Why THIS PAGE Is The Most Important Page in Your List Building Funnel

Why THIS PAGE Is The Most Important Page in Your List Building Funnel

What are you thinking here?

Your Squeeze page?
Your Thank You Page?
Your Sales Page?
Any pages thereafter?

If you said – your Thank You Page, you’d be right!

Here’s an example of what a basic list building funnel looks like;


Here’s how it goes;

1. You drive traffic to a squeeze page,

2. Your visitor leaves their name and email address

3. You now get the opportunity to follow up with emails and begin to nurture a relationship.

But what happens after they leave their details?

Do you send them to the standard Aweber or Get Response ‘thanks for subscribing’ page?


Perhaps they land on a page that say – Thanks so much your gift is on it’s way, look out for an email from me!


They may even land on a page with a big download link, giving them the product straight away.


The important fact is though, 100% of the people that leave their name and email address will land on the next page.


That is the only time you will have the attention of 100% of the leads you’ve generated.

By the time they get to your email, you might get between 70 – 95% of them open that email to download their free gift or see what info you have if you’re lucky!

By the time they get your second email that number drops significantly to maybe 50 – 70%

By the third you’re down in the 30’s and so on.

That’s Why the Thank You Page is So Important

The page they land on after signing up is your opportunity to really grab their attention and either, get social activity, sales, or form a deeper relationship off the bat.

Use IT!

How to Use Your Thank You Page Effectively

The best way to tell you this is to show you.

Here’s some examples of excellent Thank You Pages and reasons why they work so well.


Justin Brooke from IMScalable


Here Justin is not only creating lots of social proof with all the faces of people who like his page, which therefore encourages you to also like it, over on the right he has some ‘non aggressive, no hype’ affiliate links introducing you to tools he uses in his business.

Therefore this is a thank you / social share / affiliates sales page. Nicely done.


Mike Koenigs from Mike Koenigs.com


Here Mike is encouraging you to click through and buy his book which is on sale on Amazon.

This is a thank you / instant sales / raising profile page.


Rich Schefren from Strategic Profits


Rich is inviting you along to his webinar on this page which if you attend of course leads to a sales offer.

This is a thank you / qualifying page. By adding an option to sign up for a webinar, the visitor is being further qualified as an active lead in Rich’s funnel.




I’ve included 2 pages here from Leadpages, the first above, is very similar to Rich’s page, it’s a thanks for signing up and while you’re here, are you really an active subscriber? If so sign up to our webinar, which then demonstrates the software and further deepens the relationship leading to more sales.

But then after you’ve registered for the webinar they also use the second thank you page to create another contact platform by suggesting you receive a mobile reminder.

Very proactive marketing going on here.



Ali Brown from Ali Brown.com


This is a nicely formatted thank you / instant sales page from Ali Brown. Notice how she focuses a lot on what you’re going to learn for free and then adds in a special offer at the end.

This is give, give, give, sell on one single page. :)


Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer


I have to admit Ryan’s marketing strategies can be a little full on for me, but there’s no doubt this guy knows what he’s doing and has some of the best thank you / instant sales pages on the web today (in my humble opinion).

This is just a snapshot of the top of this thank you page, but of you scroll down it’s a very well written sales page and video presentation leading to a low priced offer product.

Excellently scripted, excellently deployed. If you want to see how sales funnel should run, sign up to his offers. Very clever stuff!


Summary & Action

1. If you have no idea how to even start to create a list building funnel then download my Ultimate List Building Bundle.

2. How can you improve your thank you page? Spend just 20 minutes today and make a couple of small tweaks using the example above to make an exponential difference in your business immediately.

3. Got any questions? Ask below, I’m here to help!

Jo :)



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