Start With the End in Mind

Imagine it’s one year to the day from now and you have achieved everything you wanted to this coming year…

Where are you?
What are you doing?
What does your life look like?
What does your business look like?
Who are you working with?
What’s a working day in the life of you?

Allow your mind to completely wonder and dream as if nothing had gotten in your way over the year.

You’d obliterated all fear, taken massive action, the stars had aligned and everything you wanted in your business had happened as planned.

When I did this exercise I knew that by this time next year I wanted to have written a couple of books and helped as many people as possible build their own lifestyle businesses through my content, books & free videos.

But I also imagined that by this time next year our new ecommerce brand was up and running.

That I had spent time ‘playing’ with drop shipping & print on demand to see which products were most popular before I began finding ways to perhaps get products manufactured fair trade in developing countries with the help of NGO’s and potentially people were supporting.

When I realized the direction I wanted to go in, it wasn’t hard for me to know where to start.


Back in 2010, I knew that my ultimate goal was to help people build businesses online.

But back then I didn’t have the experience or the know how, so I honed in on one thing and focused on facebook fan pages.

I immersed myself in Facebook and taught people how to grow their brand and email lists using facebook landing pages.

By the time I launched the Social Networking Academy some 8 months or so later, I had 18,000 people on my email list and generated $117k in the launch week alone.

This is the power of niching down. You can always expand later.

As someone who’s very passionate about walking the walk, it makes sense for me to focus on ecommerce moving forward.

This is a fabulously scaleable business model for a lifestyle entrepreneur and as I want to grow our new ecommerce brand I can teach what I’m doing at the same time.

So although I’m sure to cover associated topics such as, social media marketing, email list building, content marketing etc, because its all part and parcel of the same thing, for the next year or so I will lean heavily towards ecommerce and physical products.

Therefore the answer to Q1 – What’s your hook? What’s your unique angle within your niche that you want to become known for?

For me over the next year or so it will be teaching people how to build ecommerce based lifestyle businesses they can run from anywhere in the world.

What is it for you?

Remember this doesn’t have to be lifetime. Just think about what you need to do now to achieve your goals this time next year.

Don’t worry that you might alienate certain groups of people by becoming specific about what you’re doing.

I guarantee you, that I will attract information marketers along with ecommerce businesses because so much of what I teach applies to both models.

But the beauty of niching down is that it allows you to become super clear about your subject matter, your content creation and your message.

The clearer you are, the more action you will take and the more people you will attract.

Tomorrow I’m going to walk you through how that works when selecting your target market also.

But believe me, the more focused and niched you can get, the more of the right people you will attract even if they’re not quite what you expected.

So, please take the time to go through this exercise. Really allow yourself to think big & visualize in great detail.

If you’re not a visual person, make some practical lists of where you’d ideally like to be a year from now if everything went as planned.

Then looking at the direction you want to go in, get super clear about where you want to start and don’t be afraid.

You are not missing out on anything by focusing in. The opportunities around us are going nowhere and you will speed up your progress by starting small and growing rather than trying to be all things to all people.

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