13 Top Recommended Tutorials And Training For Amazon Sellers in 2023

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Selling on Amazon can be extremely profitable, but it comes with its own set of hurdles. Millions of users, sellers, and products make Amazon a highly competitive marketplace.

Mastering Amazon’s policies, finding winning products, managing inventory, optimizing product listings, and following packaging requirements can be incredibly challenging for a new Amazon seller on the platform.

Fear not, as we have you covered. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best tutorials and training for Amazon sellers, designed to help you launch your business and elevate it to new heights.

With these expert resources, you can quickly start your Amazon business and take it to the next level.

Quick Takeaways:

  1. Kickstart with Amazon Seller University: Free access to a treasure trove of tutorials, perfect for both Amazon FBA beginners and seasoned sellers looking to scale up.
  2. Tap into the Amazon Small Business Academy: A goldmine for early-stage entrepreneurs offering comprehensive knowledge on starting and building an online business – no obligation to sell on Amazon required.
  3. Stay Ahead with Amazon Accelerate: An annual premium conference for insight into Amazon’s latest tools and technologies aimed at fueling business growth.
  4. Insights from the Field via Amazon Selling Partner Blog: Real-world experiences and strategies from current Amazon sellers, a resource rich in practical tips.
  5. Learning on the Go with “This is Small Business” Podcast: Listen to success stories and practical advice from established Amazon entrepreneurs, covering everything from supplier relations to investment attraction.
  6. Empowerment through the Black Business Accelerator: Specialized support and benefits for black-owned U.S. businesses starting on Amazon.
  7. Personalized Growth with Amazon Designated Account Manager: Strategic account services to tailor your business approach on Amazon, albeit at a premium.
  8. Jungle Scout Academy: With an active Jungle Scout subscription, dive into 130+ videos and live training sessions to comprehensively cover all aspects of Amazon FBA.
  9. The Proven Path with Amazing Selling Machine: More than just a course, it’s a blueprint for building a profitable Amazon business, based on over a decade of successful training.

Amazon Seller University

Amazon Seller University is a collection of free tutorials and trainings for Amazon sellers. Interestingly, there are two variants of Seller University.


One variation offers detailed articles and a few videos that anyone without an Amazon Seller Account can access.


The other variant is available only after you create an Amazon Seller Account. In this variant, you can access detailed video tutorials with step-by-step instructions covering everything from preparations to listing & launching, pricing, managing inventory, running PPC ads, and more.

Beginners can use these Amazon FBA courses to kickstart their seller journey. Sellers already selling on Amazon can use these tutorials and training materials to scale their businesses.

Amazon Small Business Academy (ASBA)


ASBA, or Amazon Small Business Academy, is for early-stage entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to learn how to start, build, or launch an online business.

All educational resources are free for everyone. You don’t need to be an Amazon seller to access the courses. There will be no obligation to sell on Amazon. You can sell anywhere you wish and build a profitable online business.

With ASBA, you can learn how to build a business plan, raise capital, about intellectual property, and more. You’ll need to register an account with Amazon Small Business Academy to access their live and on-demand resources.

Though ASBA is not an FBA course, you can use the knowledge and training you receive to become a successful FBA seller.

Amazon Accelerate


For existing Amazon sellers and anyone interested in selling through an Amazon store, Amazon organizes an annual premium conference called Amazon Accelerate.

Keynote speakers and experts speak about new tools and technologies that Amazon introduces to help sellers fuel their business growth.

For instance, in 2022, Amazon announced the expansion of free email marketing capabilities for sellers, a new analytics and data dashboard, Amazon Express Payouts, and more.

You must register in advance to participate in Amazon Accelerate. The 2023 event is scheduled for September 13-14, but registration is still not open.

Amazon Selling Partner Blog


The Amazon Selling Partner Blog is a gold mine of tips, information, and inspiration from actual Amazon sellers.

Entrepreneurs selling on Amazon share their experiences and lessons learned throughout their selling journey.

