by | May 15, 2019

OMG, I love this app.


I use so many photo apps for FB & Instagram to attempt to make my pics look more artsy and interesting, but when I want to create a meaningful quote or add text to an image Typorama is the cream of the crop!

As someone who hasn’t got a natural eye for a design, any help I can get to create nice looking fonts that work well together and sit beautifully on a self taken background image is welcome.

I love this app!

Canva is great in that it has lots of templates & ready made designs, but it can be quite technical and a bit overwhelming, plus you can’t use it offline. But it is my go to Blog Header designer of choice.

Many other apps are the same in that they can’t be used offline which is a pain if you’re trying to prepare images perhaps during offline travel times (which is pretty frequent for me) for publishing later.

But what I love the most about Typorama is that you pick a photo, type in your text OR use one of their random quotes they have in their library, so if you’re feeling a bit short of inspiration, they’ve got you covered.

Then pick a font ’style’ and away you go.

A beautifully presented text image you can save to your camera roll for later use or you can immediately share to all the main social networks!

Happy Days. Give it a go!

Jo 🙂