Azon Monthly Stats 2 - February 2015

Azon Monthly Stats 2 – February 2015

Welcome to my Monthly Stats post.

This business is so exciting I wanted to record it’s growth from the very beginning and share with you what’s possible!

Hence each month I’ll create a post to show my sales stats on Amazon and also do a quick profit & loss for you so you can see what actually ends up in our pockets!

Please note I will never reveal exactly what my products or branding are. Not because I’m precious about it, I’d much rather give you a warts and all account of my journey.

But the conversion rate of my listings pages on Amazon is paramount to my rankings and I don’t want to run the risk of people just ‘having a look’ as it could have a devastating effect on my sales. Something to bear in mind for your products also.

February 2015 Monthly Stats

New product launch time! Whoop Whoop!

Let’s look at the numbers;


Total Sales – $7314.06

Plus total stock carried forward – $111.00


Upfront Stock Expenditure in January – $1302

Further Stock & Shipping – $1125

Promotional Expenses – $1500

FBA Fees – $2300

Marketing Costs – $450

Total Profit – $748


The upfront stock expenditure was to order our initial inventory of 500 units of our brand new product and was paid out in two parts in December ($652) & January ($650).

As this was launch month our promotional expenses were high due to the amount of stock we were discounting / giving away in order to get reviews, spike our sales and increase our rankings.

I will be writing a blog post on Launching Your Product soon so look out for that.

Also we weren’t going to get caught with our pants down again so we’ve already ordered our next lot of stock, hence the further stock and shipping amount.

Marketing costs include Amazon Sponsored Ads & Press Releases.

All in all, costs are a bit high this month due to two lots of stock orderings included and high promotional expenses. Let’s see what March brings!

Thanks for reading.

Jo :)



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