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As much as I really want to post live updates while I’m skiing in the snow mountains of Avoriaz, I remember from last time how terrible the internet was and so in preparation for bad connectivity I am preparing an entire weeks worth of Daily Blog posts so as to ensure I maintain my consistency of posting once a day.

Truth be told I do this in all sorts of ways.

I record 4 or 5 Make It Happen Monday videos in one sitting usually, although I also get many flashes of inspiration while out and about after listening to a podcast, or having a conversation with someone and so I also do random episodes from various places around the world.

The reason I haven’t been consistent with my podcast is because I don’t have several episodes lined up to go out weekly and time runs away with me every week. (This is my next job)

I have memes, quotes & images pre-designed to post on FB or Instagram on a daily basis.

All consistency is down to preparation.

You are so much better acknowledging that life will get in the way of things you want to do sometimes and the better prepared you are for those forks in the road the less they will actually impact you, than kidding yourself that of course you can fit it all in (like I frequently do).

Get prepared and be consistent.

Have a fab day!

Jo 🙂