Setting Your Business Goals – The Rule of 3!

by | May 21, 2015

We’ve all heard how important goal setting is right?

Remember the old Harvard Business School Test back in the 70’s where the students were asked if they had clear, written goals and only 3% had written goals & plans?

If not, you can see the article here –

Basically 10 years later the students were re-interviewed and the 3% who had written goals were earning on average ten times as much as the other 97 percent put together!

There have been umpteen books written on goal setting, and you’re about to get an absolute onslaught of articles and courses distributed online as 2015 is almost upon us and we’re all set to reflect on the past year and set our intentions and goals for the year ahead.

I have to say, I love a bit of reflection and goal setting, in fact you can become an expert goal setter with spreadsheets and apps and tick boxes and all sorts. Sure as hell beats actually doing it! Let’s just plan it, write it down, fully intend to do it and feel great about the very cathartic planning session.

Unfortunately the action required to obtain the goal is far less sexy than the setting of the goal itself and this is where people tend to come unstuck.

So I wanted to share with you my very simple goal setting system which I call my Goal Action System or GAS for short. We’re doing this specifically for your business, but it will work in any area of your life.

Preparatory Step

We have to start with the big picture. No goal setting exercise is complete without a visualisation of the big picture.

So what’s your Big Picture. What does your business look like in a year, 2 years, 5 years even 20 years from now. Go as far into the future as you want to. But make sure you have a very clear picture of what you really want. The more specific you can be, the more chance you have of taking the action necessary to achieve your goal.

Most importantly ask yourself Why? This is the most important part of this process. Why do you want that? Why does your business look like that? Why is this important to you? Why must this happen?

Write down no less than 10 reasons why you have this vision and why it’s so important to you.

Alright so now we have our Big Picture it’s time to set Action Goals to help us achieve it!

GAS Step 1

List 3 SPECIFIC Goals for 12 months for now. No more than 3, that’s the Golden Number. When I say specific, use numbers, we need to be able to track & measure this.

For example;

  1. I’m earning $50,000 a month
  2. I have 50,000 people on my customer email list
  3. I get 50,000 hits a month on my blog

(Notice how I write it in the present tense even though it’s a goal for the future, make sure to do that to train your brain into believing you are that person already! The more you become the person who has achieved the goals you want, the more chance you have of achieving them!)

GAS Step 2

Now break that down to daily goals

  1. I must sell 16 products a day at $99 or 32 products at $49.50 or 8 at $199, etc (you get the picture)
  2. I must get 137 people a day onto my email list
  3. I must get 1650 hits a day on my blog


GAS Step 3

Now take the 3 measurable daily goals and add them to a calendar or spreadsheet that you look at every day either on your computer or preferably on the wall in front of your desk.

Then with immediate effect you start to write down your actual results next to your goals every single day.

So it might look like this;



GAS Step 4

Every week at a time and place that suits you (I go to the beach on Friday afternoon), take some time to reflect on the actions you took that week and what you need to do next week to get closer to your goal numbers.

But whatever you do only pick 3 actions to take. For example;

  1. I must find a product to promote next week or I must release a new product
  2. I must run a new set of Facebook Ads to my free offer
  3. I must write & distribute 2 blog posts

That’s it. No more, no less. It’s always the rule of 3.

If you have lots of other things that you want to do, create a ‘brain dump’ somewhere. (I use Wunderlist). That way you can get all the ideas out of your head and written down for later reference or if you finish your 3 daily / weekly goals ahead of time.

By reducing the number of things you have to do, you will begin to strip away overwhelm, which as we know is the No 1 culprit of procrastination.

So start today, stick to the rule of 3 and have your most productive year ever!

Let me know how it goes! 🙂