Woobox Review: A Fun Social Media Platform for Contests and Promotions!

It’s Review Time!

Every so often we like to cyber sleuth our way through the web so we can check out great tools or apps that make your life easier as a business owner and marketer.

This week we’re looking at Woobox. A Social Media Platform that is a nifty tool and works with applications to create unique, promotional content for your business. It’s fairly straightforward to use and helps you to easily customize several apps throughout one platform.

So because Woobox allows you to also use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube and Mobile for Coupons you’re able to have loads of functions through one tool. On these different social media platforms you’re able to uniquely host video contests, sweepstakes, coupons, polls and other fun, engaging contests like photo contests from ONE PLACE!

Photo Courtesy of Woobox Twitter Handle

Photo Courtesy of Woobox Twitter

The Power of Woobox;

  • It serves 150 million visits each month
  • Their Apps have 40 millions ACTIVE users each month
  • By usage, their Sweepstakes app is the most popular giveaway app on Facebook
  • Their Static HTML app is most popular amongst Facebook pages
  • 1.5 million brands use Woobox

Pretty incredible for being only three-years-old!

Okay enough gushing. Here’s how you set it up.

We wanted to keep the theme in line with recent updates so we’ll put our focus on Video Contests and the recent upgrades to the Platform capability. Let’s check out how you add a Video Contest on Woobox.

After filling out the easy sign up form on Woobox you’ll be taken to the Dashboard where you’ll find all your functionality. You’ll see the hoards of menu options on the left hand menu but don’t be phased. This isn’t as complicated or intimidating as it may appear at first. Alternatively, if you have your Facebook already open it will automatically link to your Facebook account as it detects you. So you’ll either navigate from one of these two places.

Woobox runs a page tab so you need to install the tab for access to the contest. No need to fret over what to do next, Woobox will walk you through step-by-step. On the left side you’ll see several tab options. We decided to try the video contest tab. Here’s a peek;


Perfect. Now once you’ve completed the first step, you are prompted to ‘Add Video Contest’ page where you can place contest restrictions, age requirements, place the dates of the contest from beginning to end, and inform your audience of the contest descriptions and so on.

Woobox2 (1)

When you are completing the Contest information, there are a couple of things to bare in mind.

Firstly, consider the what you want from this contest.

Do you want more Page likes? More email addresses for your newsletters?

You’ll see above that the Fangate is set to off, but if you set it to ‘default’ and select the default page you’d like people to land on upon entry, you’ll notice that Woobox will add a like page button to your contest page for you. So make sure you have the right option for your contest selected here – depending on your goals. You’ll need an image for this which complies with the dimensions guidelines stated on this page. If you do not have a particular photo then Woobox will use their default image for you.

It’s good idea at this stage to label the tab as test as a precaution while you’re working on your first contest. Woobox sets you on ‘preview mode‘ until you save and publish the contest. Here’s what it should look like until you have added your contest restrictions and feel confident in your video contest!

Here’s what the internal, or admin, side of your Facebook Page will look like when viewing the tab;


See how truly simple it is to set up a video contest?

Before saving and submitting take one last look here to ensure that your contest looks on brand and in line with your goals;


During and after your contest you can look at your traffic stats and use it to determine what worked well and what could be adjusted for next time by clicking Traffic on the lefthand sidebar.

Remember to carefully put together your contest and promotion material when using Woobox. There are restrictions for things like dual entries and otherwise considerable “cheating” tactics, but it’s ultimately how you set up your contests that will determine a clean and fun experience!

Pros & Cons of All Woobox Applications

  • You can share to your Facebook fans what’s going on with your Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Pinterest or Instagram WITHOUT your fans requiring an account with any of them! As long as they already like your Facebook page. Super neat.
  • The variety of clever configurations you’re given when it comes to your chosen platforms is helpful. You can make restrictions (one or several entries per person, etc) or direct visitors to a specific place (website or blog).
  • If you chose to use the Passbook Coupon app from your iPhone or Android through Woobox, you can direct people to first ‘Like’ your Facebook, or follow you on Twitter, before they can get your promotional coupon.
  • You can get a free 30 day trial to see if Woobox is beneficial and actionable to you and your business needs. If you chose to upgrade after your 30 days then you gain more access to apps, which could give you full access to unlimited promotions.
  • View analytics and track your contests and promotions to see what’s working and what you’d like to adjust for the next contest or promotion.
  • Generate more activity with the OpenGraph sharing ability, which is a separate Facebook app that helps to tell stories to your audience for additional distribution and growth.
  • You can customize app features so they reflect your ideal look and feel. Super important to keeping you on brand!
  • Once you get more familiar in Woobox you can also blend it with Formgate, Friendgate or Fangate to encourage growth and engagement with friends and fans.


  • At first this social media tool appears odd in the sense that once you are in, it’s blank and up to you to direct yourself where to go.
  • After the 30 day free trial this tool costs money. The more you pay for the more you get, but for those with small marketing budgets this can become difficult.
  • You’re only as creative as the software they’ve already installed.
  • Depending on your visual preferences these contests and promotions are branded by Woobox in the bottom right of each.
  • There’s no way to see all of the Woobox contests and promotions out in the web world currently being used from the tab. If you’re interested you can search both Facebook and Twitter to get “some” of the Woobox live promotions and contests.

What do you think of Woobox at first glance? Do you think you’ll try it or pass? How come? We’re VERY interested in your thoughts! So please…spill the beans! :)

Share Your Thoughts With Me Below :)