Why Do I Feel Doubt & Fear?

by | Oct 17, 2015

I’ve taken action, I’m moving forward, so why do I feel so full of doubt?’

This was a question asked by a student in one of the training course groups I run.

It’s a question we all ask ourselves at some point if not at many points of our journey as an entrepreneur and prompted me to write the following response. I hope it helps;

Why Do I Feel Doubt & Fear?

Surely that can’t be a good thing?

How many times have you heard a loved one or a friend say to you, ‘trust your gut’, ‘go with your gut instinct’, ‘if it feels right, then go for it’?

We hear that all the time. Gut instinct is an age old saying.

So what happens when our gut doesn’t feel so good. What happens when we feel uncomfortable, uneasy, fearful and full of doubt?

Our first instinct is then, what I’m doing must be wrong.

And if you’re walking down a dark alley at night on your own with a pocket full of dollar bills you’d probably be right!

But sometimes that feeling is not wrong. It’s just because you’re moving out of your comfort zone and experiencing something you’ve never tried before.

This is a feeling you will experience many times when trying to build a business.

Any and all business has an element of risk, whether that’s financial, emotional, physical etc, and you WILL have to move beyond your current levels of comfort to grow both you and the business.


When building a business it’s not a simple case of trusting your gut anymore. It’s not always black & white or right and wrong. There is much more grey!

It’s all about looking at all the elements of what you’re doing and weighing up the pros & cons, the risks vs the potential outcomes and then making decisions based on fact not feeling.

I’m over generalising here, but Warren Buffet makes all of his significant investment decisions based on a set of questions which have been carefully formulated over years of doing what he does.

So even now, some 60 years on, he will not make a decision based on how he ‘feels’ about it. His decisions are based on whether or not the investment meets his criteria.

So why do you feel doubt and fear? Because you’re stretching your wings. Because you’re moving out of your comfort zone and because you’re one step closer to achieving your goals and dreams.

As someone who has fear & doubt as my middle names, trust me when I say, this is a really GOOD thing!

Embrace your doubt, face your fears and keep moving forward. I promise you something great will come of it.