Writesonic Review (vs Jasper) for Bloggers, Influencers, & Writers

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Writesonic is an AI Writer that helps to effortlessly create content. This AI writer tool can generate social media posts, eCommerce product descriptions, blog posts, copies of Facebook ads, and more.

The primary objective of Writesonic is to help people generate quality content as quickly as possible using the power of AI, and streamline the whole content creation process.

But all similar AI writing tools claim to do the same. Is Writesonic any different or better? Let’s find out in this Writesonic review followed by a quick Writesonic vs Jasper comparison.

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Writesonic Review: TL;DR

  • Writesonic offers 100+ templates with different use case scenarios.
  • It can generate long-form content like blog posts, ebooks, essays, etc.
  • It offers various copywriting templates like Facebook ads, Google ads, landing pages, AIDA framework, feature to benefit, call to action, and more.
  • Writesonic can generate social media posts, YouTube descriptions, TikTok hooks, etc.
  • In its paid plan, Writesonic integrates with SurferSEO for improved SEO.
  • Writesonic supports content creation in 24 languages.

Who is Writesonic for?

Writesonic is for anyone who needs to create content. Here are some of the many use-case scenarios:

  • Article Writer: Writesonic helps to write articles and blog posts. It can even help to write long-form content.
  • Copywriting: Writesonic helps generate copies of Google ads, Facebook ads, landing pages, etc.
  • Product Descriptions: Writesonic can generate eCommerce product descriptions.
  • Social Media Content: This AI writer can create compelling tweets, Instagram captions, video descriptions, YouTube titles, YouTube ideas, and more.

In short, Writesonic is for people like content creators, SEO specialists, digital marketing agencies, bloggers, etc. who want to create quality content using artificial intelligence.

There are 100+ templates available such as blog ideas, blog intros, an Ai story generator, product descriptions, Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, SEO meta tags, YouTube ideas, etc.

Writesonic Review: Pros & Cons

Writesonic Pros

  • It is a powerful AI-powered content generation platform with 100+ pre-made templates for different use case scenarios and different forms of content.
  • The platform offers a clean and modern UI.
  • It allows generating of shareable public links for the outputs.
  • AI Content Generation is quite accurate with minimal inputs.
  • It comes with an integrated plagiarism checker.
  • Writesonic is very affordable, making it suitable for bloggers and solopreneurs.

Writesonic Cons

  • It does not offer granular control over long-form content.
  • You cannot set a tone for all use cases.
  • Support is very slow.

Writesonic AI Writer Features

Writesonic has lots of different features. It’s not possible to explain everything in detail, but here are the main sections you need to understand;

1. Articles & Blogs Tools


AI Article Writer

This tool creates long-form content with a 4-step process. You start by providing a topic and the tool will generate blog post ideas in step one. Select one of the ideas and in step two, Writesonic will generate introduction paragraphs.

Then select the best intro to generate article outlines in step three. And then, select the best outline to generate the entire article. This entire process can take up to 10 minutes depending on whether you want to make changes or not.

AI Paragraph Writer

Instead of full-length articles or blog posts, you can generate a paragraph with a single sentence. Simply add a topic (be descriptive), and Writesonic will expand it to generate an entire paragraph.

If you don’t like the outputs, you can regenerate the paragraphs until you get the desired result.

AI Article Ideas

If you are facing writer’s block, this feature can help by generating article ideas from a topic you provide. As always, you can regenerate the ideas until you find what you are looking for.

AI Article Intros

Writing a compelling intro can be difficult and the Writesonic AI novel writing software can help you to overcome writer’s block by generating intros for your blog posts. You just need to provide the article or blog title and Writesonic will churn out multiple intros.

2. Marketing Features


Facebook Ads

You can use Writesonic to generate Facebook ads. You need to provide the product name, product description, occasion (such as Black Friday), and promotion details. Writesonic will then create multiple ad copies. You can regenerate copies if you want.

Google Ad Descriptions

Writesonic can also generate descriptions for your Google ads. As with Facebook ads, you need to provide the product name and a brief description.

The program will then generate multiple copies of descriptions that you can use.


Writesonic can also generate SMS and app notifications. You need to feed a description of the notification you want to send. As always, you can regenerate the results.

3. General Writing Tools

Screenshot of general purpose writing tools


The program can help in creating business emails. You need to provide the recipient’s name & position along with the description of the email you want to send.

