WPX Hosting Review: Best Hosting for Bloggers in 2024

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Most WPX Hosting reviews, in fact most hosting reviews in general are extremely technical.

Lots of website tests, speed tests and technical jargon, most of which I don’t understand.

However, as ‘non techie’ bloggers, we just want to know what’s the best hosting company to use, measured by speed, value for money, reliability, customer support and ease of use.

So, if you’re looking for a big long highly technical WPX hosting review with lots of complex acronyms, you’re in the wrong place.

If, however, you’re just looking for some straight answers from a non techie perspective, so you can get on with the important task of starting or growing your blog, read on!

Quick Takeaways:

  • Exceptional Speed: “WPX Hosting significantly boosts website speeds, achieving desktop speeds around 97% and mobile over 80%, ensuring quick access and interaction for visitors.”
  • 24/7 Customer Support: “WPX Hosting offers instant, round-the-clock customer support, with knowledgeable and responsive team members, making technical support seamless and stress-free.”
  • Ease of Use: “With a user-friendly dashboard, free migration, and automatic malware scanning and removal, WPX Hosting provides a hassle-free experience for bloggers.”
  • Affordable and Reliable: “WPX Hosting offers comprehensive services at an affordable price of $24.99/month for up to five websites, without hidden charges or unexpected cost spikes.”
  • Comprehensive Hosting Features: “WPX Hosting includes free site migration, daily backups, email services, easy FTP access, a fast CDN, SSL certificates, and DDoS protection, catering to all essential hosting needs.”
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My Experiences With Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms

Since starting my online adventure back in 2010, I have kissed a few managed WordPress hosts frogs to find my prince.

My first wordpress site was hosted by Hostgator, I built a couple of small sites on Bluehost, for a few years all my sites, courses and apps were hosted by Liquid Web and most recently pre WPX Hosting, I spent a few short months with WPEngine.

For almost ten years, I’ve had various challenges ranging from websites going down for hours with no warning, email accounts disappearing, slow sites, ftp access issues, my ip address being consistently blocked, extra charges popping up from nowhere, and the worst one of all, a major malware hack which infiltrated my entire hosting account.

Then along came WPX Hosting, like a white knight riding through the grey seemingly impenetrable mist, scooping my website up to carry us out into the blazing sunshine and flowers!

Who is WPX Hosting (and what makes them special)

WPX Hosting was built by an online business owner for other online business owners.

You can’t get much better than that.

A guy, scratching his own itch of consistent hosting issues!

Terry Kyle, an Aussie dog lover and founder of everydogmatters.eu, founded WPX in 2013, following his own frustrations with hosting companies.

Image of wpx hosting ceo - terry kyle with his dog

Things like, (in his own words);

  • Seemingly ‘cheap’ hosting with “unlimited bandwidth” that collapsed as soon as much traffic came to my site/s ($2 a month hosting is only possible with ancient low-spec servers massively overloaded with websites).
    When you read the actual Terms of Service of such companies, the promise of “Unlimited Bandwidth” and “Unlimited Storage” is usually a massive con.
  • Lack of live 24/7 support
  • Lack of knowledgeable support
  • Slow server performance
    (see above as to why)
  • Lack of flexibility and features
  • Complex hosting admin areas designed for computer science postgraduates not real people like us Web entrepreneurs and small online business owners

Amen Terry!

So he set about to build the fastest web hosting service in the world focusing on;

  • Speed
  • Customer service
  • Simplicity
Image of wpx three main goals

Also, under the WPX banner, he created a non profit, everydogmatters.eu, helping homeless, shelter and disabled dogs & cats.

So if you’re an animal lover, you’re not only buying hosting, you’re supporting the care and rehoming of thousands of stray or unwanted dogs and cats.

Image of wpx hosting ceo terry kyle hodling his big dog - everydogmatters.eu

WPX Hosting Review: TL;DR

The most important things as a blogger you need to know are;

1. It’s Fast

In 2021 google announced the importance of core web vitals as a ranking factor.

Core web vitals in a nutshell is how fast people can load and interact with your site.

Since hosting my website on WPX hosting, my desktop speeds have hovered around 97% and mobile 80%+.

