Repurposing Content

In my Content Marketing post I was very clear (and quite strict) about you picking just one content medium and one platform.

This is because clarity is power my friend! The clearer you are the more action you will take and action is the name of the game!

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The challenge with thinking you want to make videos for youtube, and grow your Insta account and run a facebook group is that all of a sudden the whole thing becomes overwhelming and we end up stopping before we have started.

So it’s super important to focus on your core content and the platform that content is created for.

However, there is nothing stopping us, once we have created that core piece of content, actually turning it into other content that can be used on other platforms.

Now again I caution you, don’t go crazy here. Personally I would pick just one other platform to get started until you can recruit a VA to help you expand your distribution.

But let’s take a look at all the options available to us for repurposing and widely distributing our core content.

Going back to my gardening example. My goal is to create image heavy blog posts for my FB Community.

There’s nothing stopping me taking the images I’ve already created for the post and creating a daily post on IG with that image, linking back to the blog, or linking to join the FB Group. (You have to add your link in bio in IG, but you can use a cool app like Linktree to add multiple links)

Here’s an example of my links for my YLB Instagram account.

One of my goals for YLB this year is to master FB Lives. After recording the live, I can extract the audio and upload as a podcast.

Make it easy on yourself to re-purpose. Don’t create ‘new’ content. Take what you’ve already created and see how you can quickly and easily turn that into something else which will fit nicely on another platform thereby giving you the opportunity to grow an audience on the platform too.

Now take note! The second platform is just that. Your first platform needs 95% of your efforts. You can switch focus to the second platform once you’ve built the first to solid numbers & engagement and you have the time and resources to start focusing on the next platform.

Then you do the same. You repurpose the content on the second platform for a third platform and so on. That’s how solopreneurs without big teams grow.

Whenever you see someone who seems to be everywhere overnight. Actually dig into their background because I’m pretty darn sure they will have put a few good years of hard graft into becoming an overnight sensation!

Let’s break this down.

12 Ways to Repurpose Just One Piece of Weekly Content

So you have created your main piece of content, for this example I’m going to say it’s a blog post, but you can start with anything, a video, a podcast, a FB Live, whatever your weekly core content is and then just swap these suggestions around.

  1. Create your core piece of content. (In this example a blog post)
  2. If relevant (i.e, if it’s a long post with a lot of info) create the post as a PDF and add a download link for people to download and read later.
  3. Take from your blog post quotes or paragraphs you can turn into images to be used on Instagram or Facebook.
  4. Take the same quotes / paragraphs and use as tweetables or posts on your social platforms of choice.
  5. Turn your blog post into a video script and record a video or Live to host on FB, YT, IG.
  6. Break up the video into mini segments to distribute across social media.
  7. Extract the audio from the video and upload as a podcast.
  8. Use a small segment of the podcast to create stories for IG & FB.
  9. Listen to your audience, read their comments and anything relevant, take a screenshot and use as testimonials to post across social media or questions to post and answer.
  10. Utilise your original article, plus FAQ’s from your audience and create an article for
  11. Find questions on relevant to your article to answer with snippets from your post
  12. 12. Turn your blog post into a shareable Infographic

I’m sure there’s hundreds more! In fact let me know in the comments below any more you can think of and I’ll add them in here with a link back to your site or social media account.

Other Resources

In the meantime here’s an awesome podcast by the lovely Amy Porterfield on 10 Ways to Repurpose One Single Piece of Content. In it she breaks down how to repurpose a podcast as that’s her jam and has some great ideas! Well worth a listen.

Also, the King of Content – Gary Vee has published two decks which I’d like to share with you because they are the best guides out there right now for creating & repurposing content, but I ask you do not become overwhelmed.

Please remember this guy runs a multi million dollar digital agency and has an entire team of people who do this for him and his clients day in, day out.

So take from it that which is helpful to you and leave the rest, ok?

No 1;

86 Pages of Insanity – The Gary Vee Content Model

This is an insanely detailed overview of how he produces one piece of content and how his team then chop it ups and distributes it.

Takeaway – he produces one piece of ‘pillar content’ which then gets dissected and turned into lots of other content.