You can also find curated lists of the best Amazon FBA courses, essential tips (such as crafting a brand page, scaling your business, etc.), detailed guides on Fulfillment by Amazon, Seller Fulfilled Prime, and more.

The best part is that anyone can access the blog free.

“This is Small Business” Podcast


This is Small Business” is an Amazon podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses. The podcast offers a wealth of knowledge where Amazon sellers share their experiences, pivotal moments, and challenges they faced and overcame to succeed.

The podcast takes the perspective of an aspiring entrepreneur and explains what it takes to build a sustainable and successful small business.

The podcast episodes cover many topics like supplier search, product manufacturing, attracting investors, product presentation, etc.

You can access the podcast here.

Black Business Accelerator


The Black Business Accelerator is an Amazon initiative to help entrepreneurs of color find success on Amazon. You must fulfill certain conditions to access the Black Business Accelerator program, which include:

  • You must be a certified black-owned U.S. business.
  • You must provide a valid minority-owned business certification or registration from one of the following:
    • U.S. System for Award Management
    • U.S. Small Business Administration
    • National Minority Supplier Development Council
    • SupplierGATEWAY
  • You must have a Professional Seller Account, which has a $39.99 monthly fee.

If you satisfy these conditions, you will enjoy:

  • $500 credit to help with start-up and operational costs, provided you have a newly-registered Professional Seller Account.
  • 3-year Sponsored Enhanced Digital Certifications through SupplierGATEWAY.
  • Free imaging services for 50 products.
  • $3,000 worth of advertising credits.
  • $1,000 worth of Buy with Prime credit.
  • Onboarding support.
  • Free access to monthly webinars and educational libraries focusing on strategies like customer acquisition, spending capital, etc.

Amazon Designated Account Manager


Amazon offers Strategic Account Services (SAS) Core to sellers who want to scale their business on Amazon.

SAS Core is a paid service that costs $1,600 a month + 0.3% of total sales in the previous month + tax. The maximum cost for SAS Core is capped at $5,000 per month.

If you enroll in SAS Core, Amazon will assign a dedicated account manager to help you reach new customers, increase sales, and scale your business.

The account manager will identify tailored opportunities for your business in areas like account health, fulfillment, merchandising, conversion growth, and global expansion.

The manager will also guide you with seller offerings like deal opportunities and beta and pilot programs.

With SAS Core, you will receive tactical operational support in areas like listing creation and catalog optimization, A+ content recommendation, etc. If you run into issues, the manager and team of specialists will help manage and resolve them to avoid business interruptions.

The tutorials and training programs we covered so far are directly from Amazon, with most of them accessible for free. If you’re looking for third-party Amazon FBA courses, hosted by experienced and successful sellers, here are our top picks:

Jungle Scout Academy


The Jungle Scout Academy is part of the overall Jungle Scout tools package.

You can access the Academy without additional cost if you have an active subscription to the Jungle Scout Amazon research tool set.

The platform offers 130+ videos covering every aspect of your Amazon FBA business – from starting and launching to scaling.

It is the best and complete Amazon FBA course, with 13 modules offering walkthroughs, strategies, and actionable tips. The included modules are:

  • How to Get Started Selling
  • Product Research
  • Sourcing Your Product
  • Getting Started with Seller Central
  • Shipping
  • Creating and Managing Listings
  • Launching Your Product
  • Optimizing Your Listing
  • Getting Started with PPC
  • Managing Your Amazon Business
  • Analyzing Sales, Inventory, and Profitability
  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Selling Internationally

They also have tutorials on all Jungle Scout tools, recorded live training sessions, webinars, and inspiring seller stories.

Register for their monthly live streaming training, jumpstart sessions, and live Q&A sessions if you need more.

You can access Jungle Scout Academy irrespective of the pricing plan you select. Their plans start at $29 a month for yearly billing and $49 a month for monthly billing.

Amazing Selling Machine


For more than a decade, Amazing Selling Machine has helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs build 6-figure Amazon selling businesses with its comprehensive yet practical teaching model.

