Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Best Podcast Host for Solopreneurs

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Podbean vs Buzzsprout are two of the top podcast hosting platforms online today, however there are fundamental differences which will influence which podcast host is best for your podcasting business.

Podbean was founded in 2006 to help podcasters create content using a simple blog-like platform. Over 540,000 podcasters have joined since then. Buzzsprout followed three years later and has grown into a large community of over 100,000 podcasters.

Podbean and Buzzsprout offer similar features such as audio podcasting, an easy-to-use interface, a podcast monetization tool, attractive pricing structures, and much more. This makes it difficult to distinguish between these two platforms. Even so, both platforms have distinct features that must be carefully considered before choosing one.

Buzzsprout’s dashboard design is one thing that sets it apart from Podbean. It is super easy and great for beginners. Its premium plans are also the most affordable on the market.

Conversely, the fact that all Podbean’s priced plans have unlimited bandwidth and storage makes it a title challenger.

Here we’ll compare Podbean vs Buzzsprout, exploring the pros, main features, and pricing. By the end of this post, you’ll know which podcast hosting platform is best for you.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout; TL;DR

Both Podbean and Buzzsprout are comprehensive podcast websites with solid features.

According to co-founder Kevin, Buzzsprout was primarily created with independent podcasters in mind.

Buzzsprout is the most cost-effective way to share your knowledge with the world. The best part is that even on a tight budget, you can get all of the benefits of this hosting platform.

Below is Buzzsprout vs Podbean main features and pricing list.

Best for Budgets
  • Bandwidth and Storage space: Has unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space for all plans except the free plan
  • Podcast Distribution: Helps get your podcast on popular podcast directories
  • Interface: User-friendly and easy to use
  • Podcast Analytics: Comprehensive statistics to track performance
  • Quick podcast publishing: Convenient publishing on your schedule.
  • Monetization: Excellent monetization features (Podcast advertising, premium content, etc)
  • App: Podbean podcast app available for Android and iPhone
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing plan
Best for User Features
  • Bandwidth and Storage space: Comes with a limited bandwidth
  • Podcast Distribution: Top podcast directories or listening platforms
  • Interface: The best for easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • Podcast Analytics: Advanced podcast statistics to track your progress
  • Quick podcast publishing: You can quickly upload and publish content with Buzzsprout
  • Monetization: Has good monetization method
  • App: Buzzsprout has no mobile app
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing plan

Podbean Pros

  • Competitively priced
  • Free plan with multiple advanced features
  • Podbean is the best host for monetization
  • Podbean app is available for both Android and iPhone users
  • Live Streaming and Video Podcasting
  • Easy to use
  • The paid version has unlimited audio and video hosting
  • Free website builder

Buzzsprout Pros

  • Has great customer support than PodBean
  • Competitive pricing plan
  • The best podcast service for beginners
  • The best user-friendly interface
  • It comes with a 90-day free trial
  • Facilitates multiple podcasts
  • Buzzsprout’s automatic episodes ensure good audio quality
  • Transcribed podcast episodes have more access to search engines.

Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Detailed Comparison

Podbean and Buzzsprout are fans’ favorites. They are undoubtedly the top-ranking hosting platforms. Each of these podcasting platforms has all you need to get started with a successful podcast.

Unlike other podcasting hosting platforms that demand a high financial cost for setup. These two podcast hosting platforms do not need users to have expensive equipment. These features allow you to create and market your podcast (audio files and video recordings).

Let’s explore;

  1. Bandwidth and Storage space
  2. Podcast Distribution
  3. Interface
  4. Podcast Analytics
  5. Quick podcast publishing
  6. Monetization
  7. App
  8. Pricing

1. Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Bandwidth and Storage Space

When someone listens to or downloads your podcast it consumes bandwidth.

Some platforms offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. While some have limited bandwidth.

The monthly bandwidth determines how much traffic your podcast and page get. And your monthly available space determines the number of files you can upload each month. If it’s unlimited, you have nothing to worry about, but if it’s limited, it’s only a matter of time before the limits are exceeded and you’ll have to pay more.

Podbean Bandwidth and Storage Space

podbean vs buzzsprout - storage space

The free version has a limited 100GB per month. The three paid packages provide unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space to users. This allows unlimited podcast uploads and downloads.