Screenshot of wpx hosting google speed test result

According to my google search console, my web vitals are good and people can access and interact with my content instantly.

Screenshot of mobile core web vitals report

You know yourself, how fast you click away if a site doesn’t load fast enough.

When I switched to WPX the increase in speed was instant and has been consistently fast ever since.

2. Their Customer Support Team is Online 24/7 and Available in an Instant

When my server was hacked back in 2019, every link I posted online from my travel blog sent visitors to untasty sites or ‘you’ve won a prize’!

I spent close to three months trying to deal with the issue with Liquid Web, my hosting at the time, over their online chat and email messaging support.

With a network of customer service agents all across the world, every day someone else was looking at my issue or responding to my ticket. I couldn’t seem to have one cohesive conversation with one person who could investigate and solve my issue.

Since being with WPX hosting, their support team is available instantly as soon as you open your dashboard.

I have spoken with one or two of them now on more than one occasion and they’re knowledgeable and very happy to help.

When a new developer recently clogged up my server with unnecessary backups and mistakenly deleted my staging site, the customer service agent helped me resolve all issues within about half an hour, with no stress whatsoever.

Liquid Web advertises heroic customer service, but it’s WPX who are the real heroes!

Screenshot of wpx hosting customer support team

3. It’s Easy

With a user-friendly dashboard, free migration, malware scanning and removal, free site fixes, and 24/7 customer support, WPX Hosting is easy.

It’s a breath of fresh air compared to other managed WordPress hosts.

It’s like going from an exhausting, complicated, emotional relationship with someone who makes everything stressful and hard to a relaxed, calm, easy partnership, with someone who makes you feel good, is there to support you when you need it, and who you know is protecting you and has your best interests at heart, but who also gives you the confidence to strike out on your own and live your best life!

If you’re a serious blogger building a profitable lifestyle business, then this kind of relationship with your hosting company is extremely important!

After all your hard work, you do not want to wake up to find your website temporarily down or hacked or a boatload of extra costs suddenly popping up from nowhere.

4. It’s Affordable

Talking about costs, this is the part that is too good to be true.

You get all of this and a lot more, for a very affordable price.

After my terrible malware experience with Liquid Web, I went looking for a host who could help resolve my issues.

I found WPEngine.

They were good for their word and sure enough, within a very short period of time had completely eliminated any malware from my site.

Unfortunately however, where I thought I would be paying $25/month for a long time to go, my costs escalated to almost $100/month overnight due to the ‘billable visits’ I was getting.

My Google Analytics was showing far fewer monthly visits than their system was detecting.

To be fair to them, they were ‘mid’ sorting it for me, when a friend recommended WPX Hosting and I made the switch.

However, it was, yet again, another stressful hosting issue to see my charges suddenly escalate after only a couple of months on their platform.

I’ve now been with WPX Hosting on their $24.99/month plan (which by the way includes hosting for up to five websites, should you need it) for some 18 months and haven’t had a single issue.

Screenshot of wpx hosting pricing plan

Ready to get started with WPX Hosting?

So let’s look at all the benefits of WPX Hosting in more detail.

What You Get With WPX Hosting

1. Free Migration

Firstly, no matter what hosting company you’re with, they’ll migrate your site for free.

You simply give them all your current hosting & domain details and within 24 hours they’ll move your site over to their hosting while you sleep!

They offer unlimited site transfers, so even if you have a few sites with your current web host, you can move them all over!

2. 24/7 Thirty-Second Support

As I said above, they are online. All the time.

It’s incredible. Where I used to wait half an hour for someone at Liquid Web to respond to my live chat, a WPX customer service assistant was there instantly.

Every time I’ve had a question about anything to do with my site from backups to downloading files, to testing plugins, they’re there to help.

It’s by far the best support team of any online platform I’ve experienced in my 11-year online journey.

3. Free Malware Scanning

Oh yes! Do you think you’ve been hacked? (Highly unlikely on WPX by the way).

But if you’re coming from somewhere else like I was, they’ll scan your site and ensure you’re malware-free!

Very important added service.

4. Daily Backups

WPX runs daily backups as part of their service.

So, if anything goes wrong, or you make a change to your front end you don’t like, you can very easily login to your dashboard and restore a backup.

