Post 1 - Amazon - In the Beginning!

Post 1 – Amazon – In the Beginning!

Hey there!

This is Jo, and welcome to my Amazon Post!

I have high hopes for for this business and for you reader.

At the time of writing we are relative newbies to this whole ecommerce world, but already after less than 3 months of having a product for sale on Amazon we’ve received $25,952.90 in payments from Amazon.


Not bad returns for a product we first started selling on 8th February 2015.

So, what’s this all about then?

Well we have recently started selling physical products on Amazon.

I’m not talking about books or being an affiliate for other people’s products.

This model is all about you sourcing, branding and selling your own products.

That’s right my friend, it’s like owning your own corner shop with customers from across the US (and later the world!)

Now if you’ve never thought of retail being your thang, just hold your horses. I never imagined this would be a business I would get a kick out of, but it’s blown my mind over the past few months.

The sourcing, branding and shipping of the products is actually much easier than you may initially think, and if you’re visualising a garage full of stock and boxes, think again.

When you sell using the Amazon FBA program (Fulfilment by Amazon), they do all the work! They store your products, they pick and pack your products, they send out your products and they deal with any refunds / returns. So you never actually lay a hand on the product yourself!

Happy Days!

So your main role moving forward is to promote your product. Which is made infinitely easier by the fact that Amazon continues to build a super HUGE audience of buyers who have already entered their credit card details in the system!

You just have to make sure your product stands out above all the others in your niche and that yours is seen first!

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t push button.

There’s no magic formula that’s going to make you a millionaire overnight (shame).

But I have never come across anything quite as tangible, as systematic and as fast as this business model for creating a job quitting monthly recurring income.

A Brief Overview of Our Journey So Far

So, I first started looking into this during the summer of 2014. I could see there was a lot of fuss about it online and people were posting extraordinary results all over the place.

I invested a hefty sum into a training course at the time and sourced, branded and shipped my first product, but then sat on it doing nothing, as I had a mass of other commitments and simply ran out of time.

In November of 2014, my partner and I decided we wanted to make a go of the Amazon business and so he joined me on this little escapade and we invited some of my online marketing students to join us and watch over our shoulder as we built our business.

Our journey began!

The first product I had sourced and shipped we put down to experience!

Over the course of December & January we made every mistake under the sun and consequently made a loss of just over $2000 (including the original products costs).

Not the start we hoped for!

But we learned a LOT and moved forward with another product we had identified as a potential winner.

We launched that product as I said above on 8th February and pretty much started to make a profit from Day 1!

Click Here to keep an eye on my Amazon Monthly Stats.


So based on our results to date and how fast we believe this business will grow (we being myself & my partner Rhett), and also how tangible and ‘newbie friendly’ the business model is, I decided I really wanted to share the journey and help others to achieve their goals and dreams using this same strategy.

I honestly believe this is a life changer, if you’re prepared to move out of your comfort zone a little, try something new and put in a little elbow grease!

So thanks for joining me here on this blog.

I look forward to sharing our journey, the journey’s of our students and loads of helpful and valuable tips on How to Use the Worlds Biggest Ecommerce Platform to Build Your Dream Life!

Please leave any comments or feedback below, I’d love to hear from you!

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