ideal lifestyle budget

Planning Your Ideal Lifestyle Budget

How much money do you actually need to live your ideal lifestyle?

Do you know?

Have you worked it out down to the penny or are you plucking a number out of thin air?

Have you even thought about it? Perhaps instead you simply say to yourself ‘I want to make more money’, so I can; travel the world, pack up my job, spend more time with family, X (you fill in the blank).

Until you know exactly what it is you actually need to pursue your goals and dreams how can you know how to get there?

In todays episode I’m walking you through the 3 steps to planning your ideal lifestyle budget and creating a strategy to get you there!

Clarity is power my friend so listen in and do the exercises I recommend. It will pay dividends in the long term I promise you!

Here’s a quick overview of the episode;

[00:39] – Lockdown in Phuket! Yep that’s right I do live what I teach and I’m currently living in Phuket Thailand and like the rest of the world we’re on lockdown.

[01:49] – Why it’s important to get very clear on your outcomes by calculating an ideal lifestyle budget and then creating a very specific monetization plan so that you can build your business with purpose!

[05:57] – Step 1 – How to create your ideal lifestyle budget. How to get super granular and calculate all the costs and expenses associated with living your ideal lifestyle.

[09:40] – Step 2 – Researching the industry and making a list of monetization options. Once you know your ‘ideal’ number, you’ll now need to work out what you’ll need to sell to get you there.

[21:27] – Step 3 – Prioritising your income generators. You can do anything my friend, but you can’t do everything! With a juicy list of monetization options you’ll need to prioritise which ones you want to work on first and grow from there.

I hope that by doing these exercises you end up with a super clear path to building a business that gives you ultimate freedom in life.

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