Stop Planning, Start Doing!

by | Apr 23, 2018

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Tony Robbins – MAP
Brian Tracy – Goal Setting
David Allen – Getting Things Done
Michael Hyatt – Your Best Year Ever
The 12 Weeks Year – Brian Moran
The Power of Focus – Mark Victor Hansen et al

Goal Setting Worksheets
The Perfect Day Exercise
90 Day Planning
The 2 Week Laser Focus Plan

And on and on and on and on.

Are you addicted to planning?

I am!

I plan everything – next year, next month, next week, tomorrow, today, the next bloody hour.

I plan and plan and plan and almost 100% of the time I do NOT get the things done I want to.

I am a serial planner.

I love planning!

It makes me feel good, organized, clear headed, busy and empowered. Until…

…it doesn’t.

Something gets in the way, life happens, daughter needs something, hubby needs help, family come to visit, friends pop in, unexpected email needs dealing with, computer stops working, bad nights sleep equals over-tiredness.

You name it!

Invariably I may get a day of ’To Do’s’ done, but I can’t remember when I achieved in a week everything I planned to, let alone a month or a year!


What if we stopped planning to do it and just did it?

I didn’t plan to write this blog post.

I did a Facebook Live this morning in my group and the overwhelming theme was – Just Do It! (Thank you Nike).

I felt compelled to write this blog post, right here, right now, even though I’m leaving for the gym in less than 15 minutes.

I just thought – sod it lets’ write a blog post in less than 10 minutes extolling the virtues of thinking, talking & planning less and doing more!

Take action my friend, that is the best plan you can have.

Don’t tell anyone what you’re ‘gonna’ do.
Don’t write in your journal what you’re ‘gonna’ do.
Don’t list out in your planner all the things you’re ‘gonna’ do.

Just do ’em.

Worried you’ll be doing the wrong things?

The secret is to create a strong vision of your life. Know where you want to go, know the life you want to create, have an end goal and then just do stuff every single day that takes you closer to that goal.

You don’t have to plan to the nth degree – just DO!

Thanks for reading!

Jo 🙂
Make It Happen

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