Naming Your Business

Almost at the end of Week 1 you Energetic Entrepreneur!

So by now you know;

  • Your own core values which form the basis for everything you do moving forward
  • The niche you’re serving and who your ideal customer is.
  • Your USP, your brand values and the message you want to deliver with your brand
  • How you’re going to launch and grow your ecommerce store with a progression plan in place.
  • The kind of products you want to sell

You should be in a great position to come up with a fab name for your store!

According to Shopify’s How to Name Your Ecom Store article, your name should be;

Short, Simple, Creative & Unique.

Well thanks for that Shopify! 😉

(Seriously though the article has some great tips on finding a name & some good examples of great names.)

I encourage you not to overthink this.

Yes it’s important, but a name can be changed. A domain can be changed. Not ideal but doable. Don’t spend weeks and weeks coming up with the perfect name. We need to get going!

Simply thrash out a few ideas and go with the best one to get you started.

Here’s some fab tools to get you started;

(I just used the word candles as an example) This one is great! Gives you logos also!

(Same keyword used – candles)

Once you’ve come up with a winner, you need to check to see if you can get the domain.

There’s a great tool called which allows you to type in some key words and then puts together available domain names for you using your keywords.

However don’t worry if the .com isn’t available as it seems more and more these days companies are branching out and using all sorts of different catchy TLD’s (top level domain).

I personally use GoDaddy, having used for years previously, but GoDaddy are definitely cheaper.

But there are a multitude of domain name companies out there to choose from and they’re all much of a muchness.

But hold your horses tiger!!!

Don’t go rushing off to secure your domain name just yet.

If you decide to use Shopify as your ecommerce platform of choice you can of course connect an existing domain if you have purchased your domain from a domain provider such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

However, you do also have the option of buying your domain directly with Shopify when you set your store up.

Pros of buying directly with Shopify are, you don’t have to mess about connecting a separate domain which isn’t a huge deal, but is a bit of a techie pain and you may need some assistance (or at least I did, but that’s not saying much!!!) 😂

The cons are; although you get to keep the domain even if you close your store down, you don’t get email or anything like that (although they do offer email forwarding). It is literally a domain.

Also I found this article by Johnny McKinsey at ‘Online Tools Expert’ explaining why it’s important to keep your hosting and domain registrar separate.

So it is your choice.

Personally I’d buy my domain from the registrar and then connect to Shopify, but you do what feels right to you.

Here’s how to secure a domain with Shopify – Shopify Domains

I’ll go into how to connect an existing domain when we set the store up.

Tomorrow, you’re going to plan ahead and ensure you have your logo & images ready for Day 8 when we build your store!

It’s getting exciting! 😁🕺