QuillBot Review for Writers, Bloggers & Content Creators in 2024

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QuillBot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool and so much more!

If you’re looking for a complete writing assistant that can check grammar, summarize, generate citations, sniff out plagiarism, and more, QuillBot is a front-runner.

There are many competitors to QuillBot, but the sheer number of features QuillBot provides remains unmatched to date. In this QuillBot review, I will walk you through the features of this SaaS application and its pricing structure to help you make an informed decision.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Versatile Paraphrasing: “QuillBot excels in AI-powered paraphrasing, offering various modes like Standard, Fluency, and Creative, allowing comprehensive control over the rewriting process.”
  • Comprehensive Writing Assistant: “Beyond paraphrasing, QuillBot includes a grammar checker, plagiarism detector, citation generator, summarizer, and translator, making it a robust tool for diverse writing needs.”
  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: “Accessible directly via web browsers as a SaaS application, QuillBot’s intuitive dual-pane design simplifies the rewriting and editing process.”
  • Affordable with a Free Version: “QuillBot offers a perpetually free version with basic features and an affordable premium plan, ensuring accessibility for users with different budgets.”
  • Unique Features for Enhanced Writing: “Unique features like synonym control, freezing words, and full-text paraphrasing set QuillBot apart from competitors, enhancing the user’s writing experience.”

What is QuillBot?

screenshot of quillbot main user interface

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that uses AI algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to rewrite your content. It includes the ability to control synonym counts, compare the output for different modes and freeze words you don’t want to be changed, etc.

QuillBot also has a grammar checker, a plagiarism checker, a citation generator, a co-writer, a summarizer, and a translator.

It’s a SaaS application, meaning you don’t need to install any app on your computer or laptop. You can use the application directly from your web browser.

QuillBot Review: TL;DR

  • QuillBot helps to paraphrase or rewrite the text so that you can repackage it and use it elsewhere.
  • It also helps to improve your sentence structure and vocabulary.
  • QuillBot’s grammar checker tool helps to identify and fix different grammatical and spelling errors.
  • The summarizer tool can summarize any text and provide the key sentences as a summary.
  • The QuillBot plagiarism checker can help you avoid intentional or unintentional plagiarism.
  • The program has a handy tool called Co-Writer that helps to research, write, paraphrase, and check grammar in a single interface.
  • There is a handy translator tool to help you write your content in different languages. With this feature, you can tap into a broader audience segment.

Who is QuillBot for?

QuillBot is perfect for blog posts, articles, and other content types. Therefore if you’re a student, a teacher, a freelance writer, or a blog owner QuillBot is for you!

QuillBot lacks SEO features but is much more advanced than many content spinners and article rewriters. The program doubles as an academic writing tool and can help students with essays, research, and dissertations.

Marketing professionals can use the program to repurpose content into something unique for social media engagement, search engine ads, etc.

So, does Quillbot work? The quick answer is yes!

QuillBot Review: Pros and Cons

QuillBot Pros:

  • There is a free version with unlimited usage but limitations.
  • The premium version is incredibly cheap compared to similar tools.
  • QuillBot, as an advanced paraphrasing tool for writing content, can paraphrase any content, check for grammatical errors, fix spelling mistakes, and check for plagiarized content.
  • It helps to enhance vocabulary with an integrated Thesaurus.
  • The program offers a Google Chrome extension to enable QuillBot features on Google Docs, email & social media platforms, and many other online platforms.
  • QuillBot also has a Microsoft Word add-on.

QuillBot Cons:

  • QuillBot lacks AI-powered automated writing.
  • The free version gives access to only two paraphrasing modes.
  • It lacks the ability to include keywords for SEO optimization.

QuillBot Review: QuillBot Features

Like all other AI writing tools, QuillBot also offers several features. However, unlike other AI tools, you can use these QuillBot tools as standalone products. But remember, some of the features are available only for QuillBot Premium users.

Let’s go through QuillBot features quickly.

