Osaka, travel videos & sucking the juice out of life – Week in the Life #3

by | Jun 29, 2019

Howdy howdy howdy, welcome to ‘A week in the life of a travelling entrepreneur!’

I’m in Osaka!

The second largest city in Japan, it’s a thriving, vibrant, bustling and hugely colorful city with far too much to see and do in the short 3 days we are here.

Plus the G20 summit is on and Trump is in town so many of the usual attractions are closed today & tomorrow.

But there is still plenty to see and I’m determined to make a travel video while here both for my ‘Your Lifestyle Business’ audience and which will come in very handy for our new ecommerce brand launching next year (giving away a bit of a clue there). 😀

So what a week it’s been!

Moving House

Firstly we moved house at the weekend. Only 500m round the corner, but unfortunately the landlord of the house we were in is refurbing & selling it, so we’ve had to move.

I love the house we’ve moved in too though so all is well and I’m hoping we can now stay there until Cerys leaves school (3 years). 🤞

Rhett checking out our neighbours 😁

Roping in a Friend

Starting / running a business is hard graft & I’m a big believer in outsourcing as soon as you can afford to as it’s impossible to do everything yourself.

Years ago when I was in the height of selling courses etc, I had maybe 5 or 6 people working with me on different aspects of the business.

Of course I had the lovely Neil – God rest his soul. ❤️

He ran all my tech, plus I had a couple of virtual assistants, a video editor, a content writer, a graphic designer & various contractors for one off jobs.

We have also built a sizable team over the years for our Amazon business.

But starting again with ‘Your Lifestyle Business’ as I currently am, I now have just one virtual assistant based in the Philippines.

Now you have to be careful when starting out as of course you need to be watching incoming vs outgoings, but you also have to be prepared in business to speculate to accumulate.

I’ll go through all the costs of starting an online business in another post as there are a few things you need to consider such as hosting, email providers, ecommerce software, apps etc.

But this week I’ve been focused on how to get everything done in the time I have, particularly while traveling.

So that’s why I’m so happy my good friend Judith (based close by in Phuket) has come on board.

I’ve been busy training her on the tech side of my MIHM videos from editing the ‘zubtitles’ (see my previous ‘week in the life’ for details about this super cool app), to loading the vid in YouTube, adding descriptions, tags etc, creating the thumbnail in Canva and getting it live on TY for me. (Would that be an interesting video by the way – my MIHM creation & publishing strategy)?

And that’s just the beginning.

She’s here in the FB group so please say a big welcome to Judith who originally hails from Scotland, loves cooking, cheese & biscuits and a wee nip of Champers or a glass of wine with friends! 😍

Trying out native video in FB Group

So each week I generally post my MIHM episode in the FB Group. (I have missed a few along the way, slaps own hand).

I have found engagement on these posts to be pretty poor and as the engagement on the blog isn’t rocking it, I decided it was down to the videos.

So I have been busy working on improving the episodes (which is never a bad thing, everything can always be continuously improved).

However, last week I uploaded the episode directly to the post I created in FB rather than linking out to the blog post, and engagement soared! More of my group members saw the video in their newsfeed.

This was only one post, but I have tried link posts vs native posts before and the native always wins.

I think it’s clear that the social networks, FB in particular do not want you linking off of their site and therefore native posts will always do better than link posts.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what happens. 😀

Planning Insta Posts / Buying Course

Time for total transparency. I’ve been talking for a couple of weeks about getting my head round Instagram and I’m still not there yet.

It’s not the images, I’m happy to play with images and I take loads when traveling.

It’s not even so much the captions although I am taking more time to think up educational, entertaining or inspirational captions.

It’s the hashtags! I do have a bit of hashtag resistance. 🤔

I have researched and identified hundreds of hashtags so far, but haven’t found a super efficient way of using them in my posts and so when I create a post it takes so long just to gather 10 or so hashtags together that make sense.

So my accountability statement this week is that I will just get posting everyday either using my planer tool I’m playing with ‘Lately’ or just posting natively each day, but NO MORE EXCUSES.

This is one of those moments where you just have to get on and do it.

Do you have something that you’re procrastinating on at the moment?

Join me this week and just get on and do it!

I’ve also purchased an Instagram course this week by Jenna Kutcher – Goal Digger Podcast.

I really like her style on Insta & on her podcasts so I’ll let you know how I go, but so far so good.

Travel Videos & Learning

Oh my gosh.

You know, one of my issues is wanting to do too much! But I really want to be able to master creating some cool travel videos of the places I visit.

I have so many photos & video footage of the places I have been, but I haven’t really done much with them.

So here in Osaka, I’ve been videoing lots of ‘b-roll’ and I’m going to spend some time when I get home turning that into a travel vid.

I’ve been watching ‘Lost LeBlanc’ for tips (he’s at 1.1M followers on YT for his travel vids).

My challenge is I won’t have the patience (or the time) to spend hours and hours per video, so I’m not looking for any film awards, but if I can create some informative and entertaining 5 – 10 min travel videos that help people a) get inspired to see the world, b) get inspired to create their own lifestyle business so they can see the world, c) learn more about the place I’m visiting, then happy days.

(In all honesty after I’ve had a go myself a couple of times & satisfied my curiosity I’ll probably end up outsourcing the editing).

Travel videos ala Jo ‘Spielberg’ Barnes coming up!

What are You Capable Of?

I said above, one of my issues is wanting to do too much, but to be honest, I’m happiest when I’m learning a new skill, moving out of my comfort zone, trying something different and gaining new experiences / skill sets.

I believe in never ending continuous learning and improvement and I love to expand my knowledge & experience of the world.

I also love to share it!

What’s the point in learning something new and then not being able to go and tell everyone about it!

(Gosh this Information Age we’re in suits my personality to a tee) 🕺

But I received an email this week about how easy is it for us to settle.

Settle into an ok job, an ok relationship, an ok health strategy, an ok business.

Why? Because ok is comfortable. It can sustain us and we can say – ‘hey, I’m content’.

And if you truly are; if you wake up every day and are honestly happy and enjoy life and think, yep the sun is shining on my life and I’m feeling good then that’s bloody brilliant!

I’m not with the personal development guru’s who say ’You’re either growing or dieing’ (Sorry Big Tone).

I do believe that you can be simply content with life and be super happy.

But I will just say this.

Do make sure you’re not settling for less than you deserve.

If you find yourself settling because of fear, or external pressures or lack of confidence, it’s time to break out of your patterns my friend.

Take stock and make sure you’re spending your time where you really want your energy, your passion and your focus to go.

Pay attention and ask yourself, is the normal you’ve settled into the normal you want, or is there a new normal you can create?

My Fave Quote of the Week

“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living” – Nelson Mandela

Have an awesome weekend! 😎😁🙋🏻‍♀️