There’s No Such Thing as ‘Should’ with Dan R Morris (#22)

“SEO is about being awesome”

“That’s your niche – your audience”

Have I got an interview for you today!

If you are a blogger then this is absolute gold for you.

Dan Morris has been teaching students how to launch & grow their blogs & businesses for many years holding events across the world under his brand ‘Blogging Concentrated’.

I was fortunate enough to get him on an interview a few years back and having listened back to the whole interview again just this week, I was reminded what an absolute hive of actionable information this was.

If you’re looking to grow a successful blog and are sometimes confused by all the things you ‘should’ be doing – length of posts, SEO information, back linking etc., then this interview is an absolute must!

You will walk away with a completely new mindset & pages of notes so to make your life easier I’ve also included a downloadable transcript of the interview below for you to refer back to later.


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Thanks for listening!

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