We arrived in one of the oldest & holiest places in the world today – Varanasi.

On first impressions it looks and feels pretty special. 🙏

After a taxi ride from the airport to the city, we boarded a boat to travel along the river Gangs to our hotel.

Evening was approaching & the river was like a millpond.

The air felt magical somehow and the Ghats (steps along the river) we sailed past were strangely beautiful.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling, bit spiritual probably captures it best.

When we arrived at our hotel on the river bank, it was getting late & I fancied sitting on the terrace with a nice cool one & a snack.

Unfortunately beer is not allowed on the terraces by the banks, but the restaurant manager thought swiftly and offered to deliver it to me in a large tea cup!

20 minutes later I was sat on the terrace enjoying a ‘special tea’ watching the world go by. 🍮

I love that kind of thinking. Yes there are rules but as long as we’re not hurting anyone rules can be bent to meet the situation at hand.

Tomorrow we are up at sunrise through to sunset exploring city & the culture. I can’t wait! 🕌

In the meantime always remember, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, make your own rules! 😁