MIHM Ep68 - Email Marketing - What Should I Send?

Welcome to Episode 68 of Make it Happen Monday!

We spend so much time and money creating an opt-in funnel, generating leads and building a list. And yet, the most important part of your email funnel is the actual emails you send!

You can have an email list of thousands, but if you’re struggling as to what to email to your list, you’ll never build and nurture that all-important relationship that turns people into paying customers.

If you’ve ever had a ‘blank’ moment where you just don’t know what to write to your email list, then today’s episode is for you!

How do you tap into an unlimited source of inspiration when it comes to email content?

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you 5 email content tactics that build rapport and engagement, and give you an endless source of email ideas!

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Over the last few episodes, our theme has been lead generation and building out an email funnel.

One of the questions I get asked all the time is “What should I email to my list?”

Most people know that the whole point of having someone’s email address is to build a relationship with that person.

And yet, many people don’t know what content they need to send out to build the relationship.

I’ve Rounded Up 5 Email Content Tactics That Will Give You An Endless Source Of Ideas Of What To Write To Your List!

1) Write emails to your ‘customer avatar’ and solve problems

I tend to find that people who are confused as to what to send to their email list have missed out the crucial aspect of really defining their ideal customer.

Back in Episode 59, we talked about creating a customer avatar, and how by doing this, everything you do in your business, from creating content, writing emails, branding……everything becomes easy.

Why? Because you have honed in on exactly who your customer is! When you have this ideal person in your mind, you know what makes them tick, what turns them off, what questions they have, and what problems they need solving.

When you know the problems and challenges of your target customer, you’ll never run out of email content.

Simply use your emails to solve these problems and challenges!

If you have missed this crucial aspect in Episode 59, then I urge you to go back and do the challenge I set for that week.

Do this, and suddenly, there’ll be no more ‘blank’ moments where you don’t know what content to write in your emails!

2) Tell them a story about you

People are very curious about other people. Don’t think every time you send an email you have to be selling something, or promoting something.

Tell them something about you, how you’ve got to where you are in your business, what problems you’ve had along the way, how you’ve solved them etc.

There is a caveat here. By all means talk about you, but don’t write about you for your sake!

Remember, at all times, every piece of content must answer their questions and help them with their challenges.

So write about you and show them the human being underneath the business or brand. But make sure it is still geared towards the challenges and problems that your subscribers and customers have.

3) Repurpose content

You’re creating content already, yes? Perhaps you have a blog, or you have a YouTube channel, a podcast, or you have a social media platform of choice where you post a lot of your content.

Any new content that you create, you can then email out to your list. For example, perhaps you’ve posted a new article onto your Facebook page.

You could grab the link to this article, and send it out in an email saying “Hey, I’ve just created an amazing article on Facebook. It’s all about how to do XXX, go and read it, comment on it, tell your friends about it etc.”

Notifying your email list about content you are creating on social media is a great way to get your email subscribers involved in what you are doing on the web.

They are also able to share this information easily too, which gives you more reach and exposure to new potential customers.

If you’ve just created a tweet on Twitter, or posted an image on Instagram, just grab the link and email it out to your email list.

Maybe you have a webinar coming up? Grab the link to the webinar and email your subscribers about it and ask them to join you.

Maybe you are doing a Facebook live stream? Email your audience and tell them when you go ‘live’ so they can join you.

In other words, you don’t need to create absolutely brand new content just for your list.

You can use your emails to point your subscribers to different parts of the online world where your content sits – whether that’s your blog, podcasts, videos, social media content…..whatever!

This repurposing of content can work in the reverse direction too!

Perhaps you write emails that solves your target customer’s challenges and problems?

You can take these emails and post them onto your social media sites, or paste them as articles on your blog, or turn them into videos, or into audio and create a podcast!

I talked in more depth about repurposing content here in Episode 56.

4) Run a contest

Contests are just fantastic for content creation and engagement. Everyone loves to win something!

Give away a relevant prize. If you don’t have one, approach other people in your industry or niche, and ask if you can give away something of theirs.

By emailing your subscribers, they’re getting fun content and the prize owner is getting exposure to your subscribers.

Great double relationship builder, especially if the prize owner is also someone you want to build a relationship with.

5) Ask questions

If you’ve created a customer avatar, then chances are you know what your subscribers and customers want, what problems they have, and what solutions they are looking for.

But it never hurts to ask them directly. Ask them how you can help them. What challenges are they having in their business or life right now that you could potentially solve.

The answers you get back may be exactly what you expected, but by simply asking your subscribers, and getting them to engage with you by replying, you are building incredible rapport.

And you never know, some of the answers you get back may even surprise you. You’ve just learnt so much more about your subscribers!

Now, you have a list of problems and challenges your email subscribers are facing. This can be your list of email content ideas!

Simply reply to all the answers in this list via email. Remember to repurpose this content. Answer via blog posts, as videos, as audio…..whatever platform you like!

Your Challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…..

Create a list of email subjects that you can send out to your list:

1) Use the 5 email content tactics above to create a list of ideas

2) Write at least 2 emails from this list

3) Send them out! An idea is only an idea, but action is everything :)

No matter how small your list is, get at least 2 emails sent out. Don’t wait for months on end before you converse with them – Make It Happen and start talking to them this week!

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What Else Can I Do?

See the comments below? Tell me what some of your challenges are. Can you see what I’m doing? I’m asking you questions so I can make loads of content from the answers you give me!

Also please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching.

Jo :)



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Share Your Thoughts With Me Below :)