Image of daily backups image

5. Email Service

Not all hosting providers offer an email service, meaning you have to setup your email via GSuite or another provider.

WPX offers it as part of their package.

Simply set up your email details within their dashboard and then add them to your own email client for seamless access.

email boxes image

6. Easy to Use Dashboard

Terry created WPX Hosting with simplicity in mind, hence a very user friendly, easy to navigate dashboard.

Should you come across anything you’re unsure of, just ask their team. They’re right there waiting to help!

Screenshot of wpx hosting dashboard

7. Easy FTP Access

I promised no technical jargon, so will clarify this! FTP (file transfer protocol), is the techie part that allows you to easily add files and folders to the backend of your website directly.

Many years ago I used to use a FTP client called Filezilla, so if I had large files, PDF docs, video files etc I could easily upload these directly to my server.

These days for most bloggers, you will not need this.

If you use WordPress, you can upload media docs up to 50MB, plus you can host large files on google docs or dropbox and include links in your content, thereby not clogging up your server.

However, if you’re doing any kind of development work on your site and hire external developers, the likelihood is, that they’ll want FTP access so as to make the required changes and updates.

WPX hosting makes this easy and you can easily create external ftp access with a few clicks of a button in your admin dashboard.

8. A Super Fast CDN

WPX Hosting also comes with its own free CDN (content delivery network).

This is a very clever way of distributing our content across the net faster!

It’s all about groups of servers in geographical locations remembering and then serving our website data faster to the local area, rather than always pulling from the source.

For example, let’s say your main server is based in Los Angeles and someone in Australia is looking at your site.

Instead of your site loading all the way from LA to Oz, (and the time that takes), a CDN has already served your data to a group of servers in Australia, so by the time an Aussie visitor types in your URL, the data shows on their screen from a local server.

This makes your site faster, which means the visitor finds what they’re looking for quickly and stays on your site.

TL;DR – A good CDN is imperative and you want it for your site! WPX Hosting has a bespoke CDN which is one of the fastest in the industry.

Image of xdn by wpx hosting with planet design

9. SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate stands for (secure socket layer), which basically means that an extra layer of security has been added to your website and Google will penalize sites in the search results that don’t have it.

It’s the bit that turns http into https.

WPX adds free ssl certificates as standard.

10. DDos Protection

DDos means ‘distributed denial of service’.

It’s basically an intricate set of codes, created to infect the internet and send massive amounts of bot traffic to websites all at once, making it impossible for anyone else to access the site and eventually (if enough traffic is sent) crashing the site.

It happens all over the web, so don’t take it personally.

WPX provides enterprise-level DDos protection using a service called Incapsula, an industry leader in DDos protection. It’s usually an expensive add-on, but WPX hosting offers it for free as part of their package.

11. Free Site Speed Optimization

Can it get any better?

When you sign up for WPX hosting, if you’re still concerned about speed issues, they offer as part of their package, a free site speed optimization/diagnosis once per website per customer.

As they say, this is ‘time intensive work by a skilled WPX Technician’, so you know you’re getting maximum value for money here.

I haven’t used this service yet as I haven’t needed to!

What you’re seeing here on my site is an image-heavy blog that is still passing Google’s core web vitals test, so I guarantee just by switching to wpx hosting you’ll speed up your site massively anyway.

However, this is a great cherry on top from the team at WPX Hosting!

12. LiteSpeed Server

Apparently (as I’m told by WordPress experts) server-level configuration plays an important role in improving site speed.

WPX’s speed comes from its default Litespeed server, which is the fastest known web server available today. LiteSpeed server is available across all WPX hosting plans.

You can further improve your site’s load time if you use the free LiteSpeed cache (LSC) plugin available through the WordPress plugin repository. Configuring LSC is a bit difficult, but it is just as powerful as premium options like WP-Rocket cache.

13. SSD Storage

Even the storage devices can significantly alter websites’ load times.

(NB: Some tech jargon coming up!)

SSD drives are much faster than traditional HDD (spinning or mechanical drives) and WPX offers SSD storage. However, don’t expect NVMe SSD. What you get is the standard SATA SSD. Unfortunately, NVMe storage is very expensive and hosting companies using NVMe SSD cannot offer affordable options.

