The Secret of Success

by | Aug 20, 2012

What do you think the secret of success is?

On researching for answers I found a broad array of ideas and suggestions including (but not limited to);

  • Persistence
  • Self belief
  • How you think
  • Taking action
  • Hard Work
  • Focus
  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Determination
  • A thick skin
  • and many more…

All of which I wholeheartedly agree with and are without doubt qualities necessary in getting a business off the ground and nurturing it to success! (Sorry to all those who thought just creating a facebook page and putting some affiliate links on there would do it!)

I tell you one thing I didn’t see much talk of though and that’s consistency. In the last 18 months of having my online business, I have found that if I do not consistently produce content, or consistently post on my page, or consistently network, or consistently produce products, my engagement drops, my optins drop, my sales drop.

Years ago I went to a 4 day training seminar presented by Keith Cunningham (who is the inspiration behind Robery Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad character in his Rich Dad, Poor Dad series).

Just a quick digress here, Keith Cunningham is one of, if not the BEST educators / presenters I have ever seen!

At the seminar I remember Keith saying that to make a million was not actually as hard as everyone thought (I know some of you are spluttering into your coffee cups right now – breathe and open your mind!), it was keeping the million that was the really tough job!

But whether it’s making your first dollar or first million dollars, I think we can agree that if we consistently take focused action with persistence and determination while upholding our integrity, believing in ourselves, shrugging off the naysayers with our thick skin and working hard with a positive mental attitude, a talent for innovation and the ability to communicate our message clearly, we’re home dry!!!


Here’s a video I made when I first started out and hadn’t made a penny online. This was what I believed to be the Secret to Success back then…..




(Click the video to play instantly or watch ‘Internet Marketing with Jo Barnes‘ on YouTube!)

Here’s to your Success!