Wholesale Journals: Supplier For The USA And Worldwide

Wholesale Journals: Supplier For The USA And Worldwide

Your Lifestyle Business 90 Goal Setting Journal Available for Wholesale

Your Lifestyle Business presents an unparalleled opportunity for wholesalers around the world with our groundbreaking 90 Day Goal Setting Journal.

We believe in fostering successful partnerships. If you’re in search of a high-quality, impactful product that aligns with your business values, then look no further. Our 90 Day Goal Setting Journal isn’t just a product, it’s a lifestyle transformation tool.

This journal has been meticulously designed to ignite entrepreneurial spirit and empower lifestyle entrepreneurs in their journey to success. It is more than a mere journal – it’s a 90-day comprehensive system that offers a unique blend of planning, reflection, and goal setting exercises. Every page encourages users to strategize, execute, reflect, and optimize, making this journal a powerful companion for any aspiring or seasoned entrepreneur.

Our journal is equipped with a lay-flat binding for a hassle-free writing experience, coupled with high-quality pages to ensure longevity. Beyond the tangible product, we offer access to exclusive printable journal extras, further enhancing the user experience and ensuring continuous engagement.

With the rise of entrepreneurship and the ever-growing passion for a balanced lifestyle, the demand for such a purposeful product is high. By choosing to wholesale the Your Lifestyle Business 90 Day Goal Setting Planner, you’re not just stocking another item; you’re investing in a product that provides genuine value to your customers.

We offer flexible wholesale options, competitive pricing, and international shipping. Plus, we’re committed to ensuring smooth and efficient transactions, making your purchasing experience as effortless as possible.

Join us in our mission to help individuals live their dream life, and let’s grow our businesses together. Become a bulk buyer of the Your Lifestyle Business 90 Day Goal Setting Journal today!

Our Wholesale Journals Buying Options

Our wholesale journals and notebooks are sold by the case. Each case contains 50 units. We do not sell partial cases.

90 day goal planner journal

Pricing and Minimum Orders

The minimum order is for first-time purchases and re-orders is one case. We offer several pricing tiers for wholesale or corporate gifting cases, as shown on the pricing sheet. The pricing tiers are based on the number of cases you purchase. The more planners you buy in bulk, the more you save!

# of Cases UnitsUnitsPrice/Case (USD)Total Price $Price/Unit $MSRP (USD)MAP (USD)Profit Per Unit at MSRPTotal Profit $

For orders of 21 or more cases, please contact us directly.

MSRP = Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
MAP = Minimum Advertised Price

Payment and Terms

Pre-payment is required for all notebooks in bulk unless other arrangements are made. Payment must be received in full and cleared before your order will ship. Accepted forms of payment are major credit/debit cards, Paypal, or direct deposit to our bank account.

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The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges (FOB Valencia, CA 91355). United States orders will generally be shipped via UPS Ground unless other arrangements are made. The gross weight for each case is 40lbs (18kg). The dimensions for each case are 17 x 12.5 x 9 inches (43 x 31.5 x 23cm).

Shipping charges will automatically be calculated during checkout for online orders. However, if you would like to provide your own shipping labels for your order, please contact us before placing your order.

International buyers who do not have a U.S. shipping address should contact us to discuss shipping arrangements of our wholesale journals before placing an order. We may be able to ship them directly to you from our factory in Asia. All in-stock orders ship within 1-3 business days of being placed.

Taxes and Duties

All orders of our bulk planners shipped to United States destinations are tax-free. International orders may incur import duties, other government-imposed fees or taxes, and shipping carrier or brokerage fees. The buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, and additional costs.

Returns and Exchanges

If you receive customer returns that are in unsellable condition, we will credit you on your next order for the unsellable merchandise.

Warranty Information

Our goal is to make consumers happy and give them a wonderful experience! You can feel confident selling the Your Lifestyle Business journal, knowing a lifetime warranty covers it.

100% Make Money No Risk Guarantee

We want you to make money, and we believe that you will! That’s why we offer our 100% Make Money No Risk Guarantee: If you do not sell at least 30% of your first order in the first 60 days after receiving it, you can return your remaining undamaged, unaltered inventory for a full refund, no questions asked.

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MAP Pricing Policy

Your Lifestyle Business works hard to uphold the value of our brand for the benefit of all our retail partners. For this reason, we strictly enforce our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy.

Under any circumstances, you may not advertise prices for our products that are lower than those published on our price list above. This includes online, print, in-store, and advertising via other mediums such as radio or television.

Our MAPs must be matched or exceeded by your price in U.S. dollars (USD) or its current equivalent in foreign currency.

Please adhere to this pricing policy to avoid immediately closing your journal wholesale supplier account without warning.

Any future updates to our MAPs will be communicated to you via one or more of the contact methods you have on file.

Our wholesale journal division may, from time to time, at our sole discretion, authorize our retail partners to lower their minimum advertised prices on our products for a limited period. If this occurs, we will inform you of the new short-term MAPs you can use, on what dates you can advertise them, and when you must return to standard MAP pricing.

Approved Selling Venues

Your Lifestyle Business products may be sold through physical retail stores and spaces, in person through a home business, at shows and similar trade shows, on your business website, or through your business’s social media pages and profiles.
Prohibited Selling Venues

Our wholesale notebooks and journals MAY NOT BE SOLD on any multi-seller online marketplace, either in the United States or internationally, including but not limited to Amazon, Etsy, eBay, or the Walmart.com marketplace.