It is a proven Amazon course with 20+ hours of step-by-step training videos and related resources.

With this Amazon FBA course, you’ll learn about product selection and sourcing, setting up an Amazon account, using PPC advertisements for sales and marketing, launching your brand or business, and more!

The course has a welcome module and 8 training modules. Here is the complete list of the modules:

  • Principles of success (welcome module)
  • Find your first product (#1)
  • Set up your business (#2)
  • Order inventory & create your brand (#3)
  • Build your brand assets (#4)
  • Create a profitable listing (#5)
  • Launch and rank (#6)
  • Optimize your ads (#7)
  • Scale your sales (#8)

To further assist you, Amazing Selling Machine also offers the Zoom Browser Plugin for product sourcing, the Product Analyzer Tool, and the Perfect Keyword Tool (for keyword research).

All these training modules are part of the Foundations Course, which costs $997. If you can pay $2,497, you’ll get access to the entire Amazing Selling Machine experience, which includes:

  • All aforementioned training modules and tools
  • Membership of the ASM Private Community
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Product evaluation bonus worth $500
  • Product listing review bonus worth $500
  • Pre-launch strategy session bonus worth $1,000
  • PPC campaign review bonus worth $500
  • Brand expansion session bonus worth $1,000

The course is designed with noobs in mind, but even experienced sellers can use it to scale their businesses.

Amazing Selling Machine has a powerful support system with business experts and mentors ready to answer all your queries.

If you don’t want to invest $1,000 right away, they also offer a 7-day One Product Challenge for $98.50. With this One Product Challenge, the team will help you identify and source a profitable product, a common bottle neck for new Amazon sellers.

Million Dollar Sellers


Unlike other tutorials and training courses, Million Dollar Sellers is only for 7-figure sellers. It’s a powerhouse community of vetted sellers. The community has 500 members, who together represented $7 billion in sales in 2022.

The members of MDS actively encourage community and connection-building alongside continued business growth.

MDS organizes virtual calls, multi-day workshops, and annual summits, all of which focus on networking and deep connections.

Even if you have a million-dollar yearly revenue, you will still need a recommendation from someone who is already a member to join the group. You must also apply for membership.

The application process involves the following steps:

  • Apply and pay the membership fee ($599/mo)
  • Complete the screening application
  • Go through screening interviews
  • Get access to the membership site, event registrations, etc., and start your annual membership
  • Get access to the main Facebook group

If MDS rejects your application or you abandon the admission process, MDS will issue a full refund.

Once you gain access to the main Facebook group, you must bring value to other members, or else MDS will remove you from the group.

We (Jo and Rhett) are members of Million Dollar Sellers. If you need a recommendation, contact us before applying because admission to the group is not guaranteed, even if you have a million-dollar yearly revenue.

Other Amazon FBA Courses You Might Be Interested In

Here are some other Amazon FBA courses that you may want to check out:

Freedom Builder Bootcamp:


This course, run by 8-figure seller and Jungle Scout creator Greg Mercer, has 8 modules and includes extras like live video coaching sessions, a year’s access to the Jungle Scout suite, priority onboarding, VIP customer support, and more. The course costs $999 with a 14-day refund guarantee.

Proven Amazon Course (PAC):


Created by Jim Cockrum (an eCommerce expert and mentor), the Proven Amazon Course teaches everything from FBA selling to online and retail arbitrage, selling books, replens, Amazon Merch, wholesale, self-publishing, and more. You can get lifetime access for $999 or pay $39/mo.

Blue Sky Amazon Course:


Designed for intermediate FBA sellers, the Blue Sky Amazon course focuses on teaching how to build a lasting brand with a loyal following. The course costs $3,495.

There are so many tutorials and training for new Amazon sellers available online, it can be tough choosing which one is best for you.

Rest assured however that most of the more popular options, although quite pricey, can genuinely help you build a successful Amazon business.

