Make it Happen Monday Episode 55 – Traffic Sources To Focus On In 2017

by | Jan 30, 2017

Welcome to Episode 55 of Make it Happen Monday!

When I first started using online marketing strategies to grow my business, I was absolutely overwhelmed by all the possible traffic sources.

There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Retargeting, Video Ads, Email Funnels, and the list goes on.

Should I use free traffic? Should I pay? And how many traffic sources would I need? It was just all too much.

Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot about traffic over the years, and there is definitely a method to the madness.

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m talking about which traffic sources to focus on in 2017.

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Welcome to another episode of Make It Happen Monday from my back garden! Today we are talking about how to get traffic to your website, blog, ecommerce site, etc.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with traffic

I’m sat here with a mind map I created a few years ago in front of me with 116 different strategies. Yes, 116!

116 Strategies MindMap

There are so many different traffic strategies, it is crazy! When I started back in 2010, I remember quite vividly getting very overwhelmed by the sheer number of strategies you can use to get traffic to your site.

Yet none of them seemed to work. Why? Because I was trying everything and I was not specialising in one.

I’m actually about to change this mind map because it is so overwhelming. What I’m trying to achieve with these videos, with my training and webinars is, I want to help you get results.

I don’t want you to just watch these video and then walk away. I want you to have some actionable points that you can complete which will help you get results.

Asking you to take on 116 traffic strategies…..well I can’t ask you to do it because I couldn’t do it!

Traffic is an art

You can become incredibly good at getting traffic, but this only happens when you focus on just a few platforms. It takes time to get results.

You can’t just put up some ads and it just works. Sometimes it can work, but it usually takes time to see what works, to tweak your funnels, tweak your content etc.

You need to give yourself a chance by focusing on just a few platforms.

The 2 types of traffic

Despite the myriad of different strategies, there are really only 2 types of traffic; free traffic and paid traffic.

Now, I need to add a caveat here as most people, when choosing, almost always go for free. Mainly because they hear the word ‘free’ and think “Why would I pay for traffic if I can get it free?”

To get ‘free’ traffic, you need to become a prolific content producer, and a master at promoting this content too.

This involves you spending time creating and promoting this content. And time is money!

Even if you think you are getting free traffic, you are spending time creating it, or perhaps you are paying someone else to do it. Either way, you have to bear in mind, it is essentially a cost.

Free traffic

Free traffic could be blogs, podcasts, videos, contests, social media posts, images, slide shows, PDFs – anything you put out there is essentially a piece of content.

It needs to be incredibly useful and valuable in order for people to consume it, share it, and come back for more. Only then do you get that free momentum of traffic going.

Now, if becoming a prolific content producer feels overwhelming, next week I am going to cover how you can repurpose your content.

For example, I can take this video and turn it into a blog post, podcast, images etc. In other words, how to get an awful amount of leverage from just one piece of content!

Paid traffic

The quickest and easiest way to get traffic is to pay for it. The goal, for any business, is to out-pay everyone else in your niche in your industry so you get all the customers.

To do this, you need a good funnel in place.

We will go into this in another video, but in basic terms, an example of a good funnel would a Facebook ad which costs you $2 for someone to come into your funnel.

They sign up to your list, and then you have a really solid sales funnel in place so you can turn that $2 into $10, $20, $50 etc to get a really good return.

Paid traffic is essentially adverts. So it can be ads on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, the Google Display Network, PPC, retargeting, paid content syndication (the sponsored content you see at bottom of blog posts), solo ads, native ads, sponsorship…………..the list goes on!

Your challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…

Get rid of traffic overwhelm!

Focus on just 2-3 platforms for 2017

The main platforms include;

All social media outlets
Video Marketing
All types of content marketing

Paid Media incl;

FB Ads
Twitter Ads
Instagram Ads
Promoted Pins
Google PPC
Google Display Network
Native Advertising
Content Syndication

The list goes on.
Here’s the 116 Strategies mindmap if it helps!

Your goal is to pick just 2-3 platforms you want to concentrate on.

I know there’s many ambitious people out there who will say “oh I can do one a month and then I can tackle lots of platforms in 2017.” DON’T!

Tackling too much leads to overwhelm.

Let me use myself as an example. I started on Facebook in 2010, and now in 2017 I’m STILL focusing on it.

It still gives me the best results for my business. Despite people saying Facebook ad costs are going up, I’m still getting phenomenal results. I’m now looking into doing video ads on Facebook as people are consuming so much video.

Other focuses for me in 2017 will be Pinterest for our Ecommerce business, retargeting advertising, and Instagram, which is quite a new platform for me as I’ve not done much on Instagram previously.

Despite being online for nearly 7 years now, I’m still focusing on just a few platforms. I suggest you do too.

Commit to becoming a master of your chosen 2-3 platforms

The goal to not getting overwhelmed is to make a commitment that you won’t get side tracked by bright shiny objects.

If someone tells you about some brand new app thing, or some new social network that is the place to be now, you need to say no and focus on just your top 2-3 chosen strategies for this year.

By focusing on just a few platforms, you get rid of all the ‘noise’ which can overwhelm you. You also have the time to devote to each platform, which gives you a fighting chance of getting good amounts of traffic.


What else can I do?

See the comments below? Tell me, what are your chosen 2-3 platforms? Why did you choose them?

Also if you’re looking for a bit more focus in your business access my free video course, The Power of Focus below.

In the meantime, have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.