASIN search
  • Product database
  • Seller database
  • Inventory management

User Interface: Clean and intuitive with left easy navigation

User Interface: Clean and intuitive with left easy navigation

Marketplace: Only Amazon USA

Marketplaces: Supports Amazon marketplaces in 17 countries

Extensions: Only Google Chrome extension

Extensions: Provides browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox

Free Trial: 14 days but requires a credit card

Free Trial: No free trial

Pros of Zoof:

  • Zoof pulls data directly from Amazon and provides accurate data to analyze.
  • The platform offers fast and accurate product and opportunity-finder tools.
  • Offers Amazon analytics with Reverse ASIN search.
  • Allows checking visibility on Amazon with Index Checker.
  • Offers a listing-optimizing tool to outperform the competition.
  • Provides a Chrome extension for live Amazon research.
  • Sends alerts for critical listing changes.

Pros of Jungle Scout:

  • Jungle Scout pulls data directly from Amazon for accurate sales estimates.
  • Provides powerful product and opportunity-finder tools.
  • Provides a massive supplier database and supplier tracking tool.
  • The platform allows trend analysis with its product tracking feature.
  • It allows monitoring of competitor pricing.
  • Offers a powerful listing builder.
  • Provides a tool for managing inventory.

Jungle Scout vs Zoof: Detailed Comparison

Jungle Scout vs. Zoof comparison breakdown by features:

  • UI & Dashboard
  • Product Finder
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Optimization
  • Other Tools
  • Extensions
  • Pricing

Jungle Scout vs Zoof: UI & Dashboard



Zoof offers a clean UI with left navigation. All available tools are arranged in categories like Product Research, Keyword Research, Listing Optimization, etc. Help center and chat support are available from the dashboard.

Jungle Scout:


Jungle Scout also offers a similar dashboard with left navigation giving access to all tools. Available tools are grouped into broad categories like Find Products, Find Suppliers, Keywords, etc. Support is available through the dashboard.

Winner: Tie because both Zoof and Jungle Scout provide clean UI.

Jungle Scout vs Zoof: Product Finder



Zoof’s product finder feature is called Spotlight. To use the product research tool, you must start by selecting a budget and up to 5 categories.

Zoof will show a list of products with important metrics like Spotlight Score, Monthly Revenue, Amazon Fees, Monthly Profits, etc. The higher the Spotlight Score, the better the opportunity.

Jungle Scout:


Jungle Scout also has a massive product database where you can find products on Amazon. You start by selecting the Amazon marketplace and a few categories. You can use multiple filters to narrow down your product search.

Jungle Scout will display the products with their respective monthly sales revenue, monthly sales volume, price, rank, etc.

Winner: Jungle Scout because it allows using filters.

Jungle Scout vs Zoof: Opportunity Finder



Zoof’s opportunity finder will allow you to find both niche and product ideas. To use it, you must select categories and size tiers. There are multiple filters that you can use to narrow down your searches.

You can set filters like minimum and maximum BSR, ratings, reviews, etc. Moreover, you can include or exclude a keyword from the search.

Jungle Scout:


Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder is no different. You can select categories, set filters, and include or exclude a keyword to find profitable products.

Among the filters are the monthly search volume, average monthly price, competitions, niche score, etc. The best part is that you are not restricted to Amazon’s US marketplace. You can find product opportunities in other marketplaces too.

Winner: Jungle Scout because it can find opportunities in other Amazon marketplaces.

Jungle Scout vs Zoof: Keyword Research



Zoof Keyword Finder is incredibly powerful and helps to identify a product idea that can be profitable for your Amazon business.

Once you search for a keyword, Zoof will show its search volume, the total number of products on Amazon, average reviews, average price, and so on.

But that’s not all! Zoof will also display similar keywords with monthly sales, keyword search volumes, the total number of competing products, and their average reviews, scores, and prices.

