What’s At the End of Your Content Rainbow?

So we’ve had a pretty big week;

Deciding our why, clarifying what it is we believe in,
Admitting our fears to ourself and owning them,
Visualizing where we want to be a year from now and thereby honing in on our uniqueness and lastly
Getting super clear on our ‘coffee mate’ we’re going to be delivering our message too.

So where’s it all leading too?

Before we start creating copious amounts of personalized content that our target audience will get so much value out of, why do it?

Why create it at all? What’s at the end of the content rainbow? 🌈

So you might instantly be thinking here, she means what am I going to sell.

Well that’s not necessarily the case.

I have nothing to sell right now.

When I started Your Lifestyle Business at the beginning of this year I made a promise to myself that no matter how big my audience got, how enticing an opportunity it felt I did not want to hurtle back into the world of product launches and video course sales.

I have far longer term goals, which include becoming an author, building out our ecommerce brand, promoting Micro Angels – my lending team for women in developing countries, doing some immersive retreats all over the world and becoming an angel investor for female owned companies in Asia.

Building a huge audience of engaged Lifestyle Business owners firstly gives me great pleasure, to learn & share is just something I love to do, I may do some non aggressive (ie just links no pitches) affiliate sales along the way to cover costs and then over time a decent sized audience will give me leverage.

Hopefully my audience will buy my books, listen to my podcast, watch my videos and this will lead to getting in front of bigger brands who can help me to promote my books further, my lending team, my brand, garner connections etc.

I’m now playing the long game. And by long I mean 10 – 40 years long (depending on how my body holds out).

The bulk of our income will come from our ecommerce brand which gives me the freedom to write books, run retreats, network with entrepreneurs, and promote Micro Angels.

This means all my online training will be free.

I will use all the content I create for Your Lifestyle Business to grow my audience, build my email list and encourage people to join my FB group.

However, when I launch our new ecommerce brand later this year, I of course will be creating content to build my email list which in turn will lead to sales of our products.

So for YLB the end of the content rainbow is building an audience.
For our ecommerce brand the end of the content rainbow is building a list & selling our products.

What’s at the end of your content rainbow?

Its imperative you’re clear on this so you can create a super strategy for your content plan (that’s coming next).

Don’t make it complicated or overthink it, i.e, my blog posts will link to my products, my podcast to my email list, my IG account to my podcasts, my FB page to my webinars, my webinars to my products, my products to my email list.

Oh man, I have so been guilty of totally overthinking and overcomplicating funnels before. KISS!

Just know in your mind what you’re trying to achieve by creating content, this will help you to create it.

For example let’s say you have an email list you want to grow, an FB Group & products you want to sell.

Great that’s it. Now when you create content you know it’s going to lead to a call to action which either asks them to sign up for a free something, join a community of like minded people or buy something.


You’ve just clarified your content rainbow.


So I’m going to give you a few days to catch up.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my ‘Week in the Life’ post covering all sorts of different topics, then some more lighthearted posts over the weekend.

Then on Monday I’ll be releasing what I hope is a slightly new & improved version of Make It Happen Monday on the advice of my 12 year old! I’ll explain more on Monday!

For now, congratulations, you should have the answers to;

1. What’s your hook? What’s your unique angle within your niche that you want to become known for?
2. Who are you serving? Who do you want to serve?
3. Why are you creating and publishing content? What’s your reason for doing so?

I do hope this has helped!

Any feedback or questions are welcome! 🙂

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