So while galavanting around India I have been reading Brendon Burchards ‘High Performance Habits’.

I actually struggle a little to watch Brendons videos but I love his writing style (proof that the more modalities you can deliver your content in the more chance it will be heard).

So here’s one key takeaway from his excellent book for you today.

What’s your PFI?

Your ‘primary field of interest’.

I know you might be building a website or creating a video product or trying to increase your audience or making videos etc, but what is your ‘main thing’?

So for example, I have a goal which is to write & publish books.

One of the big moves I need to make to achieve that goal is to build my audience.

Therefore right now my PFI is building my audience.

So once you have your PFI figured out, what are the skills you need to acquire to achieve your main thing?

Do you need to learn;

* How to make great videos

* How to Podcast expertly

* How to become an Instagram Master!

* How to build your email list

* How to become an awesome blogger

Whatever it is you need to learn to become a master in your PFI.

Brendon says in his book – What are the top 3 skills you need to know now & what are the top 3 skills you’ll need to know in 5 – 10 years so you can stay ahead of the game?

If you find yourself flailing around trying to master everything you will simply get overwhelmed & will find yourself peddling fast but getting nowhere.

So take a step back, identify your current ‘primary field of interest’ and get committed to mastering that area and that area alone.

As Tony Robbins says, strive for Mastery not Dabbling!

I hope that helps, have a fab day!

Jo 😁