He may do that daily but we’re starting with weekly. What I have called your ‘core content’ is like Gary’s ‘pillar content’. You create that main piece and the split that up easily to post on your second platform.

No 2;

How to Make 64 Pieces of Content in a Day

Here he walks through how to create content on the fly. This is a huge mindset shift from wanting production quality to be excellent to just creating and posting. It’s also a huge challenge if you’re not 100% sure of yourself and are already scared of putting yourself out there!

But if you’re full of confidence and want to share your message with the world then what are you waiting for?

In fact just yesterday (as I write this) I gave my good buddy Dan a 10 day ‘content on the fly’ challenge for his new brand Wandering Worthy. His task is to record a 60 second video every day for 10 days and without editing upload it to his IG feed! As he’s a total action taker he got to work [email protected]

View this post on Instagram

👉🏼 STUCK IN PHUKET: DAY 1️⃣ – I’m stuck! 🚷 Airports are closed, access on and off the island is closed, and even the beaches 🏖 are closed… but there really are worse places to be stuck, because I got stuck here by choice! – I flew into Phuket for my good friend’s wedding Jo & Rhett @jobarnesonline who had the most amazing beach front wedding you’ve seen!! 💍 – Jo has now set me a 10 day video challenge here on Instagram… so I took action and created the series: STUCK IN PHUKET! 👊🏼💥 – – Over the next 10 days I’ll be showing you what isolation is like here in Thailand 🇹🇭 Want to see something in particular, let me know? – How’s things where you are?Hope you’re staying safe!! 😁 Speak tomorrow ~Dan – – – – – – – #tblogger #thetraveltag #welivetotravel #travelcaptures #travelmoments #thetraveltribe #passportpassion #passportcollective #travelcaptures #traveltagged #travelblog #travelblogger #onewaytravel #travelgram #travelphotography #traveladdict #wanderlust #adventureseeker #travelmore #wanderingworthy #thattravelblog #bloggerlife #mytravelstories #travelbloggerlifestyle #travellerforlife #phuket #travelprenuer #thailand #stuckinphuket #travelvlog #thailandinsider

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Lastly, be sure to check out Brian Deans section on repurposing content on his content marketing hub. He gives some fantastic practical examples of exactly how he has repurposed his own content over the years.

Don’t overwhelm yourself!

I stand by what I said, if you are all on your own and just starting out, focus on your main platform and one other to get started. As soon as you’re able to hire an awesome VA, then move onto a third platform and so on.

There are no rules here, you make it work for you.

If you can only do core content on your main platform for a year so be it!

Grow as quickly or as slowly as it works for you my friend. That’s it.

Content Publishing Tools

Ok so let’s look at some tools to make your life easier!

Here’s what I use;

1. Trello for content planning

A bit of a newbie to Trello, I’ve found it a game changer when it comes to planning out content. I love the fact I can add in ideas for posts and then drag them into the different lists when they become more than an idea.

I love that I can view all my content on a calendar right from within the app and add cards and items directly into the calendar.

As a visual person this is right up my street!

How can you use this?

To plan out your weekly core content and the repurposing redistribution across the web.

2. Planoly for Instagram Scheduling

Oh my gosh, I went through about 10 different Instagram apps. I tried Later, Plann, Command, Hootsuite, Buffer (which I love for FB), Tailwind, and some more I can’t remember, but Planoly for me consistently came out at the top.

It’s easy to upload photos, add captions, hashtags, location etc & schedule.

The hashtags for me was a big deal as that can be a huge time suck. But Planoly lets you add hashtag groups so when you create a post you just click on comment and add hashtag group, pick the hashtags relevant for that post and add them in as your first comment. Easy peasy.

How can you use this?

To schedule in advance a week or a months worth of content on Insta!

3. FB’s own built in scheduler

I schedule in a couple of weeks content at a time at the moment in my FB Group. Mainly because I’m running a 100 day challenge and have a post a day for the 100 days.

