Rytr Review 2024: One of the Most Affordable AI Writing Tools

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AI writing tools have become incredibly popular these days. I already tried and reviewed Jasper AI and Copy AI, but there is a new kid on the block – Rytr.

Naturally, I wanted to find out whether this AI writing assistant is as good as it claims.

If you want to learn more about this AI writer and learn about its strengths and weaknesses, continue reading…

Rytr Review: TL;DR

  • Rytr can generate original content within a few seconds depending on your inputs.
  • It is best suited for generating short snippets, but you can use the tool to create long content.
  • It allows training the AI using existing content.
  • It gives access to the premium community irrespective of whether you are using their free or paid plan.
  • It comes with an integrated plagiarism checker to avoid copyright issues.
  • Rytr has various text editing options to improve your content before you hit the submit button.
  • It allows writing in 30+ languages and even supports Hindi.
  • Rytr has a compact and powerful interface with a sleek design.
  • The tool has robust project management and collaboration features that ensure your business runs smoothly.

What is Rytr?

Screenshot of Rytr  homepage

Rytr is an AI writing tool that claims to create high-quality content in just a few seconds.

You can use it to create killer content for marketing, social media posts, sales copy, product descriptions, website content, long-form articles, and more.

However, just like other AI copywriting tools, Rytr can often generate poor content quality if the input you provide is not thorough and valuable.

Who is Rytr for?

Rytr AI copywriting tool can be used by anyone who needs content.

Rytr can be used by freelancers, social media marketing professionals, video creators, bloggers, and fiction writers. It is a great tool to overcome writer’s block.

Rytr Review: Pros & Cons

cartoon image of a note cloud showing positive and negative sign

Rytr Pros

  • Automatically creates content.
  • Use it to write social media content, create blog posts, write marketing emails and video descriptions & scripts.
  • Allows content writing in 20+ tones and 30+ languages.
  • Use different copywriting formulas such as PAS and AIDA framework to generate high-quality content.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker to eliminate duplicate content issues.

Rytr Cons

  • At times, it can generate random and meaningless content.
  • Doesn’t offer the ability to write blog intros.
  • Doesn’t allow adding keywords for generating meta descriptions.
  • Not very efficient with long-form content creation.
  • It has very limited third-party integrations.

Rytr Review: Features

cartoon image of 3 stars with lines besides it symbolizing features

Rytr AI writer is quite versatile and offers a lot of features that will allow you to write engaging content.

User Interface

Screenshot of sample Rytr content

Rytr boasts one of the best user interfaces you will see in similar tools.

It has a very compact design with a left panel that gives access to all use cases (similar to templates in Copy AI), tone and language selection options, variant count, creativity level, etc.

The panel will allow you to add keywords.

The left panel is the editor for content creation and editing. Overall, the UI is robust and user-friendly.

Language & Tone Options

Screenshot of Rytr review language and tone selection

For any freelance writer, social media manager, digital marketer, or even video creator & fiction writer, using the right tone is important. Also, the ability to write in your preferred language is important.

This AI writing tool allows content writing in 29 languages and provides 20+ writing tones that you can select from the left panel.

Use Cases

Use cases in Rytr are similar to templates you find in other AI writing tools like Jasper and Copy AI.

You just need to select a template or use case from the left panel depending on what you want to write.

Here are some of the most important use cases out of 30+ templates that Rytr has to offer:

Marketing Frameworks

Screenshot of Aida copywriting framework use case of rytr

Rytr will allow you to create content based on proven marketing strategies like PAS (problem-agitate-solution) and AIDA (attract-interest-desire-action).

Rytr can create high-converting copies using these formats, but what I did notice is that when asked to create multiple variations, it just repeats the first variant it creates.

This isn’t an isolated incident. In fact, Rytr isn’t great at creating variants for short-form content.

Blog Writing

As a blogger, you may be tempted to produce an entire blog post, Rytr will give you two methods of doing that.

1. Blog Outline

Screenshot of Rytr review blog idea use case

The outline tool will allow you to structure your entire post by providing raw ideas based on the keywords you provide.

You can then select the section heading along with the keywords and select the paragraph option displayed after the selection.

Unfortunately, the AI writer is not ideal even for generating outlines for a technical post. For a technical post, it will do a comparatively better job.

