30 Days to Start & Grow an Ecommerce Business – The Introduction

Welcome to 30 Days to Start & Grow an Ecommerce Business!

I’m excited to bring this guide to you as there is a mass of information online, much of it absolutely awesome and created & published by super clever people with a wealth of experience, but knowing how to put it all together into a comprehensible step by step plan, is where I come in!

Having been in the Digital Marketing world since 2010 building audiences, courses and 6 figure sales funnels, then building a 7 figure Amazon business from the ground up with my partner, creating a Shopify store to accompany that business back in 2017 and then last year creating my ‘experiment’ store as I write about in ‘How Not To Start & Grow an Ecommerce Business‘ I can assure you I am wholly qualified to guide you step by step through this process. If you’d like to know a bit more about me, you can check out my story here.

However, I am not alone. As you’ll see, as you go through the guide, I have gathered some of the very best experts & resources online to accompany my tips & strategies to help you build your own successful ecommerce business.

Please note! You do not have to complete this in 30 days. It’s an arbitrary number, created just to give some structure to the process.

Whether you go through the steps in 10 days or 10 years is immaterial as long as you continue to move forward and enjoy the process!

Focus on the process

Over the next few days you’ll be setting big hairy audacious goals and creating a vision that excites you! But to truly create a lifestyle you love, it’s important to enjoy the journey and celebrate your wins big or small!

celebrate your wins

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So without further ado, let’s get started!

Here is a rundown of the 30 Days and you’ll also see the links for each day in the navigation bar at the top of all posts so you can easily navigate your way through each page.

Please note there is the odd affiliate link scattered about the place, which means I may make a small commission on some of the links you click, although of course it costs you nothing. But 90% of the links are non affiliate. My main goal is to grow my audience and help as many action takers as possible to take control of your destiny and build a lifestyle business that gives you ultimate freedom in life.

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30 Days to Start & Grow an Ecommerce Business


30 Days to Start & Grow an Ecommerce Business – The Introduction
How NOT to Start and Grow an Ecommerce Business
What is ecommerce and is it for you?

Preparing Your Mind & Your Business for Success

Day 1 – Your Business Goals
Day 2 – What’s Your Business?
Day 3 – Identifying Your Ideal Customer
Day 4 – What Makes Your Unique?

Finding Products & Building Your Store

Day 5 – Ecommerce Business Models & Product Selection
Day 6 – Naming Your Business
Day 7 – Creating Your Brand Images
Day 8 – Building Your Store
Day 9 – Adding Your Custom Domain
Day 10 – Customising Shopify Settings
Day 11 – Adding Your Products
Day 12 – Creating Customer Email Flows
Day 13 – Adding Lead Generation Pop Ups & Upsells
Day 14 – Going Live!

Building Your Audience & Growing Your Store

Day 15 – Content Marketing
Day 16 – Your Content Plan
Day 17 – How to Setup & Start a Blog
Day 18 – How to Start a Podcast
Day 19 – How to Start & Grow a YouTube Channel
Day 20 – How to Get Started on Instagram
Day 21 – Repurposing Content
Day 22 – Email Marketing
Day 23 – Advanced Marketing Strategies
Day 24 – Influencer Marketing & User Generated Content
Day 25 – Attracting Reviews
Day 26 – Your First Sale

Setting Up For Long Term Growth & Ultimate Freedom

Day 27 – Running Promotions
Day 28 – Diversifing Streams of Income
Day 29 – Building a Team + Systems & Operations
Day 30 – The Future & Your Bucket List

Your Lifestyle Business