Stop ‘Tweaking’

You know that day when you can’t stop fiddling with your website to make the colors better or the logo stand out.

Or the opening paragraph to that blog post you’ve been working on for a week.

Or the sales page for your video course, or the image for your FB page…

You name it, there are a million things that stop us from actually ‘doing’ and one of them is ‘tweaking’.

Stop it!

I hate saying this, because it sounds like I’m condoning poor effort, but if it means you’ll start taking action, good enough is good enough.

You will improve stuff as you go, but the most important thing is to be going.

I have been procrastinating so much on my podcast over the last few weeks.

A million excuses as to why I can’t get it moving and then this morning I plugged my lapel mic into my phone, opened the app and started speaking.

Boom! I have 3 new episodes to publish.

Become a doer.

Not a thinker, not a talker, not a tweaker.

A doer! 🙂

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