Make it Happen Monday Episode 58 – Create An Awesome Brand with Special Guest Lauren Clemett & the 3 Rs

by | Feb 20, 2017

Welcome to Episode 58 of Make it Happen Monday!

It’s time for a super special guest: Lauren Clemett!

Lauren Clemett is a best-selling author, speaker, and personal branding specialist, and she is here this week to teach you how to create an awesome brand.

No matter who you are, what you sell, or who you work with, her tips will help you take your marketing to a new level and really feel like you’re mastering your message.

Specifically, Lauren is talking about the 3 Rs of branding. What are those Rs? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, Lauren Clemett is talking about how to create an awesome brand with the 3 Rs.

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Welcome to another episode of Make It Happen Mondays, and today we’re joined by a very special guest, Lauren Clemett, who is all the way from Queensland, Australia.

I used to live in Queensland and it’s a beautiful part of the world.

Lauren is the creator of the ‘Ultimate Business Propeller’, and she specialises in personal branding. She wants you to know how to become ‘Well Known, Well Paid and Wanted!’

I have one of her bestselling books called ‘Selling You’, a fantastic personal branding practical guidebook which I highly recommend you read, you can grab your copy here – Selling You!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have gone through some of the exercises in this book on a one-to-one basis with Lauren, and it has really helped me with my brand.

So today Lauren is going to be sharing with us some great tips that you can start to take action on today to grow your brand.


Hello everyone!

The Make It Happen Monday audience, as I understand it, is made up of people who want to go global with their business, so you can reach a lot more people than you currently are.

Going global is the best thing you can do for business. It’s something myself and Jo have done.

It’s vital to think outside of your little home town, and your comfort zone. There are so many people out there who could use your help.

If content is king, then ENGAGEMENT is the queen of hearts!

Engagement is so important. We are living in the age of the authentic brand. You need to be unafraid of telling your story and sharing a little bit about you.

People don’t do business with businesses any more. They do business with people. They want to get to know, like and trust you before they buy from you.

Now, doing this in an online world can seem really hard. But not if you pay attention to what I call the 3 R’s.

When you think about your content with the 3 R’s, it will reveal your story and how people will engage with your brand.

The 3 R’s:

1) Recognition

When you are creating content and branding, what is it you want to be recognised for? How can you write a story that enables people to see themselves in you and your brand?

They relate to you when they recognise a little bit of themselves in your story, and what they are going through.

How can you help people recognise their own situation and what you are doing to help them?

Rather than just giving them facts and figures, getting them to really know you is what will help you engage with them.

2) Reputation

Jeff Bezos of Amazon once famously said that ‘personal branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room’.

What do you want your reputation to be? When you are creating content, what do you want to be known for? What do you want people to say about you?

How are you going to share your story in such a way that they will want to share it with other people?

3) Respect

What do you want to be respected for? What do you want to be number one for?

This is part of telling your story. This is why some people tell their rags to riches story. It’s the feeling of, “this person has overcome endless odds to be really successful.”

I don’t really have a ‘story’

Now I don’t have a rag to riches story. My ‘story’ came to me when I went through my old school reports.

When I was 8 years old, I was told by a teacher that I had ‘word blindness’ (dyslexia), and that I would never learn to read and write properly the way everyone else does.

I would have to learn my own way. Thankfully, this teacher was great and he helped me to learn to spell in my own way.

I am now a 5 times bestselling author, and I’m an award winning neuro branding specialist (understanding how the brain sees brands).

But it’s not about just saying you are award winning and blowing your own trumpet, it’s about giving people a little insight into what you’ve overcome.

It’s about sharing the mistakes you’ve made. It’s about being real, and not about being impressive.

Now, I discovered my story through a media specialist. These types of people are great at finding your story, or finding your ‘angle’. So if you know a journalist or someone in media, get a hold of them!

But you can do this on you own. What have you overcome? What hardships have you faced?

