QuillBot vs Grammarly – Which Is Best for Writers & Bloggers in 2024?

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Even the best writers often need some help. Today, AI-powered writing tools have proven their mettle. AI writing tools can do almost everything from rewriting content to fixing grammatical errors, writing long-form articles, and creating ad copies.

Two such tools, QuillBot and Grammarly, have carved a niche for themselves. Yes, they have overlapping features, but they are significantly different. So, which one to choose – QuillBot or Grammarly?

This QuillBot vs. Grammarly comparison will help you decide. Read on!

Quick Takeaways:

  • Key Differentiators:
    • QuillBot is primarily a paraphrasing tool, while Grammarly is focused on proofreading and grammar checking.
  • Plagiarism Checker:
    • Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is more versatile and doesn’t have limitations on the number of pages you can check, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Paraphrasing Tool:
    • QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool offers more control with different modes and the ability to freeze words, making it a powerful paraphrasing tool.
  • Grammar Checker:
    • Grammarly’s grammar checker is more comprehensive, identifying basic grammatical mistakes as well as providing advanced suggestions.
  • Pricing:
    • QuillBot offers a more budget-friendly option with a cheaper premium plan compared to Grammarly.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: TL;DR

Key DifferentiatorsQuillBotGrammarly
TechnologyAI and Machine LearningAI and Machine Learning
Best tool forParaphrasingProofreading and grammar checking
Citation generatorAvailable in many formatsAvailable in only three formats
Plagiarism checkerAvailable for premium users but restricted to 20 pages a monthAvailable for premium users with no restrictions
Text summarizerAvailableNot available
TranslatorAvailableNot available
Tone detectorNot availableAvailable
ExtensionsMS Word and Google ChromeMS Word, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and desktop apps.
Mobile appsNot availableAvailable for both Android and iOS devices
Free versionAvailable with limited capabilitiesAvailable with limited capabilities.

QuillBot Pros

  • It is primarily a paraphrasing tool with different modes of rewriting.
  • The program offers a split-screen view for easy comparison.
  • It integrates the Thesaurus.
  • The tool offers additional features like a grammar checker, a plagiarism checker, a citation generator, a summarizer tool, and a co-writer tool.
  • The program offers integrations with Google Chrome and Microsoft Word.

Grammarly Pros

  • Grammarly is primarily a grammar-checking tool.
  • It can sniff out grammar errors, spelling mistakes, passive voice misuse, poor sentence structure, etc.
  • It allows writing in different tones.
  • It offers a plagiarism checker tool.
  • The program offers Microsoft Word and Google Chrome integrations.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Detailed Comparison

QuillBot vs. Grammarly Comparison Breakdown by Features

  • Interface
  • Paraphraser
  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Other Features
  • Extensions
  • Pricing

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Interface

QuillBot and Grammarly are online AI writing tools, but how user-friendly are their user interfaces?

screenshot of the quillbot dual pane interface

QuillBot is an AI site for writing that offers a clean dual-pane interface. The left pane is where you can paste your original text, and the left pane will display the paraphrased text.

Different paraphrasing modes are arranged horizontally above the panes. Next to the paraphrasing modes is a slider to control the extent of synonyms you want to use.

Left navigation provides quick access to all tools that the QuillBot suite offers. On the top right, you can select the English locale (the default is American English).

The user interface is excellent, with well-thought-out and intuitive navigation.

screenshot of the grammarly online editor

Grammarly, too, has a clean interface with an online editor where you can write directly, upload a document, or copy & paste your content.

The editor is on the left. On the right is a small panel where the program will display writing suggestions such as spelling errors, grammar mistakes, etc.

Grammarly categorizes all mistakes and highlights each category with different colors. The text you add to the editor will also highlight errors with category colors.

This handy writing tool checks for mistakes in real-time. If there are uncommon words, you can quickly add them to your dictionary, too.

Overall, this AI-powered writing tool has a brilliant UI.

Winner: Tie because QuillBot and Grammarly offer clean and intuitive user interfaces.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Paraphraser

Both QuillBot and Grammarly have paraphrasing tools, but which one is better?

screenshot of quillbot standard paraphraser page

QuillBot is primarily a paraphrasing tool with many features to control output quality. You can start by selecting the language locale, that is, between American, Australian, British, or Canadian English.

The split panel is where you can paraphrase your content. The left pane accepts the input, whereas the right panel provides the output. By default, the tool uses the Standard mode to rewrite the content without altering the tone.

However, you can always change the mode and switch between 5 modes – Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, and Creative. The Expand and Shorten features use machine learning to expand or shorten your input.

But remember, QuillBot will allow only three writing modes in the free version.

screenshot of quillbot word freezing with recommendations

The tool also has a word-freezing feature that allows selecting words you don’t want to be replaced by synonyms. The free version allows freezing only one word.

QuillBot also offers a synonym limiter. There is a slider on the top that you can drag to decide the extent of synonyms to use while rewriting. Remember! The fewer synonyms, the greater the accuracy.

Finally, an integrated Thesaurus allows clicking on a word or phrase in the output pane to select better synonyms.


