Stop managing your time, Start managing your focus – Robin Sharma!

I’ve just come back from 5 weeks traveling and my good friend Kate said to me, ‘You’re probably feeling a bit discombobulated at the moment’! 🥴

She’s bang on the money, I am indeed feeling a little confused & disconcerted. Primarily because after so long away from any semblance of routine I’m now trying to regain some momentum on my priorities.

However in just 1.5 weeks I am riding 700km’s over 6 days for charity and then 3 short weeks after that we’re moving house and then traveling to Hawaii for the summer. 🏝

So the question is how do you manage your time and your priorities when you’re constantly in a state of flux? Which of course many of us are, whether it’s because of travel, or family responsibilities or external commitments.

It’s very rare these days that any of us have a solid 8 hours a day of focused time to work on the things that are important to us.

Therefore as the very wise Robin Sharma said;

Here’s how I’ve taken that statement and incorporated into my life;

This morning I wrote out very specifically my ‘ideal’ goals for the rest of the year.

This helped me to get clear on what I’m focused on.

Then I simply said – ‘what can I realistically get done in the next 2 weeks to help me move forwards towards my goals?’

I can’t look beyond the next 2 weeks, because my life is in such a state of flux all of the time I can only plan a very short time ahead.

However because I’m now focused on 5 very clear & specific goals for the next 7.5 months I know where my attention needs to be in the next 2 weeks.

Then in 2 weeks from now I’ll review where I’m at and set the targets for the following 2 weeks.

Whether you have 1 hour a day or 10 hours a day to work towards your dreams, the clearer your vision of where you want to be the easier you’ll find it to focus.

Make It Happen! 🙂

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