Your Lifestyle Business Newsletter Sponsorship Opportunities

Your Lifestyle Business Newsletter Sponsorship Opportunities

The Your Lifestyle Business newsletter is sent to thousands of solopreneurs, lifestyle entrepreneurs and digital nomads every Monday. Filled with tips and strategies for starting, growing and monetizing an online lifestyle business, it positions itself perfectly for sponsorship from companies related to online business, digital marketing, remote work solutions and travel.

Key Details

  • Subscribers: 5000+
  • Average Open rates: 40.5%
  • Primary Audience Niches: Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Digital Nomads, Online Business Owners, Amazon Sellers, Ecommerce Biz Owners, Etsy Store Owners, Email Marketers, Online Course Creators, Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, Content Creators
  • Cost: $295

What You Get

  • 1 x solo ad placement in the booked issue of the newsletter (I do include links and my own promotions, but these will always be non competing)
  • 1 x solo ad placement at the top of the newsletter published on the blog which will live forever on the post and means you get a backlink (current DR 55)

Ad Creative Requirements

The best ads are those that offer something for free or heavily discounted and give the reader a reason to click. Lead magnets work best! For this reason ads are text only and ideally will be less than 100 words with an attractive CTA.


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  1. Copy – 100 words or less with maximum two CTA’s
  2. Copy is subject to editorial review and will be edited to suit my style
  3. Copy is due by the Thursday prior to the Monday edition

Cost: $295

Contact our team at to book your spot.