The built in FB scheduler is good enough although it’s pretty rubbish on mobile. So a solid alternative is Buffer. I used Buffer for years, a few years back but haven’t had call to use them again just yet. If I were looking for an all round scheduling tool however, they would be my go to.

How could you use this?

To schedule a weeks worth of engaging questions into your FB Group.

4. VSCO for fast photo editing

I’m a visco girl!

I was told by my daughter that apparently that’s not something to be proud of. But I don’t have time to individually edit all of my photos all of the time and the general filters in the apps and on Instagram aren’t great.

So I have a very specific filter I use in VSCO to enhance all my photos. I personally like super rich, vibrant color, even though right now pastels seem to be in fashion. (I’ve never been a pastelly kind of girl).

I actually have a little routine for all my FB group 100 day challenge pics.

Firstly I upload the photo into a little app called Inshot. I’m not recommending it as it’s a little buggy and I’m looking for something better, but it lets me quickly and easily add text in the bottom corner to say where & when my photo was taken.

Then I import to VSCO and add the filter.

Then I upload to….

Typorama for super fast stylish text on photos.

Oh my gosh I think this must be my favorite tool ever!

I am not a designer by any stretch of the imagination. I can’t put colours, fonts, styles together for love nor money.

Which is why a little app like Typorama which allows me to add my text and select from a multitude of text style over my backgrounds is absolutely brilliant! Saves me so much time and hassle, I love it!

Example of an Image enhanced by using VSCO, Inshot & Typorama

How could you use this?

You could take quotes of things you’ve written or said, overlay them on nice backgrounds and post on your second platform.

5. Canva for custom images

So over the years Canva has improved a great deal also making it far easier for the non designer to design. There is a little bit too much customization you have to do for text designs for my liking and no matter how hard I try many of my designs come out looking rubbish (hence why I love Typorama).

But they really are a brilliant app for headers, profile pics, blog images and such like. Highly recommended.

How could you use this?

Let’s say you made a video, you could take screenshots of your video and upload onto Canva, creatively add the sentence you were saying at the time and upload to your second platform.

In fact, I created the ‘Action is the Name of the Game’ image above using Canva, to show you how I did using Loom to record my screen as I did it!

6. Loom for quick videos

Recently introduced to me by my tech guy. Loom is awesome for screen videos.

Whereas I used to fire up screenflow, do a video showing my screen and / or me, then save, render and upload, Loom does it all in a flash!

You press record either the screen, the screen and the camera, or a specific part of the screen and almost by the time you’ve finished recording and hit end, they’ve given you a link to the video.

Huge time saver!

How you could use this?

You could record your screen as you go through your heavily visual blog post explaining it step by step and upload to YouTube.

7. Anchor for podcasts

Ok so I’ve done an entire section on this in Day 17 so I won’t go into it here, but it’s a huge time saver. Go check out the section on podcasting – Day 17.

How could you use this?

Either quickly and easily record your blog post as a podcast or extract the audio from a video and upload here as a podcast.

8. iPhone built in camera

So for Christmas this year my lovely husband bought me a Canon Powershot G7 Mark III and I love it!

It takes the crispest, clearest images and I can set it up so it records me with a fuzzy background behind me which looks so professional. I will definitely be getting to know my new toy more over the coming months.

I have to say though for total ease, as in, it’s in your pocket, I still pull out my iPhone to make a live, a story or take an ‘in the moment’ photo.

My daughter got the new iPhone 11 for Christmas from some relatives (I wasn’t happy) and her camera is even better, so there really is no excuse to create content on the spot so it were.

These clever techies are making it easier than ever!

How could you use this?

Impromptu FB Lives, IGTV, Stories, videos etc.

See how easy it is these days to take content you have already created and repurpose it across the web without it taking too much extra effort!


Here are some tips and resources from other reputable sources on great tools for content creators; – This is an awesome roundup of what look like some fabulous tools! I will 100% be giving some of these a go this year!

In fact for this action guide I’ve already been using Imgflip Meme Generator which I just discovered a few days ago. Great fun! – This is a much more sensible adults guide to content marketing tools. Booo, I wanna play with fun apps! 🙂

I hope today has been useful!

See you tomorrow! 😁