Buzzsprout Bandwidth and Storage Space

buzzsprout storage space

This hosting platform has a limited upload bandwidth. For any paid subscription you’ll get 250 GB of bandwidth per month, while the free version gets even less.

Winner: Podbean takes the win since its paid plans provide unlimited storage and bandwidth, which Buzzsprout does not. This means no limit on audio and video hosting.


2. Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Podcast Distribution

This feature distributes your new podcast episodes to all the main podcast directories.

Each podcast hosting platform creates automatic RSS feeds from existing podcasts. Then directly distributes your podcast RSS feeds to the various podcasting platforms and apps. This is how your podcast gets out to the world.

The more platforms that host your podcast, the more people you’ll reach. You can secure distribution to a variety of listening platforms if you use the right podcast platform.

Podbean Distribution

podbean vs buzzsprout - distribution

Podbean provides tools to help you promote your podcast and expand your audience. Podbean helps get your podcast onto popular listening platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcast, and podcast apps.

Buzzsprout Distribution

buzzsprout distribution

Buzzsprout will list your podcast in all of the big podcast directories, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castro, iHeartRadio, Alexa, Podchaser, PocketCasts, Stitcher, and more.

Winner: Buzzsprout has a wider podcast distribution channel and can get your podcasts listed in all of the top podcast directories.

Try Buzzsprout

3. Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Interface

These days most technology is designed for simplicity. The last thing you want is a podcast host which is difficult to use and confusing to navigate. The goal is to focus more on creating the podcast itself. The hosting part needs to be easy!

Podbean Interface

podbean vs buzzsprout - interface

Podbean has a user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and understand. This makes it simple to navigate for beginners.

Buzzsprout Interface

buzzsprout interface

Buzzsprout is without a doubt the most easy-to-use podcast hosting platform.

It is straightforward and provides everything you’ll need to get started with podcasting in a user-friendly interface.

Winner: The trophy is clearly claimed by Buzzsprout. This podcast website has the coolest design and is far easier to use than podbean. This makes it simpler to move about the website.

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4. Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Podcast Analytics

Podcast analytics are an important part of your podcast’s success. It allows you to track the performance of your podcast.

Analytics give you insight into your target audience. Who are your listeners, how many of them are engaging, what platforms do they use to listen, their geographic locations, and so on. With this info, you can keep track of your podcast’s progress and make changes as needed.

Podbean Analytics

podbean vs buzzsprout - analytics

Podbean offers comprehensive statistics to premium users on the performance of the podcast. Podbean’s powerful podcast analytics will help you better understand your audience. They provide data analytics on popular devices, listening platforms, the countries from which your listeners are tuning in, average downloads, and so on.

Buzzsprout Analytics

buzzsprout analytics

Buzzsprout provides detailed analytics such as podcast directories, number of downloads, types of devices, locations of listeners, and other advanced statistics. You also have access to podcast statistics with their free plan.

Winner: Buzzsprout users have access to more advanced analytics and statistics to help them understand their audience.

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5. Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Quick Podcast Publishing

The convenience of publishing is one of the characteristics that distinguish an excellent podcast host platform. A user should be able to quickly publish and share their podcasts without any hassle.

Podbean Podcast Publishing

podbean vs buzzsprout - publishing

Easy publishing on your schedule. Podbean allows you to upload audio and schedule episodes for publication at specific times.

Buzzsprout Podcast Publishing

buzzsprout publishing

You can quickly upload and publish audio files with Buzzsprout. Publishing might happen immediately after a podcast upload or scheduled days or weeks in advance.

Winner: Both podcast hosting platforms offer easy podcast publishing options.

Try Buzzsprout Try Podbean

6. Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Monetization

Podcast platforms include monetization features to help you generate sources of income in addition to sharing your knowledge with others. Most host platforms include a variety of monetization tools to assist you in making money from your podcasts.

Podbean Monetization

podbean vs buzzsprout - monetisation

Podbean is the best podcast host for monetization. It has monetization special features to help users make money. However, not all of Podbean’s monetization options are available on all pricing plans.