You can even estimate sales by clicking on the monthly sales value to display the sales history. You can also view top products for a specific keyword along with their monthly sales, BSR, monthly revenue, product price & dimensions, the total number of sellers, size tier, etc.

Zoof also allows searching using ASINs to gather market intelligence through competitor analysis. ASIN search results will display the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. You can either search for a single ASIN or multiple ASINs at once.

Jungle Scout:


Jungle Scout also has an advanced keyword research tool known as Keyword Scout. It will allow you to search for a keyword and get valuable data like 30-day search volume for the exact keyword and even broad matches (that is, similar keywords), 30-day trend, PPC bid, ease of ranking, and more.

With Keyword Scout, you can create a keyword list for your listings. Moreover, Keyword Scout can also perform reverse ASIN searches for up to 10 ASINs at once.

After you get the keywords with ASIN search, clicking on the ‘View’ button next to each keyword will open a graph displaying historical search volume. If you wish, you can export the keyword ideas as a CSV file or you can create a keyword list.

Winner: Tie because both Zoof and Jungle Scout offer comprehensive data and competitor intelligence capabilities.

Jungle Scout vs Zoof: Listing Optimization



Zoof will allow you to create a new listing or edit an existing listing of your Amazon FBA business. The Listing Editor form is straightforward with the ability to include keywords. If you want to edit an existing listing, you can import the listing using your ASIN.

What I like about the Listing Editor is that it will show the list of keywords that you included in the listing. This allows fine-tuning the listing for your private label product.

Zoof will allow processing your keywords, which simply means refining and organizing your keywords by removing duplicates, maintaining certain phrases, removing ASINs, etc. There are features like prepend, append, find & replace, include, and exclude.

Keyword processing is helpful if you are dealing with hundreds of keywords.

Jungle Scout:


Jungle Scout also allows creating a listing or editing an existing listing. However, Jungle Scout will allow you to search for Amazon ASINs directly from inside the Listing Builder tool so that you don’t need to visit Amazon to grab the ASIN.

Another advantage of the Listing Builder is that it will show you a proprietary optimization score that will tell you whether you need to optimize the listing further or not. This is something you will not find with Zoof.

The new feature that Listing Builder employs is the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to generate product listing content within a matter of seconds.

Winner: Tie because while both allow creating and optimizing new listings, both have some helpful extra features.

Jungle Scout vs Zoof: Other Tools

Zoof and Jungle Scout have some unique features. Here is a quick overview of those features:



Product Analyzer: This tool will help you to analyze a list of ASINs and find a product opportunity.

FBA Profit Calculator: You will need the Zoof Google Chrome Extension to use this tool. It will help you estimate how much profit you can make.

Misspelling Checker: It will help you find the misspelled keywords that Amazon will not auto-correct. Those misspelled keywords can help you shoot up to the top position in Amazon searches because the misspelled keywords will have very few results on Amazon.

Index Checker: It shows you whether or not Amazon is indexing the keywords that you have used for your product. Again, you will need the Zoof Chrome Extension for this tool to work.

URL Builder: This feature will allow you to build custom URLs with different variables (like keywords) and make your visitors access Amazon products through different URLs. However, you will need to connect a custom domain to Zoof for this feature to work. The URL Builder will allow your products to rank on Amazon for multiple keywords or variables that you use.

Rank Checker: It helps to check the rankings of specific products on keywords on Amazon searches. This tool can help you optimize your listings or find new niche opportunities.

Profit Dashboard: You can use this tool to monitor your Amazon business and inventory. The tool will give both high-level summary and detailed per-product information. You must connect your Seller Central account.

Jungle Scout:


Product Tracker: You can track the performance of the products you identified as potentially profitable. This can help to weed out slow-moving products.

Supplier Database: This tool will help you to find reputed and trustworthy suppliers to source your products.

Supplier Tracker: It will help you to manage and track multiple suppliers at once.

Sales Analytics: It is similar to the Profit Dashboard of Zoof. Here you can find both high-level summaries and product-level details like units sold, net profit, revenue, cost, etc.