One of the best content pieces I’ve ever shared was a list of the failures that I’ve had. People love reading failure stories!

It makes them realise you are not perfect and they can be like you. This makes them resonate with you.

You earn your respect. Awards and titles can give you some of that, but earning respect is also about just being real.

What if I don’t want to be a public figure – how do I put 3R’s into place?

There are 2 ways of doing this:

1) Persona strategy

I overcame endometriosis and I wanted to share how I did this. However, I did not want to become the “endometriosis specialist”. So I created a pen name.

My character is called Lisa Jane Faith. She has books on Amazon and she has a website, and I share my knowledge, expertise and help through Lisa.

You can build a character or personality, but you still need to put a bit of yourself into it. So it’s still my story and my journey, but it’s marketed through a different personality.

With our Amazon businesses, we have created different personalities, such as Jessica, Kirsty and a few others. We created a whole persona around them – what they love, dislike, their stories, why they are so passionate about the product etc.

2) ‘Intel’ strategy’

Intel Inside was a big campaign a number of years ago by the Intel Corporation. It was all about differentiating a computer as being better because it had ‘Intel inside’.

You can also create your brand as an ‘Intel Inside’ brand. In other words, you are the endorser of your brand.

You share a little bit about your story and why you are doing what you do, but it’s not all about you. It’s about the product and the brand.

Social Media Examiner, created by Michael Stelzner, is a great example. He really made his brand all about the people writing for the blog.

You had people who were social media experts in their own right, such as Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Anne Handley etc, but who collaboratively may not have been heard of in the mainstream online blogging world.

What Michael did was make mini celebrities out of what he called his ‘fire starters.’ They already had audiences of their own, and they helped to launch his blog by contributing to it. In turn, they were exposed to people who did not know them previously – a win-win situation.

Social Media Examiner became this huge brand built from all of these people’s collaboration. Michael never became that brand. Nobody knew who he was!

With Amazon, Jeff Bezos has now become the brand behind it. But, in the beginning, it was not about his personality, it was about this online platform selling books which was unheard of before Amazon.

Look at big brands and see how people behind each brand have created those brands without necessarily being at the forefront themselves.

You don’t have to be at the front of a brand. So long as you’re still being genuine, honest, have a story etc.

You don’t need to be an amazing speaker to be your brand!

Despite me giving you 2 strategies to build your brand without you being at the center, I still believe that the best brands are where the creator is visible. Just look at Richard Branson. He WAS Virgin!

And yet, Richard Branson hates public speaking. Also a sufferer of dyslexia he’s actually inherently an introvert but what made him the center of his brand was his belief in his own vision and his desire to innovate.

Steve Jobs was never a standout personality. And yet Apple has ended up with his culture, and his personality comes through that brand. It speaks for itself. It’s interesting to see how Apple has continued with this even after he’s left the planet. Again, total belief in his brand, his concept and the difference it would make to the world.

Don’t concern yourself that you are not a forthright enough person, not confident enough, or can’t speak very well – it doesn’t matter. It’s your authenticity and passion that counts.

Don’t think you are insignificant, because you’re not. You have something special that you can share with the world. It doesn’t have to be full on, it just has to be real and something people can engage with.

The big change we’ve seen in the last 5-10 years with internet marketing, and certainly with social media, is that people want to work with people. They want to get to know you. Don’t be afraid to share a little bit about you. Don’t think you don’t have a story, because you do!

Your challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…

Implement the 3 R’s into your brand and content:

1) Read this article to learn more about the 3 R’s

2) Figure out what these 3 R’s are for you and your business

Take some time out, turn your phone off, and write down the 3 R’s that really get to the heart of what it is you want to be well known for. What is your story?

3) Add your ‘story’ to your ‘About Me’ page

This could be on your website, your social media accounts, anywhere else you can think of. People can now click on something and read a little bit about you which is really going to engage them.

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Please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.