2. Blog Section

Screenshot of blog section use case of rytr

Once you have the outline, you can use the Blog Section template to write each segment of the outline you created. You must provide the section topic.

You can select the tone and language of your choice, add keywords for each section, and declare how many variants you want.

Definitely, the whole process of creating long-form content is complicated compared to its competitors.

Post & Caption Ideas

Screenshot of Rytr review social post use case

It is not a very intuitive name for social media content. Yes, the template is helpful, but the output is not very convincing and the variations it creates are quite repetitive.

In fact, the variations it generates are quite repetitive even when you play with creativity level. Jasper gives much better content quality for a social post.

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn Ads

Screenshot of online ads use case of rytr

You can use Rytr to auto-generate catchy ads for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

Unfortunately, some of the ad copies aren’t impressive. Those that are catchy often leave out some important information you feed in the product description field.

You can edit the catchy copies and make them publish-ready.

Call To Action

Screenshot of Rytr review call to action use case

Powerful call-to-actions can improve conversion rates. CTAs can be placed on your landing page, email, blog post, etc.

Rytr, unfortunately, is not very helpful in this case. It will often repeat itself (when you select variations) even after you provide detailed input.

You will definitely want a different writing assistant for this purpose.

Video Idea

Screenshot of video idea use case of rytr

It is not easy to come up with video ideas. However, Rytr can help you come up with working ideas. The results are quite good.

However, when it comes to generating video descriptions, there is some room for improvement.

Screenshot of Rytr review video description use case

Of course, the descriptions you get will be helpful, but you must pick the one you like and add more information and CTAs to convert it into a polished piece.


Screenshot of Rytr email use case

Rytr AI writer can help you generate a variety of emails including work status and job inquiry emails.

I must agree that this AI writing tool does a pretty decent job and can provide excellent emails in just a few seconds.

However, you must provide the key points you need in the email. Each point must be in a separate line.

Also, you can use the Bullet Points Expander tool to generate emails. But I will recommend using the email use case.

Custom Use-Cases

Screenshot of Rytr review custom use cases

If you don’t like any of the existing use-case templates, or if you need something beyond what comes by default, you can create your own custom use case.

It will take some time to set up things, but you can make this AI writing assistant work the way you want.

You need to create your custom template. There is a tool available for that. One of the greatest benefits is that you can use your existing content to train the AI.

Once you set up the template, you can use it as a custom tool right inside Rytr.

Text Editing Options

Screenshot of Text editing options in rytr

Rytr offers various options to edit your output text inside the editor on the right. These tools are hidden and show up when you select some text. The available tools include:

  • Improve tool: This tool will fix grammar issues in the text.
  • Rephrase tool: It will rephrase the selected text. Use it if you need a better presentation, but like the information.
  • Append tool: It will append additional information. This tool is helpful for academic writing.
  • Expand tool: It will elaborate on the selected content.
  • Shorten tool: It will shorten your selected text. It is like summarizing the selected content.
  • Paragraph tool: This tool will allow you to write a long-form blog post using blog ideas and outlines.
  • Plagiarism tool: You can check the output and ensure it is plagiarism-free.

Team Management

Screenshot of Rytr review team and collarboration features

Rytr is known for providing seamless collaboration. You can create a team and add more members, which makes juggling multiple projects easy.

Its robust project management features will help teams to control writing workflow, relieve stress, and keep things organized.

Team billing is possible from a single account. This feature specifically caters to agencies and companies.

Unfortunately, adding team members comes for a hefty price tag of $19 per member per month.

Third-Party Integrations

Svcreenshot of Rytr third party integrations

The only third-party integration that Rytr offers is SEMRush integration for keyword research. There are no other integrations available.

However, you do get a Chrome browser extension that will allow you to use Rytr on various web forms and document editors such as Google docs, Slack, WordPress, Facebook, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no browser extension for other major browsers like Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.

Rytr Review: Pricing

Screenshot of Rytr review pricing plans

Rytr is one of the most affordable AI writing assistants available. There are three plans available:

Free Plan: Forever free

Rytr’s free plan is awfully limited to 5,000 characters (not words) only. That’s approximately 700 words a month.

