Azon Monthly Stats 4 - April 2015

Azon Monthly Stats 4 – April 2015

April 2015 Monthly Stats

Keyword Glory!

April was FANTASTIC!

We managed to get rid of our hijackers once and for all and we hit the Number 2 spot on Page 1 of the Amazon search results for our main keyword.

So let’s examine the numbers…


Total Sales – $22,686.35

Plus total cost of stock carried forward – $7004


Stock & Shipping – $6532

Promotional Expenses – $1970

FBA Fees – $9950

Marketing Costs – $1542

Total Profit / (Loss) – $9,696


All in all a great month!

Amazon have decided to start charging EU VAT on our seller fees even though we are a business so I’m looking into to getting my company VAT registered in order to reclaim the VAT. But in all honesty this whole EU VAT situation is incredibly complex, especially when it’s mixed with doing business via companies outside of the EU.

So my advice if you’re in a similar situation is to seek the advice of an accountant, I’m afraid I am not qualified to advise you on tax issues!

Because our sales are now increasing quite rapidly we’re forecasting quite a big stock spend in May.

Regards marketing & promotional efforts, we’re continuing to give away discounted products to increase our reviews, we’re using Amazon Sponsored Ads to push our product, we’re releasing one press release a week and that’s about it at the moment.

We have created a blog and a facebook page around our brand and will begin to build some authority and a list over the next few months as we decide to grow the brand and add more products to it.

So exciting times ahead.

Our goal for May is to hit $40,000 sales, so we’ll see how we get on!

Do let me know if you have any questions.

Jo :)



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