Content Rephraser

Content rephrasing is helpful when you want to repackage your already written content and publish it on your site or somewhere else. The content rephraser rewrites the sentences by rearranging words or replacing them with synonyms.

Sentence Expander

As the name suggests, it will simply take the sentence you provide and expand it by predicting related content.

Content Shortener

The content shortener feature is useful when you want to simplify the content by removing unnecessary fluff. It helps in shortening long and wordy sentences.


Writesonic can extract information and create engaging questions from a paragraph you provide. This can be useful if you want to add a FAQ section to your blog posts.


If you make a living by publishing fiction stories, you will find this template useful. It helps to create a creative storyline based on some information you provide. It can help you to overcome writer’s block and get inspiration.

4. Ecommerce Features


Product Descriptions

Great product descriptions can boost sales and increase your profit. Writesonic can generate eCommerce product descriptions using the product characteristics and names that you provide. The output will also depend on the tone that you select.

Amazon Product Features

Using the product name and the description you provide, Writesonic can create unordered product descriptions. This is important for Amazon sellers.

However, the results aren’t very impressive. The generated features can be repetitive. So, it is important for businesses and brands to recheck the output before publishing.

5. Social Media Posts


Twitter Threads

Top brands often use Twitter threads to engage with their audience. Writesonic AI writer can create compelling Twitter threads using minimal input.

Instagram Captions

Almost everyone today has an Instagram account but garnering an audience is a big challenge.

Writesonic’s Instagram Captions feature helps to generate creative captions to attract an audience based on the tone you select and the description you provide.

This feature is useful if you have a company that uses Instagram or if you are a social media influencer.

YouTube Descriptions

Creating descriptions for YouTube videos is difficult. Writesonic can help you overcome your human limitations and create gripping descriptions based on the search term, video title, and tone of voice you select.

However, in the case of technical content, the feature will produce sub-par results. You will need heavy editing to improve the results.

Short LinkedIn Posts

Writesonic can generate short LinkedIn posts for your feed. You will need to provide the product name and description along with the target keywords. The results are quite generic, but you can always experiment with different inputs.

6. Website Copy


Feature to Benefit

Copywriting is not the same as content writing. In copywriting, you need to talk about the benefits that will make people buy your product so that you can make money. Copywriting isn’t easy.

However, with Writesonic, you can simply provide the product description and features, and the AI writer will provide the benefits. Some of the results are a bit illogical and factually incorrect, so you’ll need to edit quite extensively.

Call to Action

Call to Action is an integral part of marketing your business as it provides the next logical step for your audience. Unfortunately, Writesonic fails to provide powerful and creative CTAs and needs to greatly improve on this feature.

Landing Pages

Writesonic does an impressive job of creating entire landing pages. You provide the name and description of your product or service along with three major benefits, and the platform will churn out three unique landing pages.

Some information won’t be relevant and you will need to do some editing, but overall, the landing pages are complete with titles, subheadings, buttons, content, etc.

AIDA Framework

Writesonic integrates the copywriting formula of Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) to generate some great results that can help to convert readers into customers.

7. Photosonic

Screenshot of photosonic-ai-art-creator

Photosonic is an AI art generation platform. This feature will use the text you provide to generate images.

However, you must provide a very detailed description. One generation will create two images at the cost of 100 premium words.

Honestly, I am not impressed with the results, which, though unique, are often too obscure. Also, it is brutally expensive. Use Canva Text to Image, instead.

8. Chatsonic

Screenshot of Writesonic review chatsonic conversational chat bot

Chatsonic is a conversational chatbot based on ChatGPT, but it integrates with Google search and uses real-time images and data for content creation. It also supports voice commands.

Unfortunately, it is not very refined and fails to generate acceptable results for requests like image generation, coding, etc.

Writesonic Pricing

Screenshot of writesonic pricing plans

Writesonic offers a free trial and one paid plan.

Free Trial: $0 per month

  • Number of words: 2,500 premium words, 6,250 good words, 12,500 average words, and 25,000 economy words (single user)
  • 100+ AI templates
  • Landing page generator
  • Sonic Editor and AI Article Writer
  • Zapier integration
  • Browser extensions
  • API access

Long-form Plan: Starting at $19 per month

  • Number of words: 19,000 premium words, 47,500 good words, 95,000 average words, and 190,000 economy words (For one user. Pricing and word count increase as users increase.)
  • 100+ AI templates
  • Landing page generator
  • Sonic Editor and AI Article Writer
  • Zapier integration
  • Surfer SEO integration
  • Complete article rewriter
  • Workflows and Research mode (upcoming features)
  • Browser extensions
  • API access
  • Priority support

Writesonic vs Jasper: Which One is Better?

