You Are Not Alone

Imposter syndrome
People will laugh at me
Who the hell I am to do this?
I don’t have what it takes
I won’t be able to follow through
I haven’t got enough money
I’m not good enough
No technological skills
I will fail publicly
I will be judged
I won’t have any money
I’ll be lonely
Are my dreams even realistic?
How can I compete?
I haven’t got anything unique to say
How will I balance everything?
I will screw up for my clients
I’ll let my family down
I won’t succeed and will be stuck
Hearing crickets!
Being seen
Not being there for my kids
Why will this time be any different from all my past failures?
I don’t know enough
I will quit

These are all the answers from fellow budding entrepreneurs in a group I am part of when asked the question;

‘When starting and building your business, what are you most afraid of’.

Whatever your fear, you are not alone! 😀

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