QuillBot Paraphraser Tool:

The Paraphrasing tool is the primary component of QuillBot. The main features of the tool are:

User Interface:

screenshot of quillbot paraphrasing UI page

The UI of the tool is intuitive with a dual-pane design. The left side of the dual pane is where you enter the text you want to rewrite. The right side will display the rewritten content.

Paraphrasing Modes:

screenshot of the different quillbot paraphrasing modes with highlighted section

Different writing or paraphrasing modes are arranged neatly on the top as a horizontal menu.

There are five paraphrasing modes – Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, and Creative. You can quickly switch between the different modes.

The best thing is that you can compare different modes of paraphrasing. To do that, select or hover your mouse on the initially paraphrased text and click on Rephrase.

screenshot of quillbot paraphrasing modes comparison UI with dropdown options

This will open a dialog box where you can select different modes to see the different versions of the same sentence.

Another way of comparing different modes is to select the original sentence and click on the scale icon to open a sidebar with results for different modes.

screenshot of quillbot UI page comparing paraphrasing mode options with suggestions

You can even check your paraphrasing history by clicking on the history icon.

screenshot of quillbot paraphrasing history dropdown

Expand and Shorten:

The Expand feature allows you to expand a text with additional words or info. The Shorten feature helps to remove unnecessary words and writes the text in a concise form.

Synonym Limiter:

On top is a slider that lets you control how many synonyms QuillBot will use when rewriting. The lower the number of synonyms, the more accurate the results.

Freeze Words:

screenshot of quillbot freeze words page and suggestions

You can freeze certain words in the original text. This ensures that QuillBot never uses synonyms for them while paraphrasing.

Select a word and click the snowflake icon on the left pane to freeze it. You can set unlimited freeze words by clicking on the snowflake icon (without selecting any word) and adding comma-separated words in the popup dialog box.

QuillBot automatically lists certain words that it thinks are important. You can freeze the recommended words and, if necessary, add more.

Vocabulary Enhancer:

screenshot of quillbot vocabulary enhancer UI with suggestions

QuillBot integrates with Thesaurus to help you select appropriate words and/or phrases in the output (right) pane. Click on any word and a set of synonyms will pop up. It can even show alternative phrases.

Full-Text Paraphrasing:

Unlike other paraphrasing tools (like Wordtune), which allow rewriting one sentence or paragraph at a time, QuillBot will allow paraphrasing the entire text at once.

QuillBot Grammar Checker:

screenshot of quillbot grammar checker tool with actual content sample being checked

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker is a standalone tool supporting English and German languages. Though a separate feature, it still integrates the paraphrasing tool to allow complete sentence rewrites.

The grammar checker tool can find all grammar mistakes in the content you paste into the editor. You can even write directly in the editor.

Once the tool analyzes your text, it will highlight all grammatical mistakes. Clicking on the highlighted texts will show suggestions that you can accept.

QuillBot is okay for basic grammar checking. It is not highly advanced like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Hemingway Editor, and other grammar checkers.

QuillBot Plagiarism Checker:

screenshot of quillbot plagiarism checker with highlighted content

QuillBot’s plagiarism checker is not available for free plan users. Even with a premium subscription, you can check only twenty pages per month. To check more than 20 pages, you can purchase additional credits.

Unlike other plagiarism checkers that allow checking unlimited words at once for paid plans, QuillBot’s plagiarism checker restricts each page to approximately 250 words.

These limitations make the plagiarism checker expensive. Also, the tool is better at checking plagiarism in academic papers, making it a better choice for students and educators.

QuillBot Summarizer Tool:

screenshot of quillbot summarizer tool page

The summarizer tool can extract the gist of a content piece and present it in a listicle format in the key sentence mode or as a small paragraph in the paragraph mode. There is a summary length slider that will let you control the length of the summary you want.

Similar to the paraphrasing tool, the summarizer tool also has a split-pane interface. You can paste, write, or upload the original text into the right pane, and QuillBot will show the summary on the left pane.

This summarizer feature is helpful if you don’t have enough time to read the entire piece like a news article, a blog post, or any other content.