Grammarly also has a paraphrasing feature but will not allow rewriting an entire input. It won’t paraphrase anything until it spots a complex sentence that it can simplify.

When Grammarly spots a complex or grammatically incorrect sentence, it will show a paraphrased version. So, you have no control.

Winner: QuillBot because its paraphrasing tool is way more powerful and advanced.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Grammar Checker

Both have grammar checkers, but which program is better at checking grammar?

screenshot of quillbot in-article grammar checker

QuillBot’s grammar checker is a free tool that allows unlimited grammar checks. The feature currently supports English and German.

The grammar checker has an editor where you can write or paste your text. It uses AI to check grammar in real-time and highlight errors.

The tool checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and highlights them all. You can click on the highlighted items to see suggestions.

Also, the grammar checker integrates the paraphrasing tool that you can use for completely rewriting sentences.

screenshot of grammarly grammar checker with suggestions

Grammarly’s grammar checker is far more powerful. It can check grammar for all types of writing, such as AI for blog posts, academic papers, etc.

Not only will Grammarly identify basic grammatical mistakes using artificial intelligence, but it will also provide advanced suggestions like identifying repetitive words, tone, passive voice misuse, etc.

The premium plans of Grammarly are the only ones that offer its advanced features. The free version includes only the basic grammar checker.

Grammarly free will offer only basic writing suggestions, which include basic grammar and spelling errors. You’ll need the premium version of Grammarly for help with punctuation, style, sentence rewriting, and other advanced English grammar issues.

Winner: Grammarly because it catches more subtle errors than QuillBot.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism-checking tools are available with both QuillBot and Grammarly, but which one is a better choice?

screenshot of quillbot plagiarism checker file upload prompt page

The QuillBot plagiarism checker is relatively new. It is best suited for checking academic papers. However, the bad thing is that the plagiarism tool allows checking up to 20 pages per month for its premium version. Free users cannot use the tool.

This limitation can be stifling for students and academics. The good news is that QuillBot permits purchasing extra pages if necessary.

screenshot of grammarly plagiarism checker page to copy paste text or upload file

People have more faith in Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because it has been around for so long. It is suitable for checking all types of content.

Unlike QuillBot, Grammarly doesn’t limit the number of pages you check with its plagiarism checker. This makes the tool a cost-effective alternative.

Winner: Grammarly because it doesn’t put a limit on monthly plagiarism checks.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Other Features

Both QuillBot and Grammarly have unique features.

screenshot of quillbot citation generator page
  • Summarizer: The summarizer tool can summarize any text. It will pick the main sentences and show them as a bullet list or a small paragraph.
  • Citation Generator: This tool can generate citations in various styles. You can add a book, a journal, or a website as a citation source.
  • Co-Writer: It is a complete online editor that brings all tools together. You can perform online searches, summarize, paraphrase, perform grammar checks, and generate citations from within the Co-Writer tool interface.
  • Translator: This is the newest addition. It is still in Beta testing and allows translating the text into many languages. The tool can also automatically detect the input language if it is in a language the tool supports.
screenshot of grammarly citation generator page

The only similar tool that Grammarly has is the Citation Generator. Here are the extras you get with Grammarly:

  • Tone Detector: Detect the tone of your text, such as optimistic, confident, formal, etc., and thereby help to improve your writing style.
  • Readability Scorer: Provide a readability score that tells how easy or difficult it is to read.
  • Weekly Reports: Send weekly reports to help you track your writing process.
  • Citation Generator: Grammarly also has a free citation generator, but it can generate citations only in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.
  • Essay Checker: They also have a free essay checker, but I don’t see how it differs from the core tool, as it finds and highlights issues with suggestions.

Winner: QuillBot because its extra features go beyond just checking grammar.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Extensions

Both QuillBot and Grammarly provide extensions.

screenshot of page showing quillbot supported extensions and integrations

QuillBot has two extensions – one for Microsoft Word and the other for Google Chrome. The Google Chrome extension will enable QuillBot on Google Docs and any other web editor or platform where you can write.

screenshot of grammarly supported extensions and integrations

Grammarly also provides an extension for Microsoft Word and Google Chrome. The Google Chrome extension works on Google Docs, email, etc.

They also have extensions for Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari browsers. Apps for iOS and Android devices are also available. They even offer a desktop app for Windows and Mac devices.

Winner: Grammarly because of more integrations and extensions.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Pricing

Whether you want to pursue a freelance writing career or are a professional writer, you will likely look for a budget-friendly writing assistant to improve your writing skills.

Both QuillBot and Grammarly have both free and paid options.

screenshot of quillbot pricing page

QuillBot has two plans – Free and Premium.

Free Plan: It is a forever free plan, but it won’t give access to their plagiarism checker.

  • Paraphrase up to 125 words at a time.
  • Paraphrasing modes are limited to only Standard and Fluency.
  • Synonym selector is also limited.
  • You can freeze only one word.
  • You cannot summarize more than 2,500 words at once.

There is no limit to how many times you use the free plan.

