WPX Hosting vs Bluehost – Which is Best for Bloggers?

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This WPX Hosting vs Bluehost comparison will explain the fundamental differences between the two web hosting companies. This review will help solopreneurs or digital nomads like you to decide which web host is better suited for your needs.

WPX Hosting is a fantastic managed WordPress hosting provider that will allow you to host WordPress sites only. No other form of hosting services are available with WPX.

Bluehost, on the other hand, offers various hosting services. You can host different types of website content management systems including WordPress.

Bluehost offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated WordPress & WooCommerce hosting.

So, if you are looking to start your first blog, which platform should you select? Keep reading this WPX Hosting vs Bluehost review for a better understanding.

[NB: This comparison is between WPX Hosting and Bluehost’s WordPress (WP) Pro Hosting]

WPX Hosting vs Bluehost: Comparison Summary

Best For Wordpress Hosting, Speed & Customer Service
WPX Hosting
  • Hosting types: WordPress Hosting
  • Unlimited websites: No
  • Uptime guarantee: 99.95%
  • CDN: Custom high-speed CDN
  • Free site migration service: Unlimited
  • Free SSL certificate: Via Let’s Encrypt
  • Security: Native DDoS Protection & Malware Scanning & Removal
  • Customer Service: Online chat 24/7, available within 30 seconds
  • Pricing: Starts at $24.99 a month
Best for Shared Hosting & Unlimited Websites
  • Hosting types: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, WordPress, and WooCommerce
  • Unlimited websites: Some Shared Hosting plans and all WordPress Hosting plans offer unlimited websites
  • Uptime guarantee: No
  • CDN: No
  • Free site migration service: Free automatic (plugin-based) migrations and paid manual migrations
  • Free SSL certificate: Via Let’s Encrypt
  • Security: No native DDoS protection. Malware Scanning & Removal
  • Customer Service: Online chat 24/7. Wait times up to 5 minutes+
  • Pricing: WordPress Hosting begins at $19.95 a month (renews at a higher price)

WPX Hosting Pros

  • WPX Hosting offers free malware removal across all hosting plans.
  • They also offer XDN (their custom CDN) for free to all users.
  • The web hosting company offers free site speed optimizations.
  • They have a 99.95% uptime guarantee.
  • WPX Hosting offers a ‘Fixed for You’ guarantee.

Bluehost Pros

  • Provides unlimited storage, unlimited websites, and unlimited bandwidth across all WordPress hosting plans (but within reasonable limits determined by Bluehost).
  • Bluehost offers full access to various professionally built website templates.
  • You can perform site speed optimization using Jetpack (available features depend on the Jetpack plan you choose).
  • This web hosting company provides site analytics directly in the hosting dashboard.
  • Bluehost offers free malware detection and removal.

WPX Hosting vs Bluehost: Detailed Comparison

WPX Hosting and Bluehost comparison breakdown by features:

  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Security
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing

WPX Hosting vs Bluehost: Features

The features offered by the hosting service you select can help you reduce your operating costs significantly.

WPX Hosting:

Image of QPX Hosting Features

WPX Hosting offers premium WordPress hosting features at a reasonable price. The most notable ones are:

  • Ultra-fast custom CDN with 26 global endpoints.
  • Free website speed optimization for all sites hosted with them.
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee.
  • ‘Fixed for You’ guarantee.
  • Unlimited free site migrations.

Because of their super-fast CDN with custom coding and free site speed optimization, WPX is arguably the fastest WordPress hosting provider.

Here is the loading speed of a test site hosted with WPX Hosting:

Screenshot of  WPX hosting speed test with a Basic WP Site

This hosting company also offers a ‘Fixed for You’ guarantee, which means that if your site is down for some reason, they will get it up and running without charging a dime.

You can also get free migration if you already have a WordPress site hosted elsewhere. Though there is no limit to the number of free migrations you get, you will be limited by your account limits.


Image of Bluehost Features

WordPress hosting by Bluehost is known as WP Pro. This is also a managed WordPress hosting service with some interesting features including:

  • Unlimited WordPress websites, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage.
  • Marketing Center that offers website data and site improvement suggestions.