The journal may not be sold in any other venue, physical or online, besides those listed under ‘Approved Selling Venues’ without prior written permission from Your Lifestyle Business.

Selling Your Lifestyle Business wholesale products in any unapproved venue, either physical or online, may immediately close your wholesale account without warning.

Exclusivity For Journal Vendors

Geographic exclusivity means that we will not sell our products to physical space retailers whose physical place of business is within a specified distance of a retailer to whom we have granted exclusivity.

We will grant geographic exclusivity within a 5-mile radius of physical space retailers under the following conditions:

  • The physical space retailer wanting exclusivity must request it from us.
  • The physical space retailer requesting exclusivity must not have another physical space retailer within 5 miles who purchased wholesale products from us within the past six months.
  • Once granted permission by us, the physical space retailer requesting exclusivity must place a minimum order of at least 4 cases (200 units) of one product.
  • The retailer must order two or more cases (100 units) at least every 90 days to maintain exclusivity. Failure to order three or more cases in 90 days will be deemed forfeiture of exclusivity.
  • A retailer wanting exclusivity for multiple locations must meet each location’s eligibility and minimum purchase requirements. In other words, if you wish to have exclusivity for three areas, you must make a minimum first order of at least 5 cases for each of the 3 locations, and then you must continue to order three or more cases at least every 90 days for each site.

We, in our sole discretion, will make all final determinations as to a retailer’s eligibility for physical space exclusivity. As wholesale journal manufacturers, we reserve the right to refuse exclusivity to any retailer for any reason.

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Exclusivity only applies to transactions taking place in physical retail spaces, not to online transactions. An online transaction is defined as a transaction where:

  • The customer never sees the product in person.
  • Full payment is made online (not in person).
  • The product is shipped to the customer, not delivered or picked up in person.

We value our relationships with our retail partners and will do our best to protect and uphold exclusivity agreements. Any retailer with exclusivity who becomes aware of another retailer violating the radius of exclusivity should report the violation to us.

Marketing Assets

Upon acceptance and creation of your wholesale journal supplier account, we will provide you with digital assets you may use to help market Your Lifestyle Business products.

These include product photos, logos, and written product descriptions.

Marketing assets we provide may be used in both printed form and online, according to the following terms:

All marketing assets provided by Your Lifestyle Business (including but not limited to photos, logos, and written product descriptions) remain the sole possession of Your Lifestyle Business. These assets are copyrighted property and may incorporate one or more trademarks owned by Your Lifestyle Business.

All marketing assets may only be used for the direct purpose of marketing and selling Your Lifestyle Business wholesale products and for no other purpose.

No assets provided by Your Lifestyle Business may be modified in any way without written permission.

You agree that if your wholesale relationship with Your Lifestyle Business ends at any point, you must immediately discontinue all use of the marketing assets provided by us, both in print and online. All marketing assets must be destroyed or, in the case of print assets, may be returned to us. Failure to do so may constitute copyright and trademark infringement.

Allowable and Prohibited Activities

We want all our retail partners to be successful, make money, and have a great experience with Your Lifestyle Business! The stronger our brand grows, the more everyone stands to benefit. With that in mind, we provide the following guidelines:

We encourage you to work hard and actively make every effort to sell the journals you purchase to those customers whose lives will be enriched by using them.

Be creative and have fun – always accurately and fairly represent our products. Be careful not to make any claims about our products beyond the information we provide you or beyond sharing your own personally documented experiences.

Your Lifestyle Business products may complement products you already sell in your business or intend to sell. Feel free to sell our products together as part of a bundle with other products of your choosing.

You MAY NOT modify or alter our products in any way. You must sell them just as you received them. You may not sell them apart from the packaging they came in, and you may not alter the packaging or include materials and accessories in any way.

You may not cover, obscure, or deface the name or logo on the packaging or the products themselves. You may not add your logo to our journal wholesale products.

We love suggestions and customer feedback! We are growing and soon to add new products to our brand. If you have an idea for great products you would love to see us offer, contact us and let us know!

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Corporate Gifting For Employees and Clients

Occasionally, you’ll want to thank your employees or congratulate a client on their success. Corporate gifting is the perfect way to do that with our unique, practical 90-day planner that will leave a lasting impression and strengthen your professional relationships. We will provide discounts on orders of 10 or more journals. We’ll ship them out the same day to your office.

Custom Notebooks In Bulk

Looking for customized notebooks in bulk? Personalize a journal for your business, organization, or special occasion to create a gift that holds significant value. Incorporate your logo, details, or a personal message on the sleeve or emboss on the back of the journal. Minimum order: 1000 pcs. Delivery time: six weeks.


Fancy becoming an ambassador of our 90 day goal planner? Are you passionate about our brand and eager to become part of our incredible community of ambassadors? By joining us as an ambassador, you’ll enjoy numerous advantages and rewards.

These include receiving your personalized discount code, which allows you to earn commissions.

Questions or Concerns?

Our bulk journals are for sale. If you have a question or concern, contact us here sales@yourlifestylebusiness.com. Business is built on relationships, and we love helping our customers.

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