Do you want to have a successful online business, but HATE the idea of getting out there and becoming a public figure?

Perhaps you’ve seen and even followed successful entrepreneurs, and it seems like they spend all their time being interviewed, making videos, posting on social media etc.

The truth is, those of us who choose to be public figures do so because, primarily, we’re exhibitionists!

The truth is, you don’t need to be the ‘face’ of a brand to build a hugely successful business.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you how to build a profitable online business, without needing to become an online celebrity!

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Today, we’re going to talk about how to create a successful business when you HATE the idea of being a public figure.

You might think, because you see all these entrepreneurs with millions of followers and likes, who are crushing it on FB live, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc that you have to be a public figure to be successful.

I’m here to tell you, that’s BS. It’s rubbish!

The truth is, those of us who choose to be public figures do so because, primarily, we’re exhibitionists!

We’re extroverts, with potentially a touch of narcissism!

The truth is, we love the sound of our own voices. Hence, here we are on videos, podcasts and webinars, talking our socks off!

But, there are THOUSANDS of very successful entrepreneurs who have built amazing businesses behind closed doors.

Let me make my point here.

  • Ever heard of Andy Bechtolsheim? This is the guy who built up Sun Microsystems into a multi-billion dollar business in the 80’s.
  • What about Wayne Huizenga? That’s the creator of Blockbuster (and one time owner of the Miami Dolphins).
  • Or, my absolute favorite, Omar Hamoui? This is the creator of AdMob (some of you may remember this advertising mobile platform when everyone started to advertise on mobile).He sold AdMob to Google in 2009 for $750 million! And yet, he still only has 4327 Twitter followers!

See my point?

Now, if you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know I’m a big Tony Robbins fan.

He always says, ‘Success leaves clues!’

So, in this vein, here’s what I want you to do this week.

1) Think about what you really want to do

What business do you run, or want to run? What industry are you in?

2) Go and find a role model in that industry

For instance, I know a lot of people watching this particular video series want to build some kind of coaching or education style business online.

But they might not necessarily want to be the public face of that business.

So, go find a brand who’s built an amazing online education business without it being based around one single person.

Some great examples are:

That’s just a few. There are thousands upon thousands of businesses out there where a huge business & brand has been built, without the focal point being about one person.

3) Go and find the creators ‘story’

Read their biography, any blogs posts by them or about them, their social media content, or podcasts where they’ve been interviewed.

Study their methods, and then you can start to follow their lead.


If it’s been done before, it proves it can be 100% done again!

4) Take action!

Don’t just study without taking action. You must get your ideas up and running. It’s the ONLY true way to test an idea out.

Without action, an idea will always be just an idea. A potential multimillion dollar business is an idea that’s out there in action!

What else can I do?

See the comments below? Let me know what industry or niche you’re in and if I think of anybody that you could possibly study in your particular business, I will let you know!

Also please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen

Thanks for watching.

Jo :)

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