How to Start a Blog, Customise It & Publish Your First Post, All in 10 Mins or Less

I love blogging, whether it be by writing articles, recording videos, publishing audio or creating images. The very act of learning then sharing is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

It’s just such an informative, personable and engaging way to showcase your brand and connect with the world and potential customers.

What has always stood in the way of people creating sites however is technology.

Years ago when I was working in an “offline’ business and just starting to become aware of the power of the internet I commissioned a company to build me a basic static brochure style website.

The price was over £7000 for this site. That’s over $12000 for basically a replica of the company booklet we gave out to potential customers or the ads we ran in newspapers.

It took months to build and even longer to update and make changes.

Years later it costs less than $100 and just a few minutes to set up an interactive, dynamic site that invites your audience to get involved, generates leads & can help you to make sales while you sleep!

How times have changed!

So it’s my pleasure to show you step by step how to create your new blog / website, customise it so it looks good and even publish your first post, all in less than 10 mins!

Please watch the video below to see how to do it over my shoulder, or follow the steps below the video;

Setting Up Your Blog / Site – An Over The Shoulder Video

One of the things I love about technology is how it’s evolving all the time to make life easier for the user.

Even as little as 5 years ago when I first came online creating a self hosted wordpress blog (like the one you’re on right now) was complicated and long winded, now hosting companies, such as Bluehost, as recommended in the video, have made it possible to setup your site in minutes!

So why Bluehost?

1. Cost Effective – To create one website with the domain included is just $3.49 / month! You can’t get better than that!

2. Easy to Use – Check out the video above, it’s without doubt the easiest wordpress setup I have come across

3. Unlimited – For only $5.95 / month you get – Unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, so you could have 100 websites on one account if you wanted for less than a couple of cups of coffee at Starbucks once a month.

4. Good Support – 24/7 on call support to assist you with any challenges you may have along the way.

5. Money Back Guarantee – There are no term commitments with Bluehost, so if you cancel within 30 days you get all your money back, after 30 days you get a prorated refund for the remainder of your hosting term. In other words – no risk.

7. I’m a big fan of taking ACTION! In an online world where the tech stuff holds us back from moving forward, creating our sites, building our brands and selling our products, I love to recommend the tools of the trade that can take all the tech stress away and make things easy to EXECUTE! So you can get on with the important & fun stuff in your business. Bluehost does just that!

NB: In the interest of transparency, I am an affiliate for Bluehost, but please don’t feel obligated to use my links. If you’d prefer just google Bluehost to get to their site directly. :)

So don’t delay, get your website setup right now and start letting the world know you exist!!! Yeeeehaaaa! :)

Now if you’re more of a reader than a watcher and would prefer written instructions on how to create your site, you’re in luck!

Below are the steps laid out with screenshots walking you through the entire setup.

Hope this helps! :)

Setting up Your Blog / Site – A Visual Guide

Step 1

Login to Bluehost

Bluehost Home Landing Page

Step 2

Choose a new domain or enter an existing one already purchased from another domain platform (like godaddy or name cheap)

Domain Name

Step 3

Complete your personal details on the next page and choose your hosting plan.

Please note, Bluehost will charge you up front for the entire package but at the equivalent of $3.95 – $5.95 a month, the most it will cost is $142 for 3 years worth of hosting!

On the video above I choose 12 months at $5.95 which is only $71.40 for a year!

Amazing value.

Step 4

Set up your password to access your account at any time.

8-Set Password

Step 5

If you’re not then logged in automatically (which you should be), log in to your account.

You’ll be taken to your home page and a pop up which you can ignore.

10-cPanel 1

Step 6

On your home page navigate down to the WordPress button and click it.


Step 7

Click Start a brand new install.


Step 8

Choose the domain you want to install to. If this is your first setup then you’ll probably only have one domain, so just choose that one.

13-Choose Domain

Also on the right if you want to add a folder that your site sits within you can do so here. For example, by choosing your domain and leaving the field on the right blank your site will appear on your root domain:

If you add a folder name in the field on the right, say ‘blog’, then your site will appear here:

When you’re ready, click Install.

Step 9

Fill out the details on the next page, give your blog a title, a username, a password and your email address where you’ll receive all the blog details.

15-WP Login

Click Install now.

Step 10

Once the install is complete click on View Credentials


Step 11

Now you’ll see all the login & password details for your new site!

Simply click on the login url and enter your admin username & password details.


You are in the dashboard of your new site! (Don’t forget to book mark this page as you’ll be returning here often!)


Step 12

Click Make blog live or Click here to launch to see what the site looks like from the public perspective.

Please don’t worry about going live, there are so many millions of sites online now it’s going to take some serious work to make your site visible.

Let’s Customise it!

Customising Your Blog

Step 13

Go to the left hand sidebar in your dashboard and click on Appearance, then Themes and then the big blue Add Theme box.


Step 14

You can now pick a free theme or upload a paid theme, the choice is yours, but for my example, I’m choosing the Hemingway theme as it’s free, very simple and looks good. Under the theme click the blue Install button.


Step 15

Once the theme has installed, click Activate theme to get it live.


Step 16

Now go back to your theme and click on Customize.


On the left hand side you’ll see all the customisation options available with your theme.


For this one I’m going to simply change the name, header image and description to make it look a bit sexier.

step 16 (c) edit header image

I’m also going to add a sidebar and some elements to the sidebar including of course an optin form!

step 16 (d) editing sidebar

Click here to learn more about how to create a very simple lead generation funnel to add to your blog in 10 mins or less

Step 17

So now the blog looks good we can create our first post.

Go back to the main dashboard and click on Posts and Add New in the sidebar.

Add your title and your copy in the text box and then click Publish.


You can also add images, videos, audio, whatever media you wish to into your post. The world is now your oyster!

And there you have it.

Your new site, ready and live on the World Wide Web!

Step 17 (b) first post on blog


I do hope this post has helped in the quick and easy creation of your new site.

The resources mentioned in this post are as follows:

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

I’m here to help!

Jo :)



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