How Mom & Daughter are Helping Change the World with Ecommerce

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“You really need to know where your products are coming from and we think that every purchase should have a purpose.” Christine Sacramone

This week, I interview Mum and Daughter duo Christine and Madison Sacramone, founders of High 5 Humans, an eCommerce store specializing in Fair Trade & Handmade Fashion Accessories.

What is special about this duo is that they work with organizations all around the world who in turn work with women and people in developing countries who make their handmade products. Therefore, Christine and Madison through their enterprise actively help women in third world countries to grow their business and income, thereby transforming their lives, lives of their families, and their villages.

In this episode, you will find out how Christine and Madison find their artisanal suppliers, how they manage their stocks, how they advertise their products, and why telling a story is more important than selling a product.

Furthermore, you will learn how to start a similar business on a budget!

Overview of Episode

  • 00:00 – High 5 Humans in a nutshell
  • 04:19 – Christine’s background, who she is, and what she is doing
  • 10:41 – Madison’s background
  • 13:32 – High 5 Humans in details
  • 19:13 – How Christine and Madison find the ladies who produce their products
  • 23:13 – Stocks managing and why it is important to have them
  • 25:50 – How our guests chose their first products when they were starting
  • 30:07 – How Christine and Madison added a handmade feel to the packaging
  • 32:35 – Item’s pricing
  • 33:59 – How they market their products
  • 38:39 – How sales were performing in the beginning
  • 41:00 – Finding vendors in developing countries
  • 44:55 – What our guests would do differently if they could
  • 46:31 – Madison’s biggest lesson learned from the whole process
  • 48:53 – How you can start a similar business on a budget
  • 52:06 – Branding and fair trade regulations
  • 56:11 – Selling a product v.s. Selling a story
  • 58:37 – The future of High 5 Humans
  • 01:02:45 – Christine’s and Madison’s message to the listeners of the YBL podcast

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