QuillBot Citation Generator:

QuillBot offers a citation generator, which is beneficial for academics. However, anyone can use it to provide proper credits.

The tool can generate citations for a variety of sources including (but not limited to) webpages, journal articles, books, online news articles, etc.

The company recently revamped and simplified the interface.

screenshot of citation generator revamped interface

You can provide some basic information to generate citations. For instance, if you are citing a webpage, enter the URL and click the “Cite” button to generate a citation.

Here is an example:

screenshot of page sample of quillbot basic apa citation

Click on the citation to find the advanced settings where you can change the citation style. The default citation style is APA.

screenshot of quillbot generated citation settings

QuillBot’s citation generator is the only tool I know that supports a long list of citation styles. Other citation generators usually support only APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.

QuillBot Co-Writer:

screenshot of quillbot co writer tool with description of features

Co-Writer is an all-in-one writing assistant with automated AI writing (something that tools like Jasper, Rytr, etc., can do).

This tool integrates the following features:

  • Research: Web search – supports both academic and non-academic searches.
  • Notes: You can keep rough notes or create an outline for the content you want to write.
  • Citations: It will allow you to generate citations if you are quoting a source.
  • Paraphrase: You can rewrite content to make it unique.
  • Grammar: You can check for grammatical errors in real time during the writing process.
  • Suggest Text: It is an artificial intelligence module that auto-generates text.
  • Statistics: It will provide information on total word count, number of paragraphs, total sentences, and reading time.
  • Dictate: You can use your microphone to dictate content.

Co-Writer is essentially an online editor similar to Google Docs where you can write your content. There is no need to switch tabs or use multiple tools.

The only thing missing is the plagiarism checker, but once you are done writing, you can check your text using the plagiarism checker tool.

You can use Co-Writer to write a research paper, an essay, a blog post, a news article, or just about anything.

QuillBot Translator:

screenshot of quillbot translator UI page

The translator tool is in its beta testing stage. So, expect some inaccuracies.

I performed some translation roundtripping (starting with English and translating to different languages before finally translating it back to English) for the text, “I love my dog. He is a playful fido and loves to sleep with me in bed.

I used this translation sequence: English ≫ Russian ≫ German ≫ French ≫ English. Here is the end result: “I love my dog. He likes to play Fido and loves to sleep with me.”

Well, it wasn’t accurate!

Usually, most translators will mess up during roundtripping. So, I will consider it a decent tool.

QuillBot Review: Integrations

screenshot of quillbot software and app integrations page

QuillBot has a Chrome extension that speeds up the rewriting process across multiple platforms like Google Docs, emails, social media, and more.

QuillBot offers a separate add-on for the desktop app of Microsoft Word. Though a little sluggish, it works.

These extensions have limited capabilities and offer only rewrite tools. You will not have access to Citation Generator, Plagiarism Checker, Co-Writer, and Translator.

QuillBot Review: Pricing

screenshot of quillbot pricing plans

QuillBot also has a free and premium plan.

Free Plan: Forever free

  • Paraphrase only a few words at once (maximum limit is 125 words).
  • Only Standard and Fluency paraphrasing modes are available.
  • Synonym slider allows limited changes.
  • Allows freezing only one word.
  • Summarizes up to 2,500 words at once.
  • Average processing speed.

Though the free version has some limitations, you can use it repeatedly.

Premium: $9.95/month (monthly billing), $6.66/month (quarterly billing), $4.17/month (yearly billing)

  • Paraphrase unlimited words at once.
  • All paraphraser modes available.
  • Synonym slider allows maximum changes.
  • Allows freezing unlimited words.
  • Summarizes up to 6,000 words at once.
  • Plagiarism checker (check 20 pages per month).
  • Compare different paraphrasing modes.
  • Provides rewrite suggestions with Grammar Checker.

QuillBot Review: QuillBot Alternatives

QuillBot vs. Wordtune

Wordtune is a direct competitor of QuillBot and offers basic rewriting. It has two more paraphrasing modes (Casual and Formal) and has the Expand and Shorten features. However, there is no option for controlling synonyms or freezing words.

