Act Now, Improve Later – Make It Happen Monday Episode 92

by | Mar 25, 2019

My lovely daughter is fab at singing. She’s hugely musically talented, playing the trumpet to a high standard and now learning the piano.

I’ve been encouraging her for a long time to start a YouTube channel and make videos of her singing.

Build an audience over the next few years hun, I say to her. It will serve you well in the future.

Finally last week after weeks of nagging she started an Instagram account specifically for her singing and has posted a couple of videos.

They’re not amazing, but the more she does the better she’ll get.

The fact is, she’s started and it’s only by getting out there and taking action can she improve.

Todays video is all about Acting Now & Improving Later.

If you’re holding back in any area of your life because you’re waiting for perfection you’ll be waiting forever!

Get going NOW, Today and improve as you go.

Hope this weeks video helps…..

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