Inventory Management: This tool will help to manage inventory. It will send alerts and reminders to refill stocks.

Winner: Tie because both offer some unique features that are useful in different scenarios.

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Jungle Scout vs Zoof: Extensions


Zoof offers a Google Chrome Extension. Interestingly, some of the core features of Zoof will work only when you install the Chrome extension, but that’s not an issue as long as you get the desired results.

Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout has browser extensions for both Google Chrome and Firefox. Also, none of the core features of Jungle Scout are dependent on the extensions.

Winner: Jungle Scout because it offers an extension for Firefox.

Jungle Scout vs Zoof: Pricing



Zoof has three pricing plans, all of which have a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Essentials: $49/month for monthly billing

  • Spotlight
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Opportunity Analyzer
  • Profit Calculator
  • Keyword Finder
  • Reverse ASIN

Platinum: $97/month for monthly billing

  • Everything in Essentials Plan
  • Review Request Automation
  • Profit Dashboard
  • Rank Tracker
  • Rank Checker
  • URL Builder
  • Listing Editor
  • Misspelling Checker
  • Index Checker
  • Launch Tracker
  • Nurture (Customer Capture Tool)
  • Connect one Seller Central Account

Enterprise: $197/month for monthly billing

  • Everything in Platinum Plan
  • Connect 5 Seller Central Accounts
  • Add 5 sub-users
  • Enterprise support

Jungle Scout:


There are three pricing plans but no free trial. They do have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Lite: $49/month for monthly billing

  • Track 20 products.
  • 500 sales estimates a month using the sales estimator.
  • 3 searches per day for Product Database, Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, and Supplier Database.
  • 1 month of historical product tracking and historical keyword data.
  • Sales analytics.

Suite: $69/month for monthly billing

  • Track 150 products.
  • 1,000 sales estimates a month using the sales estimator.
  • Unlimited searches per day for Product Database, Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, and Supplier Database.
  • 3 months of historical product tracking and one year of historical keyword data.
  • Sales analytics.
  • Advertising analytics.
  • Rank tracking for 3,500 keywords.
  • Listing builder.

Professional: $129/month for monthly billing

  • Track 1,000 products.
  • 1,500 sales estimates a month using the sales estimator.
  • Unlimited searches per day for Product Database, Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, and Supplier Database.
  • 6 months of historical product tracking and two years of historical keyword data.
  • Sales analytics.
  • Advertising analytics.
  • Rank tracking for 5,000 keywords.
  • Listing builder.
  • Priority onboarding.

Winner: Jungle Scout because of a lower entry price.

Jungle Scout vs Zoof: FAQs

Is Zoof a good Amazon Research Tool?

Yes, Zoof is a powerful Amazon research tool with many features that will allow you to scale your business quickly. What you’ll miss is the lack of PPC data necessary for Amazon advertising. This is a feature which makes Jungle Scout is a better choice.

Is there a free plan for Zoof and Jungle Scout?

Neither Zoof nor Jungle Scout has a free plan. However, Zoof offers a 14-day trial with full access (depending on the plan you choose). Jungle Scout doesn’t provide a free trial but has a lower entry price with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Zoof vs Jungle Scout: Summary

Both Zoof and Jungle Scout are potent product research tools for Amazon sellers. While they have some common tools like product research, keyword research, listing optimizer, etc., they also have tools unique to their platform.

For example, to run Amazon PPC ads or to quickly find suppliers, Jungle Scout is the obvious choice.

Similarly, to check the product index status on Amazon or to use the power of misspelled keywords, Zoof is likely a better choice.

The tool you select will depend on specific use-case scenarios relevant to your business. Try both out if you wish to decide.

My recommendation however, is Jungle Scout. It’s the tool my husband & I used to help us grow our Amazon business to 7 figures and the tool we continue to use today. Take advantage of their 7 day money back guarantee and get 30% off here.

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