Though none of the WP Pro plans by Bluehost limits the number of websites you can host, it is worth noting that the unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth clauses are pretty shady.

Unlimited offerings are subject to Bluehost’s discretion. If they feel that your usage is not fair, they will restrict your account.

Plus, Bluehost lacks a high-speed CDN. You can use Cloudflare, but that is a third-party integration. You can use Jetpack CDN and other interesting features, but you must buy a Jetpack subscription and the features you get will depend on your pricing tier.

Despite not having an integrated CDN, Bluehost is quite speedy. Here is the speed of a basic WP site hosted with WP Pro hosting:

Screenshot of  Bluehost speed test with a Basic WP Site

Site migrations are not available with WP Pro, but you can ask for a manual migration for a fee.

Winner: WPX Hosting because of more premium features, integrated CDN, and faster site speeds.

WPX Hosting vs Bluehost: Ease of Use

Web hosts must not only provide all the essential features, but they should also be easy to use.

WPX Hosting:

Screenshot of wpx hosting dashboard

If you choose WPX Hosting, you will receive a custom control panel that gives you easy access to all services and features from the left navigation.

Of course, as a dedicated WordPress hosting company, you will have to install WordPress onto WPX Hosting, but that’s not a big issue. WPX offers one-click installation.

You will also get the ability to install free SSL certificates for each domain you attach (subject to the maximum cap defined by the pricing plan you select.

The best part is that WPX Hosting offers a “File Manager.” You won’t find this feature in other managed WP hosting providers.

You can access databases, email boxes, DNS manager, and backups from the left navigation.

If you want to create a staging site, there is a one-click option available for that, too.


Screenshot of Bluehost dashboard

Bluehost also offers a custom control panel with a left navigation menu. The control panel is well organized and everything can be accessed directly from inside the dashboard.

Unfortunately, you will not get a file manager to access your website files without getting into your server. You can add multiple domains and install WordPress easily from within the dashboard.

Winner: WPX Hosting because the control panel offers a file manager.

WPX Hosting vs Bluehost: Security

For WordPress websites, security is a major concern. Any web hosting service you select must offer out-of-the-box security features.

WPX Hosting:

Image of WPX Hosting Security Features

The premium WordPress hosting features of WPX Hosting includes some powerful security features that include:

  • Free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt.
  • Malware scanning and removal.
  • DDoS protection.
  • 28-day automatic backups.
  • Staging

Typically, staging is not usually considered a security feature, but it is a protective layer for your website when you try out new features or designs. For instance, if you add a poorly-coded plugin, it can break your site or lead to hacks.

Staging can help you to identify issues and fix them by implementing the changes to your live WordPress sites.


Images of bluehost security features

Though Bluehost provides all the essential features for hosting a WordPress site, it severely lacks security features.

Here is what you get with Bluehost:

  • Free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt.
  • DDoS protection through Cloudflare (not native).
  • Anti-spam with SpamExperts (paid service if you want advanced features).
  • Malware scanning and removal.
  • Daily automatic backups.
  • Staging.

The problem with Bluehost is that it does not natively provide DDoS protection. You must rely on Cloudflare (free or paid) or use their SiteLock feature (a paid service).

Winner: WPX Hosting because it offers all essential security features natively.

WPX Hosting vs Bluehost: Customer Support

Irrespective of the web hosting service you select, the customer support team must be knowledgeable and responsive.

WPX Hosting:

Image of WPX Hosting Customer Support

WPX Hosting has ultra-responsive customer support and their first response is within 30 seconds of first contact.

You will also appreciate the knowledge of the support staff. Their support team is highly trained and they resolve all technical issues with high precision.

You can access their support through 24/7 live chat or through their ticket system directly from inside the control panel or the dashboard.


Image of Bluehost Customer Support

Bluehost also offers 24/7 live chat support in addition to their ticket system and phone support. Though they are super responsive, the support team is not properly trained.

For basic problems, they will resolve your issues quickly, but in the case of complex issues, don’t expect the problems to be solved on first contact. In fact, escalation is quite normal.