I personally recommend Jungle Scout Academy because the tutorials and training videos are simple and easy to understand, even when you dive deep into the complex aspects of Amazon selling. Plus it comes with all the tools you need to actually build your FBA business.

Amazon Selling Machine, on the other hand, comes with a large community of existing or aspiring entrepreneurs and a lot more guidance.

But if you don’t have the budget to enroll in a course, you can start exploring Amazon Seller University, where Amazon offers free training videos and tutorials.

There won’t be any hand-holding or support in Amazon Seller University, but the Amazon FBA training articles and videos are simple and detailed enough to help you start your Amazon selling journey.

Learn How to Build Your Own 7-Figure Amazon FBA Business

Part of the Junglescout suite of excellent FBA tools, the learning academy is a comprehensive video training library containing hours of content, including training videos, webinars, and interviews with successful Amazon sellers.

Whether you’re just starting your business, or growing your brand, get expert training from Amazon sellers without the hefty price tag.

How do I start selling on Amazon with no experience?

Starting on Amazon as a novice can seem daunting, but with the right resources, you can become proficient quickly. Begin by taking Amazon seller courses to grasp the basics of the platform, understand the Amazon seller tools at your disposal, and learn the strategies for selecting and selling products. Amazon Seller University offers a comprehensive introduction that is perfect for beginners.

Do I need an Amazon FBA course?

While not strictly necessary, an Amazon FBA course can significantly shorten the learning curve and enhance your chances of success. It’s a structured way to learn Amazon FBA and covers crucial topics from listing your products to managing your inventory and optimizing your sales strategies with Amazon PPC.

What are the courses for Amazon?

There’s a variety of courses tailored to different selling strategies on Amazon. Whether you’re interested in the Complete Amazon FBA course, an Amazon private label course, a dedicated Amazon wholesale course, or specific Retail Arbitrage courses, there’s content available to meet your needs. Each course focuses on different aspects of selling, from managing private label products to mastering the art of wholesale on Amazon.

What is an Amazon FBA course?

An Amazon FBA course is a training program designed to teach sellers how to effectively utilize Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. This includes lessons on how to find products, source inventory, optimize listings, run Amazon PPC campaigns, and manage your business. Some notable examples include the Marketplace Superheroes course, the Freedom Ticket Course, and Amazon Boot Camp.

Which course should I choose if I want to focus on private labeling?

For those looking to specialize in private label selling, consider an Amazon private label course that will guide you through the process of creating and branding your Private Label product. Courses like Helium 10 Platinum offer in-depth training and Amazon seller tools that can help you identify market trends and optimize your brand’s presence on Amazon.

Is there specialized training for Amazon wholesale selling?

Yes, the Best Amazon wholesale course would be something like Accelerate Wholesale or the Marketplace Superheroes Ignite program. These courses provide focused education on buying products in bulk and reselling them on Amazon, a strategy known as wholesale selling.

What if I’m interested in a more advanced strategy, like PPC advertising?

For advanced sellers looking to dive deep into PPC, the Advanced PPC Workshop can be a goldmine. Additionally, using tools and training like the Amazing Selling Machine free training can offer valuable insights into sophisticated advertising strategies on Amazon.

Can I learn Amazon FBA on my own, or should I invest in a course?

While self-learning is possible with the wealth of free content available, investing in a structured Amazon FBA training program can provide a more complete and systematic learning experience. Courses often include step-by-step guides, best practices, and support from experienced sellers, which can be invaluable when you’re starting out.

Are there any tools to help me learn Amazon FBA more effectively?

Absolutely, Amazon seller tools such as Helium 10 Platinum can be instrumental in your learning journey. They provide data analysis, keyword tracking, and product research tools that are essential when you learn Amazon FBA, especially if you aim to be competitive in the marketplace.

How to make $1,000 a month on Amazon?

There is no golden rule. The amount you earn will depend on your product selection, inventory acquisition and FBA costs, product listings and optimization, product pricing, and many other factors.

New sellers usually find it difficult to earn $1,000/mo. But with the right products and strategies, you can make much more than $1,000 a month.

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