The Mind Game of Ecommerce with Nick Peroni

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“It’s really all just one big mind game. Which can be frustrating until we understand how liberating that really is. Within our thoughts, we have the power to achieve anything we’re willing to work for, if we only have the discipline to control our thoughts towards the goals we have.”  Nick Peroni

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Nick Peroni, the founder of Ecom Empires and the Worldwide Ecom Tour. Nick has spoken in over 20 countries, worked in multiple verticals, and helped thousands find success with eCommerce. Tune in and find out how Nick started Ecom Empires, why he offers his courses for free, how he developed his mastermind sessions, why mind game is Nick’s key to success, and much more!

Overview of Episode:

    • 00:00 – What you can expect from this episode
    • 03:42 – Who is Nick Peroni?
    • 06:52 – How Nick started his company, Ecom Empires
    • 10:21 – Why content is king
    • 12:30 – Why Nick didn’t make a shift from free to paid courses that he has made
    • 16:56 – What piece of advice Nick has for newbie entrepreneurs
    • 20:58 – The importance of sharing knowledge and following your passion
    • 24:09 – Nick’s greatest passion and the biggest lessons he learned on his eCommerce journey
    • 29:56 – What to do when you are at the beginning with your business and “it’s not happening”
    • 35:53 – How Nick monetized his website with a free membership
    • 38:43 – How Nick developed his mastermind sessions
    • 40:46 – Two important benefits of partnership
    • 45:21 – Curating other people’s content and time effectiveness
    • 48:28 – How to generate funds quickly with your business
    • 51:35 – All you need to know about Nick’s public speaking and Ecom Empires
    • 56:11 – Nick’s explanation of an introspective post he wrote on Facebook
    • 01:01:34 – What’s in the future for Nick
    • 01:04:04 – Is dropshipping still a thing?

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