Also, for their live chat support, there may be a wait time of up to 5 minutes after your first message.

Winner: WPX Hosting because of their ultra-responsive and knowledgeable support staff.

WPX Hosting vs Bluehost: Pricing

Beginners always want web hosting providers to have cheap entry prices because they usually have a tight budget.

WPX Hosting:

Screenshot of WPX Pricing Plan

WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting provider. As with any other dedicated managed WordPress hosting, they are pricey. WPX Hosting pricing plans include:

Business Plan: $24.99 a month

  • 5 websites.
  • 10 GB SSD storage.
  • 100 GB bandwidth.
  • Free SSL.
  • Free malware removal.
  • Free site speed optimization.
  • ‘Fixed for You’ guarantee.

Professional Plan: $49.99 a month

  • 15 websites.
  • 20 GB SSD storage.
  • 200 GB bandwidth.
  • Free SSL.
  • Free malware removal.
  • Free site speed optimization.
  • ‘Fixed for You’ guarantee.

Elite Plan: $99.00 a month

  • 35 websites.
  • 40 GB SSD storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth (reasonable use upon discretion).
  • Free SSL.
  • Free malware removal.
  • Free site speed optimization.
  • ‘Fixed for You’ guarantee.


Screenshot of Bluehost Pricing Plan

There are three Bluehost plans for its managed WordPress hosting offering. All plans offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, and unlimited storage. The plans include:

Build: $19.95 a month (renews at $29.99 a month)

  • Site analytics
  • Marketing center
  • Free WP themes
  • Daily backups
  • Domain privacy

Grow: $29.95 a month (renews at $39.99 a month)

  • Site analytics
  • Marketing center
  • Free WP themes
  • Daily backups
  • Domain privacy
  • Business review tools
  • SEO tools
  • 10GB video compression

Scale: $49.95 a month (renews at $59.99 a month)

  • Site analytics
  • Marketing center
  • Free WP themes
  • Unlimited backups
  • Domain privacy
  • Business review tools
  • SEO tools
  • Unlimited video compression
  • PayPal integration
  • Elastic search

Winner: Bluehost wins because it has a lower starting price.

WPX Hosting vs Bluehost: FAQ

Does WPX Hosting and Bluehost offer free domains?

WPX Hosting will not give you a free domain for any pricing plan. However, Bluehost will provide a free domain for shared hosting, In fact, you can get a free domain even for their Basic plan for shared hosting. You will not get a free domain if you select their fully-managed WordPress hosting known as WP Pro.

How is WPX Hosting so fast?

WPX Hosting provides LiteSpeed web servers that work with LiteSpeed Cache and QUIC.CDN to offer image optimization. Additionally, they have their high-speed custom CDN to speed up websites by delivering static assets from edge locations. They also offer site optimization for better core web vitals. All these factors together make WPX Hosting incredibly fast irrespective of the hosting plan you select.

Will WPX Hosting or Bluehost provide data center location choice?

Bluehost will not offer a choice. They have only one data center in the USA. WPX Hosting will allow you to select the data center location. They have data centers in the USA, the UK, and Australia.

Is Bluehost WordPress hosting worth it?

Bluehost WordPress hosting lacks native security. You can always add security layers with third-party services, but they will come for an extra cost. Also, despite offering great uptime, they do not have an uptime guarantee, unlike WPX Hosting which offers a 99.95% uptime guarantee. Thus, if you can afford managed WordPress hosting, opting for a dedicated WP hosting provider is a good idea.

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WPX Hosting vs Bluehost: Summary

Both WPX Hosting and Bluehost are reputable web hosting companies, but when it comes to managed WordPress hosting, WPX Hosting outsmarts Bluehost. WPX ensures that your site loads fast and performs great in core web vitals grading by Google.

Also, WPX Hosting is very user-friendly and has a flawless customer satisfaction record. The blog you’re reading right now is hosted on WPX Hosting and I can wholly recommend their services.

As a solopreneur blogger, both will do the job you need them to do, however, if you can afford managed WordPress hosting, in my opinion WPX Hosting is a better choice than Bluehost hosting.

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