Tactical Arbitrage vs JungleScout; Which is Best for Selling on Amazon?

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Selling on Amazon is difficult without research. Whether you want to build a successful online arbitrage business or become a private label seller, utilizing a product research tool can make your life infinitely easier.

Two such popular tools are Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout. However, these two tools have entirely different purposes. Namely Tactical Arbitrage is best for arbitrage sellers and Jungle Scout is best for private label sellers.

In this Tactical Arbitrate vs JungleScout comparative review, I’ll walk you through their core differences so you can choose which is best for your needs.

Tactical Arbitrage vs. Jungle Scout: TL;DR

Tactical Arbitrage

Jungle Scout

Purpose: Find profitable arbitrage opportunities on online stores and marketplaces.

Purpose: Help Amazon sellers identify profitable product opportunities. It also helps in market research with sales data.

Target Audience: Online arbitrage sellers and online retailers.

Target Audience: Product researchers and Amazon sellers.

Key Features:

  • Automated stock and pricing monitoring
  • Sourcing products from multiple online marketplaces
  • Integrated profit calculators
  • Analysis of sales data
  • Support for MFN fulfillment and FBA

Key Features:

  • Product search and filtering on Amazon
  • Analysis of sales data
  • Sales and profit estimates
  • Listing and keyword optimization
  • Historical sales data
  • Reverse ASIN search
  • Product database with millions of products

User Interface:

  • Intuitive UI
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Data analysis using charts

User Interface:

  • Simple UI and easy navigation
  • Visual graphs and charts
  • Data export

Integrations: Integrates with Walmart, Amazon, and multiple online marketplaces.

Integrations: Integrates with Amazon marketplace

Support: Chat, email, phone, knowledge base, and forum.

Support: Chat, email, phone, knowledge base, webinars, and forum.

Pricing: Starts at $59 a month.

Pricing: Starts at $39 a month.

Pros of Tactical Arbitrage

  • This online arbitrage software automates finding profitable deals or products across hundreds of sites, saving time.
  • It integrates with more than 1,000 online marketplaces.
  • The tool can help you find wholesale sellers to source profitable products at a lower price than retailers.
  • Tactical Arbitrage has advanced data filtering options to find profitable deals.
  • The tool has a reverse lookup feature in which you can pick an Amazon product and search for it in other marketplaces and even within other Amazon marketplaces.
  • The company offers excellent customer service.

Pros of JungleScout

  • Jungle Scout is one of the best product research tools on the market today. It helps you to find the best product opportunities on Amazon.
  • Provides in-depth product sales and revenue data.
  • Offers a product tracking feature that allows trend analysis.
  • Jungle Scout allows checking historical data for keywords and can even predict future product demands.
  • It allows monitoring of competitor pricing so that online sellers can set the right price to maximize profits.
  • The software maintains a massive supplier database from which sellers can select the best suppliers.

Tactical Arbitrage vs JungleScout: Detailed Comparison

Tactical Arbitrage vs. Jungle Scout comparison breakdown by features:

  • UI and Dashboard
  • Features
  • Add-ons
  • Pricing

Tactical Arbitrage vs JungleScout: UI and Dashboard

Tactical Arbitrage:

Tactical Arbitrage has a clean and intuitive user interface. The navigation menu is on the left, which gives access to all tools. The dashboard visually represents the searches you made and their results.

After the initial sign-in, the tool will require you to provide the MWS Keys so that all tools available with Tactical Arbitrage can quickly synchronize with your Amazon Sellers Account.

Though searching without syncing is possible, the results don’t make much sense. You can check the Settings page of your Tactical Arbitrage account to learn how to obtain the MWS Keys.

Also, if you don’t have an Amazon Sellers Account yet, you can find instructions on how to open one on the Settings page.

Jungle Scout:

Even Jungle Scout offers a clean and intuitive interface. The left navigation gives access to all available tools. The dashboard provides clear snapshots of key metrics.

You can also find quick links to various helpful resources that help you navigate and troubleshoot different issues you may face while using its tools.

The two important tools – the opportunity finder and the product database are on the top for easy accessibility.

The dashboard also allows analyzing and adjusting PPC campaigns when needed.

Winner: It’s a tie because both platforms have optimized and intuitive UI.

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Tactical Arbitrage vs. JungleScout: Features

Tactical Arbitrage:

Tactical Arbitrage offers different search functions depending on your pricing package. Here is a quick overview of the features available:


This tool will allow you to find products by country and retailer. Retailers are grouped by alphanumeric, numeric, and alphabetic symbols.

