How to Sell Print on Demand Candles & Build a Profitable Lifestyle Business

by | Dec 8, 2022

I love candles. Let’s face it, who doesn’t!

A beautiful aroma filling the room, while a soft flame flickers, offering peace, serenity, romance, excitement.

It’s amazing how many emotions candles evoke.

That’s why if you’re considering starting an ecommerce business selling print on demand candles, there’s a huge market for you to sell to.

In fact the global candle market is predicted to reach $13.72 Billion by 2026!

So think no more.

Here are 5 steps to starting an ecommerce business selling print on demand candles and turning it into a huge success over the coming months and years;

1. Choose the Print on Demand Candle Company You Want to Work With

Here is a list of some of the top print on demand candle companies on the web;


printify - print-on-demand-candles

Printify is a popular print on demand company that integrates seamlessly with Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Wix and many other ecommerce website builders.

They currently only offer one style of candle sourced from another print on demand company Candle Builders.

The candle comes with a customizable label so you can add your own brand design.

They offer 3 scents; Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice and Sea Breeze

Plus as your brand grows it’s easy to add more products or merchandise from the Printify catalog.


Candles; from $13.96

Shipping; from $6.49

Printify is free to use or upgrade to their premium plan at $24.99/month (billed annually) and get a 20% discount on all products.

Candle Builders


If you’re only going to be shipping to the US & Canada, then you may opt to use Candle Builders directly rather than going through Printify.

They offer two styles of print on demand candles; 9oz and 13.75oz.

Each comes with the three scents as mentioned above; Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice and Sea Breeze and customizable labels so you can add your own brand design.


Candles; $9.00 for the 9oz, $13.00 for the 13.75oz

Shipping; $7.00 for the 9oz, $8.00 for the 13.75oz, $5.00 for incremental candles

Integration with Shopify is free



Merchize is a print on demand platform that integrates seamlessly with Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, eBay and Woocommerce.

It also offers some different style candle designs which makes it unique from the rest of the print on demand candle suppliers I’m mentioning.

Starting from just $6.49 for a basic 3oz candle with a wrap around design, they also offer an 8oz version, plus wooden candlesticks with a heart shaped cutout.

The basic print on demand candles come in three different scents; Lotus, Green Tea and Lavender


Candles; From $6.49

Shipping; From $5.40

Setup a storefront with Merchize from $29.00/month or integrate with an app like Shopify from $6.99/month



Candlefy is a candle selling website in its own right.

However, it has a partner version called which integrates with Shopify and allows you to create your own custom labels and sell the candles under your brand.

They offer 12 print on demand candle varieties for you to add your custom brand.

However, uniquely, if you haven’t yet decided upon a brand, you can upload their free pre-created labels potentially getting you off the starting blocks quicker.


Candles; $10.99

Shipping; $5.99, plus $0.99 for additional candles in the same order

NB: At the time of writing they only dropship in the US

Printed Mint


Printed Mint is another print on demand, dropshipping solution that integrates directly with Shopify, Etsy, Woocommerce and Squarespace.

Offering beautifully designed print on demand candles as part of a larger collection of a variety of products, the 9oz hand poured candles come with 4 Scents; Cinnamon Stick, Crimson Berry, Mountain Pine, Vanilla.

They also offer custom packaging so your candle will arrive in your own branded packaging.


Candles; $9.50

Shipping; US – $8.99, International – $21.90

Integration with the platforms is free



If you’d like to create more of a luxury brand with higher priced print on demand candles, then Contrado might be for you.

Offering three different types of designer candles; a glass tealight holder, a candle set in glass and a candle set in a jar, Contrado’s print on demand candles start from $38.00.

Each candle type comes with a multitude of exotic scents including; Orange, Clove and Cinnamon: orange, clove and cinnamon fragrance oils or Relax: essential oils from a natural plant source – lavender, geranium, sweet orange and ylang ylang

Handmade by artisans, their products are recycled and eco friendly.


Candles; From $38.00

Shipping; From $9.75

Integration with Shopify; Free

2. Create Your Print on Demand Candle Ecommerce Store Name & Brand

Due to the significant amount of competition, you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd.

This means a bland generic brand and name won’t cut it.

You need to think of something that’s unusual, perhaps funny, or maybe connected to a bigger niche.

For example, perhaps your niche is all about meditation or yoga and candles are an extension of that.

Or maybe you launch a line of candles with funny quotes, or you specialise in romance and spicing up your love life with scented candles.

The key is to create a brand and stick to it across your products, your store, and your social media accounts.

Here are some quick tips on choosing a brand and name;

  • What are your interests? What do you love to talk about/do? Who’s your ideal target audience? Who would you love to buy your candles? Are you your own target market?
  • Once you have a rough idea of your niche, head to and generate some brand name ideas
  • Check the domain name for your chosen name is available – use
  • Head to and create a logo/brand design using their amazing collection of templates

3. Build Your Ecommerce Candle Store

With lots of focus and a little hustle you can set up your ecommerce store and be up and running selling your print on demand candles within a day.

Here’s how;

  1. Sign up for a 14 day free trial for Choose the basic package at $29/month. (NB: That’s the only package you’ll need for a long time as you grow your business)
  2. Add your logos and brand colours/images you designed in Canva, to create a nice looking home page.
  3. Connect your print on demand app of choice into the backend of Shopify
  4. Add your designs to the various print on demand candle models on offer.
  5. Add payment details, etc.

Hot Tip;

Start with only 1 or 2 candle designs.

While you may be tempted to create hundreds of different types of candles off the bat, a large inventory of stock is hard to manage on the site and even more difficult to promote.

My advice would be to start with a signature piece and expand from there as you start to make sales.

4. Create Your Social Media Accounts & Build Your Presence Online

As with your products my advice is to start with one.

Go big on TikTok, build a huge Pinterest following or grow your brand on Instagram.

You’ll achieve success on any or all of the platforms, but not if you try to tackle all at once.

Decide which social media platform you want to master, create a profile around your brand and start posting!

The key to growing an audience on social media is to be hugely active, every single day.

Post multiple times a day if your time allows.

Don’t just post product images and sales offers. Post interesting, informative, entertaining or educational posts relevant to your brand.


Connect your social channel with your ecommerce candle store via the Shopify dashboard and start to sell your print on demand candles directly on social media.

Your audience won’t even have to leave their channel of choice. They can buy your candle right there while scrolling Insta!

5. Find Influencers to Market Your Print on Demand Candles

Without doubt the fastest route to getting your products to market is via influencers who already have an audience.

Search Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, even bloggers with active websites relevant to your niche.

Send a nice DM introducing your brand and asking if you can send them a free sample and, if they like it, would they be kind enough to talk about it to their audience?

You can even give them a unique link that they promote and then pay them a commission for every sale they make.

There are costs associated with this method, as you will have to pay for the cost of the candle plus shipping.

However, this is a great strategy to get your print on demand candle business off the ground and in front of your ideal marketplace.

Print on Demand Candles – Summary

Choosing your print on demand candle supplier, creating your brand and setting up your store is the easy part.

To grow a profitable ecommerce business selling print on demand candles, will take focus, hustle and daily action to promote your products, talk about your brand and generate sales.

Stay focused.

Find any way you can to talk about and promote your brand.

Build an email list, grow your audience on social media and look to collaborate with both micro and macro brands where possible.

The print on demand candle marketplace is growing and there’s no reason you can’t ride the wave and build a profitable ecommerce lifestyle business.

Good luck! 🙂

Please share with anyone you think this might benefit. Thank you 🙂

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