But you can still enjoy the best possible experience with WPX if you can properly configure your caching plugin because LiteSpeed server and XDN (WPX CDN) will take care of the rest.

If you have any issues configuring anything, just chat with their amazing customer service team!

How to Sign Up With WPX Hosting

Simply choose your pricing and follow the on screen instructions. (Please note WPX hosting offers 2 months free if you pay yearly.)

They’ll ask if you have an existing domain or are starting from scratch.

how to sign up with wpx page

Even if the latter I recommend purchasing your domain from a domain registrar like Bluehost.

It’s always a good idea to host your domain and website separately. Imagine if I hadn’t with the amount of hosting companies I’ve tried!

Then select your closest server from three data center locations for even faster speeds.

WPX select your hosting location page

Then add all your personal details and payment details to finish your sign-up and access your client dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can request a free migration if you’re moving a site over or easily install WordPress if you’re starting from scratch.

Adding WordPress to Your WPX Hosting Account

WPX makes this process super easy (like everything else).

As you add your new site and domain name, you simply check the box to add WordPress.

Screenshot of WPX install wordpress

Then on the next screen add in your username and password to access your WordPress admin dashboard and hit ‘create website’.

Screenshot of wpx hosting install wordpress

That’s it!

Right in front of your eyes is your new shiny WordPress website.

NB: When I started online back in 2010, I watched 4 hours of videos to learn how to install a WordPress website on my server at the time. How times have changed!

Now all you have to do is login to the back end of WordPress and start blogging!

Adding a Staging Site

WPX also gives you the option to add a staging site.

A staging site is literally a replica of your live site.

If you think you’re likely to make a lot of changes to your site and want to see what they look like on a development site first, this is a great option for you.

Simply click the button to create a staging site and bob’s your uncle. All the logins are the same as your live site, but you can make changes, test plugins, create designs, test themes etc to your heart’s content without affecting your live site.

NB: WPX will count your staging site as space on your server, so be aware as you don’t want to go into a higher pricing tier because of your staging site.

WPX Hosting Review: Summary

In my opinion WPX Hosting is the best managed WordPress hosting platform on the web today. If you’re not convinced, read our Wix vs Bluehost article.

It has been proven time and again in many independent global speed tested categories across the web that it’s one of the fastest, if not the fastest web host in its price category.

Its customer support team is second to none and for us bloggers, with just a few clicks you can have your own site migrated for free or a brand spanking new WordPress website up and running in minutes.

The fact that it was built by someone who understands and has experienced firsthand the challenges online business owners face when starting and growing their online business, makes for a first-class hosting provider.

As a bonus, while building your business, you’re also helping Terry achieve his goals of helping as many needy dogs & cats as he can.

It’s a win-win on all accounts!

I’m happy to say my frog-kissing days are over. WPX hosting is the perfect online relationship I’ve been looking for and I’m looking forward to our years of happiness together!

If you’re ready to get started with WPX Hosting, you can find more details here.

WPX Hosting Review: FAQ

Is WPX hosting good?

YES! WPX hosting is an incredibly powerful managed WordPress hosting provider.

Whether you want to start a new project or upgrade your website’s hosting provisions, WPX is a wise choice. With above average support response & 24/7 chat support, daily back ups, custom CDN, staging site feature, and LiteSpeed server, WPX is one of the finest web hosts available today.

Is WPX hosting shared?

No, WPX is not a shared host. It is a managed WordPress host that will offer a separate server.

The company uses virtualization technology to create virtual servers with dedicated resources. Shared hosts do not offer dedicated resources. With a shared host, you must share the server resources with other websites installed on the server. So, if some website uses extra resources, you will have fewer resources for your site.

Is WPX better than WP Engine?

WP Engine is another popular WordPress host, but their customer support is a bit sluggish and their method of counting traffic is not perfect, which leads to increased billing (as I experienced).

On the contrary, WPX offers stellar customer support and never overcharges clients due to incorrect traffic calculations. This makes WPX a much better choice compared to WP Engine.

Additionally, in independent testing (2022), WPX won all global speed-tested categories, making it the fastest WordPress hosting available.

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