For instance, if you click on W, you can search for products in Walmart. Clicking A will allow you to search in Acer, Adagio, etc.

Various filtering options allow you to narrow down your searchers.

Amazon Flips:

These tools will allow you to search for products within 20 different Amazon marketplaces. You can quickly find a cheaper product in one Amazon marketplace and sell it at a higher price in another Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Flips works because the price at which a product sells in different Amazon marketplaces can be different.


One of the reverse search features allows you to pick an Amazon ASIN and search for the product on other online retailer websites. However, you can also search using ISBN, UPC, keywords, and other parameters.

The reverse search feature helps to find new opportunities, and you can break into an Amazon niche with a lower selling price.


To be a successful online arbitrage seller, you must find the best wholesalers with the lowest prices. Buying in bulk at wholesale prices can save you a lot of money.

With wholesalers, you can reduce your purchase price and generate more profits in the long run.

You can use the wholesale search feature to compare prices with different wholesalers and even between wholesalers and Amazon prices.

View Data:

The View Data tool allows running scans to find new products you can sell. You will find important information like the retail store where you can find the product, product status, its name on Amazon, total quantity, etc.

You can save the data, download it, or view saved lists.

View Inventory:

This tool will allow you to manage your inventory and display information on SKU, shipment status, fulfillment center, and a wide array of information. You can even password-protect your inventory data.

This tool is beneficial if you want to sell books on Amazon. It can scan several bookstores like betterworldbooks.com, barnesandnoble.com, abebooks.com, etc.

Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout is targeted towards private label sellers and is not a good choice if you are looking for online arbitrage tools. The features available with Jungle Scout are drastically different from Tactical Arbitrage. Here is a quick overview of the features available:

Product Database:

Jungle Scout has a massive product database with millions of products listed on Amazon.

You can search through those products using myriads of filtering options to get crucial data like sales rank, sales per month, total ratings and reviews, average price, etc.

You can even use keywords to narrow your search to eventually find a niche product idea that is generating sales or has a high potential.

Product Tracker:

The product tracker tool allows tracking the performance of the products you have identified using the product database.

With the product tracker tool, you can find which sellers are achieving the best-seller ranks and how the product prices change over time.

This tool can identify the products that generate only seasonal sales so that you can avoid them, avoid stocking slow-moving products, avoid advertising at the wrong time, etc.

Opportunity Finder:

The opportunity finder is one of the most popular features for finding lucrative product opportunities. You can explore the niches of your choice and use different filters like competition, average price, monthly sales, and other metrics.

The available metrics include:

  • Average Price: It shows the average price of the top 10 listings on Amazon for the keyword you choose. It is a critical metric because cost impacts purchasing decisions.
  • Average Units Sold: It shows how well the top 10 listings for your keyword sold on Amazon in the past 30 days. Jungle Scout will not include the outlier products for this calculation. For instance, if one of the top 10 products sold 5,000 units while the rest 9 sold an average of 400 units each, Jungle Scout will not consider the top-selling item.
  • Competition: Measured on a scale of 1 to 10, this metric counts the total reviews for each of the top 10 products. Jungle Scout uses this metric to tell you how difficult it will be to get a high rank on Amazon. The lower the score, the lower the competition.
  • Listing Quality Score: Again, on a scale of 1 to 10, this metric measures the listing quality for the top 10 listings for your chosen keyword or product idea. Factors like listing length, total images, keywords, etc., play a role in this score. Anything less than 3 is a bad score, while 7 and above is a good score.
Keyword Scout:

Keyword Scout is another essential feature that gives you search volumes for keywords used on Amazon. It also reveals the keywords of your competitors using their ASINs. You can see CPC data to optimize Amazon ad campaigns.

With this tool, you can create a keyword list and track their historical performance to identify seasonal products and trends.

Listing Builder:

Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder is capable of generating high-quality product listing content in mere seconds.

By analyzing the top keywords from your keyword bank, it creates content that is not only optimized for search engines but also engaging and compelling to potential buyers. Its fast and efficient content creation process makes it an ideal tool for producing product listings that are both effective and efficient.

The tool will give you a listing optimization score that changes in real time based on your changes. The factors used for scoring are images, product titles, keywords, etc.

