Your First Sale

Your first sale! Whoop Whoop!!!

First thing to do is dance around the room to your favorite tune!

Then when the dust has settled, just go through the sale making sure everything looks good. Has the first email gone out, is the product in process, does everything look like it worked?

If so well done my friend, your journey has begun! 🙂

I actually had my first sale on Legends Not Ladies within about 48 hours of my first facebook ad.

That’s how fast it can happen if you have a unique product and target the right market.

I’m not going to say my stuff started to fly off the shelves at that point as that would be a gross misrepresentation of the truth, but I went on to make $550 worth of sales over my little Black Friday campaign before my credit card decided it didn’t like the charges coming from that little known social media platform Facebook and stopped payments.

(I do have a bit of an over zealous fraud flagging credit card, which is a constant source of frustration to be honest, but I guess it stops me spending too much!)

At that point I decided not to restart the ads as although I was making sales, I was losing money and the whole thing needed far more time and attention than I had at that moment. See my ‘here’s what I should have done’ lessons on ‘How Not to Start & Grow an Ecommerce Business’ post.

But what if you’ve been creating lots of content, tested some ads, seem to have lots of engagement on your posts and conversations, but no sales?

It could be any number of things along your funnel from your copy to your product to the checkout page. Let’s look at some obvious ones;

1. Product! Are you selling a quality, preferably unique product that meets a need of your ideal customer?

If you’re simply out there flogging the latest best seller on Amazon, chances are you’re competing with thousands of other sellers, many of whom with deeper pockets than you or I.

As much as you possibly can, ensure your product or your brand is totally unique to you, making it stand out from your competition.

2. Your sales page (otherwise known as your product page on Shopify). Are you using big, clear attractive images? Have you got a creative description with a call to action? Have you got a video? Is your Add to cart button clearly visible? Do you have trust buttons etc?

3. Your checkout page. Do you have the relevant trust buttons etc? Is everything working ok? Have you run a test sale?

4. Your target market. Have you clearly identified who you’re targeting and why? Are you speaking in a way that resonates with them? Are you providing value or fun in your copy or ads which then encourages them to learn more or click through to your product?

If you have all of those confidently in place, then you really should be making a sale or two fairly quickly off the bat, but if that’s not the case then you’d need to start digging into your numbers.

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Be aware though that it can take time for sales to materialize.

According to Salesforce it can take 6 – 8 touches to generate a viable sales lead, so you need to be out there telling the world about your awesome products as much as you can!