Check out my detailed comparison of these two paraphrasing tools.

Wordtune also lacks a plagiarism checker, a citation generator, a translator, or a feature like Co-Writer. It is way more expensive, too!

QuillBot vs. WordHero

WordHero has a sentence rewrite feature, but it is not very effective. There are no fine controls, either.

However, QuillBot and WordHero aren’t the same. While QuillBot’s main focus is paraphrasing, WordHero is an AI writing tool that writes entire blog posts by itself, generates blog titles, YouTube scripts, and so much more.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly

Grammarly is a grammar checker tool. It doesn’t have any paraphrasing feature. However, it does suggest paraphrased sentences at times to improve writing clarity.

The program can help to improve your writing skills with proper tone suggestions, vocabulary enhancements, etc. It even has a plagiarism checker with no limits like QuillBot’s plagiarism checker.

QuillBot Review: Summary

QuillBot is a powerful tool that uses machine learning and AI technologies for rewriting existing content. To review Quillbot is to understand how it works and provide how it can be helpful for writing professionals, and it meets expectations even for lifestyle bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to enhance content.

It also offers a citation tool, a plagiarism checker, a summarizing tool, a grammar checker, a translator, and a Co-Writer, which are extremely helpful in generating error-free original content from scratch.

QuillBot is one of the cheapest paraphrasing and proofreading tools, making it a perfect choice for content creators and lifestyle bloggers on a tight budget.

QuillBot Review: FAQs

Is QuillBot the best paraphrasing tool?

Whether QuillBot is the best depends entirely on what you are looking for in a paraphrasing tool.

If you want features like a vocabulary enhancer, the ability to compare writing modes, control over synonyms used, fine controls to manage the output quality, etc., QuillBot is the best.

No other paraphrasing tool provides all those features.

How trusted is QuillBot?

QuillBot is highly trusted among various user groups, including students, academia, and digital marketers. This paraphrasing tool for writing content is renowned for its QuillBot AI technology, ensuring reliable and effective content enhancement. Its widespread adoption and positive review of QuillBot across numerous platforms testify to its trustworthiness.

Is QuillBot worth paying for?

Is QuillBot worth it? Absolutely, especially for anyone looking for a comprehensive writing assistant. The QuillBot pricing plans are competitive, offering a range of features from grammar QuillBot paraphrase to Summarization, making it a valuable investment for blog writers and content creators on platforms like Upwork.

Is QuillBot safe for payment?

Yes, QuillBot provides a secure payment process. The software employs advanced security measures to ensure that all transactions are safe, making it a reliable choice for users.

Is it legal to use QuillBot?

Using QuillBot is completely legal. It serves as a tool to assist in content creation and is widely used in student-friendly environments, academia, and by professionals for ethical content rephrasing and Summarization.

What are the main uses of QuillBot?

QuillBot uses its advanced AI to provide services like content paraphrasing, grammar checking, and text summarization. It’s particularly useful for digital marketers and blog writers who need to produce high-quality content consistently.

How does QuillBot compare to other paraphrasing tools?

When considering a QuillBot alternative, it’s important to note that QuillBot stands out for its unique features like QuillBot shorten, which helps in condensing content, and QuillBot translate, which aids in translating content into various languages. These features set it apart from other tools in the market.

Can QuillBot help in improving my writing skills?

QuillBot is more than just a paraphrasing tool; it’s also an educational tool that can significantly improve your writing skills. By analyzing the grammar QuillBot paraphrase suggestions and observing the changes made by the AI, users can learn to enhance their writing style and clarity.

Does QuillBot offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, they will issue a 100% refund if you are not happy. However, you must initiate a request within 3 days of purchase.

Can I use QuillBot for free?

QuillBot has a forever free version, which gives access to all other features except the plagiarism checker.

However, the free version of QuillBot has several restrictions. Despite that, the free version is good enough to perform a thorough test before you decide to upgrade.

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