Surround Yourself With People Who Support Your Dreams

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Do you ever feel like you’re forging ahead alone?

That you have big goals and dreams that no-one else seems to understand?

Even worse, your friends and perhaps family are even discouraging you. Telling you your ideas will never work!

Many years ago when I ventured into my very first business, I had two very close friends who spent weeks giving me all the reasons it wouldn’t and couldn’t work.

They blasted the business model itself, my resources, my skill base, anything and everything to stop me from taking the leap.

I’m unsure why they were so passionately against it, but I guarantee it was all to do with their own limiting beliefs.

Thankfully I was hell bent on my goal and had a very supportive father (may he rest in piece, miss you Dad) and so I went ahead regardless and haven’t looked back since.

Some years later I shared my goals of moving abroad and traveling the world with someone very close to me who basically laughed at me and told me to ‘live in the real world’

When you begin to open your mind to the possibilities of what you can achieve and who you can become you will face resistance.

That resistance will come from their fear and their own insecurities.

Do NOT listen.

You can achieve what it is you want to.

You can do it. You do have the skills, you do have the resources and you can have the iron clad self belief to push you forward.

Utilize networking groups online, use to find people in your local area, join a course that comes with a mastermind group. Whatever it takes to get around people who are either living the life you want to or who are chasing the same dream.

Surround yourself with people who will push, pull and walk forward with you towards your dreams.

Have an amazing day.

Jo :)