Premium Plan: You will have three payment options – Monthly ($9.95 per month), Quarterly ($6.66 per month), and Yearly ($4.17 per month). All three options have the same features:

  • Paraphrase unlimited words.
  • Access all paraphrasing modes.
  • The Synonym slider is not limited.
  • There is no limit to the number of words you can freeze.
  • Summarize up to 6,000 words at once.
  • Access to plagiarism checker.
  • Compare different paraphrasing modes.
  • Get complete rewrite suggestions using Grammar Checker.
screenshot of grammarly pricing plans

Grammarly, too, offers a free plan, a premium plan, and a Business plan.

Free Plan: It is forever free and you can keep using it as much as you want with access to the following features:

  • Basic grammar checker.
  • Spelling checker.
  • Punctuation checker.
  • Conciseness assessment.
  • Tone detection.

Grammarly Premium: Again, there are three payment options – Monthly ($30 per month), Quarterly ($20 per month), and Yearly ($12 per month). Irrespective of the payment option, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Grammar checker.
  • Spelling checker.
  • Punctuation checker.
  • Conciseness assessment.
  • Tone detection and suggestion.
  • Complete sentence rewrites for enhanced clarity.
  • Vocabulary improvement with word choice.
  • Plagiarism detection.

Business Plan: This plan costs $15 per member per month if paid yearly, or $25 per member per month if you pay monthly. You will enjoy all the features of Grammarly Premium plus:

  • Brand tones.
  • Style guides.
  • Snippets.
  • Analytics dashboard.

Winner: QuillBot because it is much cheaper.

QuillBot vs Grammarly: Summary

Grammarly and QuillBot are both great AI-powered writing assistants that can help you polish your writing skills, supported by AI creative writing technologies and capabilities.

However, the key difference between the two is that Grammarly focuses more on grammatical errors, tone, sentence structure, conciseness, etc., which helps to write professionally.

QuillBot, on the other hand, is a paraphrasing tool that helps you rewrite content. QuillBot also has a grammar checker feature that can help to proofread content, and check grammar. Unfortunately, QuillBot is not as powerful as Grammarly in checking grammar.

The tool you select will depend on what you need. The good thing is that they both have free content writer and paid versions, so you can try them before purchasing a subscription.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly: FAQ

Which is better, QuillBot or Grammarly?

QuillBot is better at paraphrasing while Grammarly does a much better job of finding more grammar errors. It is difficult to say which is better. It depends on your needs.

If you need an online writing assistant for paraphrasing, go for QuillBot. If grammar checking and concise writing are your targets, Grammarly is a better choice.

Do professional writers use QuillBot, an AI writing assistance tool?

Indeed, many professional writers leverage QuillBot, an AI writing assistance tool, to enhance their writing. QuillBot is among the best AI content writing tools available, catering to various writing needs, including blog posts, copywriting tool, email writing, and creative writing.

What is the downside of QuillBot for AI paragraph writing?

 While QuillBot excels in AI paragraph writing and serves as an AI paragraph writer, it’s essential to be aware of its limitations. QuillBot, like any AI tool, may not handle extremely complex writing tasks effectively. Writers may find it beneficial to combine it with other AI tools for better results.

 Is QuillBot vs Grammarly a common comparison among writers seeking AI writing assistance?

Yes, the QuillBot vs Grammarly comparison is a prevalent discussion among writers exploring AI tools for email writing, AI for blog posts, and AI creative writing. Writers often seek the best AI content writing tools to improve their writing- AI that writes for you.

How can AI for better writing, like QuillBot, enhance overall writing quality?

AI for better writing, such as QuillBot, offers valuable features to improve overall writing quality. It serves as an AI writing improver by assisting in crafting well-structured paragraphs and enhancing the clarity and coherence of content.

Can professional email writing AI, like QuillBot, benefit business communications?

Absolutely, professional email writing AI tools like QuillBot are crucial for business communications. They help businesses maintain a professional image by providing AI tools for email writing that create clear and effective email content, improving communication efficiency.

How does the Jasper AI story generator compare to other AI writing tools?

The Jasper AI story generator is gaining recognition among writers. It competes with the best AI content writing tools by offering unique capabilities for generating engaging stories, making it a noteworthy addition to the AI book writing landscape.

Is there a reliable AI post writer available for content creation?

Yes, AI post writers, including QuillBot, are valuable tools for content creation. They assist in generating content using AI, saving time and effort in writing blog posts and articles, and ensuring high-quality output.

How can an AI word editor like QuillBot improve the writing process?

An AI word editor, such as QuillBot, aids writers in refining their work by providing AI-powered suggestions and improvements. It’s an essential tool for AI write article tasks, helping writers create polished content through blog writing AI.

Can QuillBot be used for grammar check?

QuillBot can find basic grammar mistakes. However, if you want to see advanced grammatical errors, Grammarly does a better job of finding and fixing them.

Is using QuillBot cheating?

It depends on how you want to use the AI-powered writing assistant. If you are repurposing your content, there is nothing wrong with using QuillBot. However, don’t paraphrase someone else’s work and pass them on as yours, that’s cheating and plagiarism.

Are QuillBot and Grammarly both proofreading tools?

Grammarly is surely a proofreading tool that helps you to write better. QuillBot has a tool to find grammatical errors but cannot find subtle and advanced issues.

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