However, you do get access to all premium features including:

  • 30+ use cases
  • 30+ languages
  • 20+ popular tones
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Access to premium community

Saver Plan: $9 a month

This plan is also quite limited and allows 50,000 characters a month, which is around 7,000 words a month. This is not enough if your business relies heavily on content marketing.

Here is what you get with the Saver Plan:

  • Everything in the free plan.
  • Custom use cases.

Unlimited Plan: $29 a month

This is perfect for lifestyle bloggers who depend on content marketing. This plan allows you to generate unlimited characters per month.

Here is what you get with the Unlimited Plan:

  • Everything in the Saver Plan.
  • Access to a dedicated account manager.
  • Access to priority email and chat support.

This plan is of great value for agencies that have multiple clients or companies that assign multiple team members to produce original content.

Rytr Review: Rytr Alternatives

Rytr vs Jasper

Jasper AI is the most popular competitor of Rytr. Jasper’s outputs are much better than Rytr’s. Also, Jasper handles long-form articles much better than Rytr. Even for certain short-form content, Jasper produces better output and variations than Rytr.

Unfortunately, Jasper is quite expensive and they don’t have any free plan. They don’t even offer unlimited characters or words. However, it does integrate with SurferSEO which will allow you to create search-engine-optimized original content. This is something Rytr cannot do.

Rytr vs Copy AI

Copy AI is yet another powerful writing assistant that can help you generate quality content using artificial intelligence. Copy AI offers more templates but Rytr offers more language and tone choices.

Both platforms have a forever free option, but Rytr allows fewer words (~700 words for Rytr and 2,000 words for Copy AI). Also, Copy AI is much better at handling long-form content.

Rytr vs Writesonic

Writesonic is undeniably a better choice for those who want to write long articles. Slightly pricier than Rytr, Writesonic offers many third-party integrations via Zapier.

Also, WriteSonic applies its custom AI along with GTP-3 to generate AI content. Moreover, it has more templates (70+) compared to Rytr (30+ templates).

Rytr supports more languages than Writesonic, making it a better choice for non-English speakers.

Rytr Review: Summary

Rytr is a decent AI writing tool that can give inspiration when you face writer’s block.

Just like every other AI-powered writing assistant, you will need to heavily edit its output, specifically when you try to write entire blog posts.

Rytr does a decent job of generating short snippets like social media posts, PPC ads, emails, etc. Signup for their free account tests the tool before subscribing to a paid plan.

Rytr Review: FAQ

Which AI technology does Rytr use?

Rytr uses GTP-3 AI technology, which is used by all other competing AI writing tools available today. Unfortunately, GTP-3 indexed only 10% of the internet at the time of its release, and hence, it is not very capable of handling complex and technical content.

How do you use Rytr for free?

Rytr offers a free option that you can keep using as long as you need. The only problem is that there is a limit to the number of characters you can generate. It is capped at 5,000 characters (~700 words), making it suitable for writing small ad copies or emails.

How good is Rytr for long-form blog posts?

Rytr is a much better choice for short content and it can create a stunning copy of the email or social media ad effortlessly.

Unfortunately, the way it handles long content is inefficient and the output is not as good as its competitors like Jasper, Copy AI, and Writesonic.

Is there instructional content available from Rytr to enhance my writing efficiency?

While Rytr offers introductory tutorials on using their platform, for complimentary in-depth training on boosting your writing productivity and quality, consider the SurferSEO Writing Course within the Surfer Masterclass.

screenshot of Surfer’s SEO Writing Course

Is Rytr a good tool?

Yes, Rytr is a reliable AI writing tool that falls under the category of advanced ai writing tools and ai content generators. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to assist users in creating high-quality content efficiently.

What are the disadvantages of Rytr?

While Rytr is a powerful ai writing assistant, it has some limitations. Users may encounter challenges in generating variants for short-form content, and the tool may not be as effective for long-form content creation. For in-depth technical posts, other content writing tools might offer better results.

Is Rytr free to use?

Yes, Rytr offers a free plan, making it accessible to users interested in exploring ai writing tools without any cost. The free plan, however, comes with limitations on the number of characters, approximately 700 words a month.

What does Rytr cost?

Rytr provides several pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The plans include the Saver Plan, priced at $9 a month, and the Unlimited Plan, priced at $29 a month. These plans offer increased character limits, making them suitable for those relying on content creation processes that demand more extensive use of the tool.

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