The main monetization features are

  • Podbean Ads marketplace – get connected with potential advertisers
  • Premium content – create and sell premium podcast episodes
  • Podcast advertising – integrate ads into your episodes using dynamic insertion tools
  • Patron – set up a patron page to allow your fans to support your podcast with recurring, monthly donations.

Buzzsprout Monetization

buzzsprout monetisation

Buzzsprout is also equipped with the best tools to monetize your podcast. This platform gives you the opportunity to monetize your show with the following options.

  • Affiliate marketplace – earn a commission from promoting affiliate programs.
  • Podcast sponsorships – connect with podcast sponsors through Podcorn’s network.
  • Crowdfunding and Donations – get donations from your listeners.

Winner: Podbean includes a wider range of monetization opportunities.

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7. Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Mobile Apps

Most podcasts are available online and on apps. With mobile apps, you can record, edit, publish episodes, and listen to podcasts.

Podbean App

podbean vs buzzsprout - app

Podbean is accessible online and via an app. You can download the mobile app onto your Android and iPhone.

Buzzsprout App

There is no app for Buzzsprout. You can only open Buzzsprout in your browser.

Winner: Podbean

Try Podbean

8. Podbean vs Buzzsprout: Pricing

Both Podbean and Buzzsprout have free and paid plans. The plans from both podcast hosting platforms are affordable for podcasters on a budget.

When just starting out you might begin with a free plan and then as you grow upgrade to a paid plan with additional features.

Podbean Pricing

podbean vs buzzsprout - pricing

Podbean has four pricing plans. All of their premium plans are affordable and well worth the money. All premium plans have unlimited storage space and bandwidth.

The Basic plan is free. It comes with a bandwidth limit of 100 GB, free themes and five hours of content per month.

Following that is the $14/month Unlimited Audio plan (or $9/month if billed annually). It provides unlimited storage for audio files.

The Unlimited Plus package costs $39 per month (or $29 per month if paid annually). This package is best for video podcasts, podcast monetization and includes unlimited audio and video storage.

Finally, the Business plan costs $129 per month (or $99 per month if paid annually).

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Buzzsprout Pricing

buzzsprout pricing

Buzzsprout has one of the most moderately priced plans in the industry.

There are four packages available from Buzzsprout. It has a free bundle as well as three paid monthly subscription tiers.

These plans all include extra benefits.

Their free plan allows you to upload two hours of content each month for 90 days after which they’re deleted. It also gives members advanced statistics and unlimited team members.

The three paid subscriptions cost $12 with 3 hours of content monthly, $18 with 6 hours of monthly content, and $24 with 12 hours of content monthly. Premium users can access the Magic Mastering feature which helps improve your audio recording.

Winner: Buzzsprout’s pricing is undoubtedly more affordable than Podbean, however, the unlimited bandwidth available with the Podbean pricing plans is very attractive.

Try Buzzsprout

Podbean vs Buzzsprout FAQs

Is Buzzsprout good for beginners?

Yes. Beginners will find the Buzzsprout podcasting platform simple to use. Buzzsprout was specifically designed for beginners. It comes with a free plan that allows you to get started quickly.

Is Podbean a good app?

Yes. The podbean podcast app is identical to the web version in terms of functionality. It’s compatible with both Android and iPhone. Over one million users use the Podbean app every month.

Are Podbean and Buzzsprout really free?

Both Podbean and Buzzsprout have a free version that includes limited access to some of their features. Podbean’s free plan comes with 5 hours of storage space and 100GB of monthly bandwidth. Buzzsprout’s free plan allows up to 2 hours worth of podcast uploads per month, however the files will be automatically taken down after 90 days.

You can start up with the free version and as you progress, upgrade to one of their premium hosting packages.

Try Buzzsprout Try Podbean

Podbean vs Buzzsprout Summary

Both Podbean and Buzzsprout are powerful hosting platforms. Their features and track record have made them popular podcast hosts.

Both platforms are easy to use, will distribute your podcasts across all the main podcast directories and are cost effective.

From our research, however, Buzzsprout probably pips Podbean at the post as the best overall podcast hosting platform for solopreneurs & digital nomads who want to build a steady income.

Most importantly, just pick one and start publishing your podcast show today!

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