Writesonic and Jasper are both popular AI-powered writing tools. While I currently use Jasper, Writesonic is much cheaper. Both platforms are based on GPT3.

Writesonic provides a lot more templates (100+) than Jasper (60+). They both have several generic templates like blog idea creation, blog outline creation, article intros, etc.

But they also have several unique ones. For instance, Jasper has ‘explain it to a child,’ and Writesonic has ‘analogy maker.’ These unique templates have specific use case scenarios and you may not need all of them.

Both tools come with content writing, copywriting, eCommerce, marketing, and social media tools with the ability to control the output to some extent.

When it comes to long-form content, Jasper offers more granular control through what they call recipes. Recipes are essentially a set of commands to control the output flow and quality. This feature is absent in Writesonic. With Writesonic, you need to follow the steps offered by the platform.

Both Writesonic and Jasper integrate with Copyscape to provide a plagiarism-checker feature. However, you must have Copyscape credits to use the feature.

Both Jasper and Writesonic will offer an AI-powered image-creation tool. However, with Jasper, you must pay a separate subscription fee to use Jasper Art. Writesonic provides Photosonic as a part of its paid subscription but charges 100 premium words for every two images, which is quite expensive.

Most of the advanced features of Jasper are locked behind its Teams plan, which comes with a premium price tag. Writesonic has only one paid subscription plan and features are available.

Neither Writesonic nor Jasper can handle technical content very well. They also don’t perform well in niches that don’t already have enough online content.

Personally, I like the level of granular control Jasper gives, vs the in-built steps you must follow in Writesonic, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal choice and budget. Both platforms have their strengths and shortcomings.

You can see my full Jasper review here.

Writesonic Review: Summary

Writesonic is an AI writer with a mission to empower everyone in the world to write content 10x faster. Though Writesonic’s AI Content Generation is pretty accurate, you still need to play with inputs to get the desired results.

Writesonic is not great for technical writing however, and there is a lot of room for improvement in its social media content creation. But the long-form editor is very powerful and can generate quality outputs with minimal inputs.

Signup for their free trial to test the tool before subscribing to a paid plan.

Writesonic AI Writing Tool: FAQ

Does Writesonic offer an API?

Yes, API is available for both their free trial and paid subscription plans.

What integrations are available for Writesonic?

For a free trial, you get Zapier integration. For a paid subscription, you will get Zapier and SurferSEO integation. For Surfer integration, you will need to use the SEO mode of Sonic Editor, which is an enhanced version of Google Docs.

Writesonic also integrates with your WordPress blog and you can publish the content created by Sonic Editor (on Long-Form Plan) or the AI Article Writer directly to your WordPress blog.

How good is Writesonic support?

Writesonic needs to improve in this segment. They only provide email support and take a few hours to respond to queries. There is a Facebook group where you can find help.

Does Writesonic have training videos to make my writing more productive?

Writesonic has some basic training videos on how to use their software. If you want free training to improve your content writing and productivity, check out the SurferSEO Writing Course in the Surfer Academy.

screenshot of Surfer Academy

Is Writesonic free to use?

Writesonic offers a free trial, allowing users to explore the capabilities of this cutting-edge AI tool. However, for extended access and advanced features, a paid subscription plan is available.

Is Writesonic better than ChatGPT?

Writesonic and ChatGPT serve different purposes. While ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot, Writesonic is an AI-powered content generation tool. Writesonic excels in creating engaging content, including compelling stories, ideas, and various forms of written material.

What is Writesonic used for?

Writesonic is a versatile AI tool with the ability to create a wide range of content. It is employed by content creators, bloggers, marketers, and writers to generate engaging stories, complete articles, social media posts, and more. The tool’s AI model explores various genres, ensuring original and compelling story ideas.

Is Writesonic safe?

Yes, Writesonic is designed with safety measures to ensure secure usage. The AI-powered tool prioritizes data privacy and security. Users can confidently explore its creative and engaging features without compromising their data.

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