Make it Happen Monday Episode 54 – Our Plans For 2017 (Plus New Garden Setup)

by | Jan 23, 2017

Welcome to Episode 54 of Make it Happen Monday!

I hope you’re well and your 2017 has started strong!

This weeks Make It Happen Monday is a little different as in we’ve just moved house and so I wanted to do a test video in my new back garden.

I thought I’d share some of our plans for 2017 in the hope it inspires you in your business, plus some tips for growing your audience in the months ahead.

Also, check out my new microphone, it’s seriously bigger than my head!

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Welcome to Make it Happen Monday live from my new back garden!

As you can see behind me, we’ve moved away from the marina with all the beautiful yachts, and we’ve moved into a house! We’re thinking of getting a dog, hence moving to a house. And this is the back garden. It’s absolutely lovely!

As you can also see, I’ve got a new microphone. I’m testing out my new Yeti that I got for Christmas, and it is HUGE. Look at the size of the thing – it’s massive. It’s bigger than the size of my head!

Now, today’s Make it Happen Monday is a little bit different. I won’t be setting any challenges as this is a bit of a test episode to see how doing videos in the garden works out.

Instead, I thought I’d share what our plans are for 2017 in the hope that it inspires you in your business, and your plans moving forward. We have 2 businesses at the moment; our Ecommerce business and also Jo Barnes Online, my digital marketing business which I started back in 2010.

Amazon to Ecommerce

The first business is what I formerly called the Amazon business.

I can now call it an Ecommerce business as we now have our own store online (as well as selling on Amazon). We have already built out a Shopify store. It’s already making sales, which we’re very happy about, and we’re embarking on some serious marketing that will send lots of traffic to that store.

If you are currently running an Amazon business, or an Ecommerce business, you are going to love some of the content I will be sharing this year as I will be going into detail on how we built this business and what we are doing moving forward.

NB: I’ll be making these Make it Happen Monday videos more practical this year. We did a lot of mindset stuff last year. This year I plan to be more practical. I might even get the old whiteboard out and show examples of tactics and techniques!

Digital Marketing

I took a bit of a back step with Jo Barnes Online in 2016 as I was working with my partner to really build the Ecommerce business.

This year, one of the things I will be doing is sharing lots of content, doing lots of list building, brand building and profile raising.

I’m going to use the experiments and the marketing that I do with the Ecommerce business as great examples of how to use all the different streams of traffic that are available to us online.

In fact, in next week’s video, I will talk about how to increase traffic to your website. I’ll talk about some of the key traffic streams I am going to be using myself going forward.

The goal this year for JBO is to provide lots of blog posts, lots of how-to videos, and lots of webinars. I’m not even sure I did a webinar last year! So, this year, I’ll be back on the webinar circuit and giving out lots of great information on how to use traffic streams to build and grow your business.

However, what I really want you to think about right now is content. If you have a business or brand that you are building, and you are not yet delivering content, then this is something you really want to think about.

Whether it’s a video like this, or a podcast, or blog posts…… however you want to do it, you want to be consistently and constantly delivering useful and valuable content to your community.

Not only does this raise your profile in the eyes of your current community, it also bring new people into your community where you can continue to put your brand in front of them in the hope that they will become customers.

Recurring Revenue Model

You may have seen my recent email where I was talking about a fantastic recurring revenue course that I was promoting for the lovely Mario Brown.

I’ll be looking into the recurring revenue model for our Ecommerce business. It really is such a powerhouse of a business model. If you can get people to buy things from you over and over again, it becomes a really solid and reliable stream of income.

The issue I have is that our Ecommerce business is in kitchen products, and you only need to buy these things once (until a replacement is needed, which isn’t often).

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going incorporate the recurring revenue model into our Ecommerce business yet. But there are a multitude of ways, and of course I will share with you how I go about this.

Whatever business you are in, start thinking about the recurring revenue model.

Think about Amazon with their Prime membership. That’s an example of a recurring revenue model.

The Dollar Shave Club sold for £1 billion after just 5 years in business. Why? Because it sold the very best razors in the world? No!

Because it had millions and millions of recurring revenue customers signed up. Therefore, it was a very valuable asset.

Think of all the businesses set up on Facebook that are constantly buying ads every month, or think of Netflix with their recurring monthly subscription revenue. All the big businesses out there are turning to recurring revenue because it is such a solid and reliable stream of income.

Whatever business you are in, start thinking about how you can add a recurring revenue model to it.

No challenges this week!

There are no challenges this week other than I hope you had a great start to 2017!

I’ll leave it there for now as I actually have a coach coming over to sit with me in the next couple of weeks. We’ll be going through my businesses, and we’ll be doing lots of brain-storming, planning and deciding how things are going to work over the next few months. Once I know more, I will of course update you further.

What else can You do?

Tell me in the comments below, how do you think you can incorporate the recurring revenue model into your business? What is stopping you?

Please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful. If you would like some help solidifying your focus for the year ahead then download my FREE video training program below.

Other than that, have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen!