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I was thinking this morning about the voices of doubt in our heads that tend to stop us from even getting started with some of our goals & dreams.

I remember years ago a member of my community holding off from launching her blog in case ‘no-one would read it’.

At the time I said to her, no-one will read it as long as it’s not published so what’s the difference?

All these years later I’m having similar feelings about writing & publishing a book. I’m definitely procrastinating.


I have so much to say and am excited to write it (in fact I have 2 or 3 book ideas), but perhaps I’m scared that ‘no-one will read it!’

Duh??? 🙄

The simple fact is, when is now a good time to start?

The world will continue to spin & time will continue to pass. At what point will you regret not having done what it is you want to?

Start my friend. Now is the time.

I’ll let you know when my books published! 😁