Supplier Database:

This tool will allow you to search suppliers using ASIN, Company, Product, or Supplier Name. Once you run a search and find a supplier, you can save the supplier. Further, you can use the Supplier Tracker tool to track and manage multiple suppliers at once.

Sales Analytics:

Sales Analytics will show you important data like current profit data, historical cost breakdowns, sales trends, historical cost breakdowns, etc. Only you can analyze the data related to your business.

Inventory Manager:

This tool will allow you to manage your inventory with alerts and reminders. For instance, the tool will alert you when the stock runs low, and you need to restock.

Winner: Tie because these are two different tools for different purposes.

Tactical Arbitrage vs. JungleScout: Add-Ons

Tactical Arbitrage:

No add-ons or extensions available. You must access the software from their online portal.

Jungle Scout:


Jungle Scout offers a powerful Firefox and Chrome extension that can run a deep product search directly on the Amazon site. The extension will display the average price, monthly sales, profitability, etc.

It even has a profit calculator to calculate the potential profit margin for a product. The extension will also display a graph directly on the Amazon product page, where you can find historical trends and monthly sales.

The historical data points include the new lowest price, Amazon’s price, ratings, daily sales, BSR, buy box price, etc.

Winner: Jungle Scout because it has a Firefox and Chrome extension.

Tactical Arbitrage vs. JungleScout: Pricing

Tactical Arbitrage:


Tactical Arbitrage offers 5 pricing packages, all of which have a 7-day free trial.

Flip Pack: $59/month for monthly billing

  • Amazon Flips
  • Library Search
  • View Inventory

Wholesale: $69/month for monthly billing

  • Wholesale Search
  • View Inventory

Online Arbitrage: $89/month for monthly billing

  • Product Search
  • Reverse Search
  • Always Be Scanning
  • View Inventory

Online Arbitrage + Wholesale: $109/month for monthly billing

  • Product Search
  • Reverse Search
  • Wholesale Search
  • Always Be Scanning
  • View Inventory

Full Suite: $129/month for monthly billing

  • Product Search
  • Reverse Search
  • Wholesale Search
  • Amazon Flips
  • Library Search
  • Always Be Scanning
  • View Inventory

Jungle Scout:


There are three pricing plans but no free trial. They do have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Lite: $49/month for monthly billing

  • Track 20 products.
  • 500 sales estimates a month using the sales estimator.
  • 3 searches per day for Product Database, Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, and Supplier Database.
  • 1 month of historical product tracking and historical keyword data.
  • Sales analytics.

Suite: $69/month for monthly billing

  • Track 150 products.
  • 1,000 sales estimates a month using the sales estimator.
  • Unlimited searches per day for Product Database, Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, and Supplier Database.
  • 3 months of historical product tracking and one year of historical keyword data.
  • Sales analytics.
  • Advertising analytics.
  • Rank tracking for 3,500 keywords.
  • Listing builder.

Professional: $129/month for monthly billing

  • Track 1,000 products.
  • 1,500 sales estimates a month using the sales estimator.
  • Unlimited searches per day for Product Database, Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, and Supplier Database.
  • 6 months of historical product tracking and two years of historical keyword data.
  • Sales analytics.
  • Advertising analytics.
  • Rank tracking for 5,000 keywords.
  • Listing builder.
  • Priority onboarding.

Winner: Jungle Scout because of a lower entry price.

Tactical Arbitrage vs JungleScout: FAQs

Can I use Tactical Arbitrage for retail arbitrage?

Yes, you can use Tactical Arbitrage for retail arbitrage. However, remember that many retailers will have different listing prices for their online stores and physical stores. Some stores may not even provide discounted products through their physical stores. Thus, visiting the stores in-person will be necessary.

Is Jungle Scout good for online arbitrage?

No, Jungle Scout and its calculator is for finding profitable product opportunities on Amazon. It is best suited for private label sellers. Tactical arbitrage is one of the best online arbitrage tools.

Tactical Arbitrage vs JungleScout: Summary

Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout are for entirely different purposes. While Tactical Arbitrage is for online arbitrage, Jungle Scout is for private label sellers who want to sell directly on Amazon.

Tactical Arbitrage can help you find cheaper products on other online marketplaces. Jungle Scout can’t do that, but it will allow you to perform keyword research and find profitable product ideas for selling on Amazon.

The tool you use will depend on what you want to do.

If you’re ready to start your Amazon FBA journey, grab your 30% Off Jungle Scout exclusive offer today!

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