Your Lifestyle Business

Do you ever find you have so much you’re trying to do you don’t really get any of it done?

I’m feeling like that a bit myself at the moment.

My goal right now is to build my audience back up, but unlike back in 2010 when I got started in this business I now travel a lot more and have many other projects in my life which means I don’t have as much time to devote to it as I did all those years ago!

So what’s the answer?

For me it’s ‘chunking’

I’m currently travelling & taking lots of photos & video footage that when I get back home for a few weeks I can turn into quotes, stories, social media posts etc to inspire those who want to build a lifestyle business.

Also while at home for a solid few weeks I’ll;

– Make MIHM vids

– Record podcasts

– Write blog posts

– Advertise a list builder

– etc.

Then I shall fly off again on my next adventure over the summer with plenty of prepared content and a growing audience.

I will continue to follow this model putting in the hours & audience building strategies when home for a few weeks, then utilising my travel time for content building travel images & videos.

So if you’re in a similar position where perhaps specific projects or events make it impossible to consistently build your business, where can you ‘chunk’ and spend time putting in systems that continue to work with little effort while you’re busy doing other stuff?

That’s your food for thought this Sunday!

I hope it helps.

Jo 😁